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  1. natalieonaje

    Can you succeed in BSN programs without Chemisty?

    Some programs don't require it, some do. I was going to attend Governor's State University until I found out they required organic chemistry. I instead decided to enroll at Purdue Calumet and they don't require any Chemistry.
  2. In my opinion, the way things are going now, if you can afford to do it, go for the BSN. More and more hospitals in the area I live (Chicago) are requiring the BSN. I just graduated from an ADN program and I've been hard pressed to find my first RN job. I've been flat-out told by HR recruiters that ADN's are competing with the BSN's and the BSN's are getting the job. I've had to immediately enroll in an RN-BSN program which has been challenging for me because they gear the papers toward experienced RN's. At least if you start off in a BSN program, you don't have to rush back to school and you will have an edge in getting a position in a hospital right away.
  3. natalieonaje

    Human Anatomy

    It probably depends on the nursing school you apply to. I went to a community college and I got a "C" in A&P II (it was accelerated during the summer - I don't recommend taking it) but my school goes by the number of points, not necessarily a particular grade in a particular class. The higher the grades, the more points you have. Since I had mostly "A's" in other courses, it didn't really affect my status from getting accepted.
  4. natalieonaje

    WGU Pre-licensure in Indiana

    Just curious, are the classes mainly online? Are the hospitals where you do the clinicals only in Indianapolis?
  5. I'm hoping someone can offer some advice. I started a a new nursing program. I passed the first class but I didn't pass the second class. I was told I can come back and repeat it, but it is a mark against me. I'm thinking about applying to another program, but I think I 'll be considered "damaged goods" and wont get in anywhere else. I'm nevous about returning back to this program because it felt like the instructors purposely made the final extremely difficult because they told us there were too many of us still in the class after midterm. Indeed, out of 58 of us 32 of us failed the final. Should I try to overcome my fear and try again next Jan or should I try to see if i can get in another school?
  6. natalieonaje

    CAAN Academy of Nursing LPN Program in Matteson, IL

    I can't believe this! Didn't they just get amnesty from taking that awful Hesi exam? I can't believe they would give their students a pitiful 7 day notice that they are shuttering their program.
  7. natalieonaje

    Chicago Burbs Pay Rate for CNA/PCT

    I'm not sure if they're hiring now. I heard there was a hiring freeze, but that may or may not be true. I would try going on their website.
  8. natalieonaje

    Any summer externship programs left near Chicago?

    Advocate Christ in Oak Lawn is offering one for the summer of 2010.
  9. natalieonaje

    Chicago Burbs Pay Rate for CNA/PCT

    I work at Advocate Christ as a pct (pca that can draw blood). They start at about $13/hr. I work pm's (3-11) so we get $1/hr shift differential m-f and $2/hr shift diff on weekends and holidays. I plan on staying with advocate until I finish school because they have a pretty decent tuition remibursement program. They give you $4000 tuition remb if you work full time (.9 or 1.0) and $1200 if you're pt A or B annually. They also have the ACE program that pays $8000 towards your tuition if you go to one of their approved nursing schools and it doesn't matter if you're pt or ft, you just have to have been working for them a year or more and promise to work for them 2yrs after you finish. Benefits are ok. They match 3% on your 401K.
  10. natalieonaje

    Illinois Hospital tuition assistance

    I forgot what the acronymn ACE stands for but the program is only available for Advocate employees.
  11. natalieonaje

    HELP ATI comprehensive predictor :/

    No problem. I wish you much success on your exam!!!
  12. natalieonaje

    HELP ATI comprehensive predictor :/

    I'm not sure if this will be edited out but here's some topics that was on my review: Management of Care: Wound Care from Fundamentals 6.1 ch 58 Delegation: Identifying client concerns, Five Rights of Delgation (leadership ch 7) Disaster Planning Prioritization (leadership ch 11&6 Resource mgmt (leadershp ch 4) Ergonomic Principles (Fundamentals 6.1 ch 48) Medication Errors (Fundamentals ch 44) Antepartum: Fetal Heart Rate(Maternal/Newborn ch 7) Complications of Pregnancy Recognize abnormal Findings ch.8 Developmental Stages & Transitions: Toddler Age Specific Growth &Development ch 5 Family & Community Violence (mental health ch. 33) Coping Mechanisms (Fundamentals ch 59) Mobility&Immobility (Fundamentals ch 55) Pain Mgmnt (Fundamentals ch 55) Nutrition & Oral Hydration AGN, Crohn's Disease, GI Feedings Alzhiemers Disease Glucocorticoids-Long term effects Blood Transfusions (Pharmcology ch 7) Central Venous Lines ACE Inhibitors Diabetic Ketoacidosis Electrolyte Imbalances Medical Emergencies (Establ Patent Airway) Hope this helps.
  13. natalieonaje

    City Colleges of Chicago and HESI exit exam

    I attend Chicago State University and we have the same problem here. If we don't pass HESI on the first attempt, they won't allow us to walk across stage. We get 4 attempts and if we don't pass by the 4th attempt, they don't award us our degree and they make you change your major. The school does NOTHING to help us prepare for this test which we're expected to score a 900 or better. Before we even get to HESI, we have to pass ATI for each clinical class we complete at a level 2.
  14. natalieonaje

    HELP ATI comprehensive predictor :/

    I took both "A" and "B" and found B was easier than A. If your school opens up the topics to review section, I would study from that because the concepts covered stayed the same.