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Micro online what was I thinking?


Geez o petes this class is hard, but to do it online without lecture? What was I thinking? Actually, I didn't understand fully what a hybrid class was for Microbiology when signing up for this semester. What it means is the lecture notes are online via power point (no verbal lectures) and labs are done once a week at the lab in school following a test each week. I am an auditory learner and must say this is the hardest class I have ever taken. I have never worked so hard in my life... actually what life? My family hardly ever sees me as I am constantly in the library studying. Anyone else take micro online? Any study tips? My advice is never take this class online!!

Hello, I'm currently taking Micro but I am not taking it online. My suggestion would be to look up micro lectures on YouTube and watch them, it can be very confusing if you don't understand exactly what you are reading. Good luck

I'm also taking micro online. It is VERY difficult, but doable. I have a low A, high B at the moment thanks to self teaching. Go on uTube and Khan academy to look at videos and training aids. Make flash cards and review constantly. I also "teach" my husband something every night to review concepts. He's a computer major and has no idea what I'm talking about but it helps me. Good luck. I have three weeks to go and I'm counting down!!

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Yes, look at YouTube. I could never do a class like that online. The hard sciences really need to be done in person. I did a math class online and I hated it. I need to be in a face to face lecture.

I found Mandi Parker's videos on YouTube to be incredibly helpful. She really explains everything to well. I also was huge on flashcards for that class; I spent so much time making them and studying them.


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I don't know what you were thinking either :wideyed:

I have been making the note cards as well. So much so that I forget about you tube! I have tried Kahn academy but it isnt the same info my instructor is asking for. Thank you for the reminder of you tube... and I will give Mandi Parker a try! Thank you all!

I am taking Micro online in the Spring because it was the only slot left...

But make youtube your best friend! Also depending on what textbook you have there may be a study guide that goes along with it. Check out amazon for a used one (http://www.amazon.com/Study-Guide-Microbiology-An-Introduction/dp/0321802993/ref=pd_sim_b_1?ie=UTF8&refRID=136YPR75JH8NMRYP7NNK) that is the study guide that goes along with my textbook for next semester. Also check out quizlet and studyblue as they may already be some flash cards & questions that go along with your book too.

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In addition to Khan Academy, look up Dr. Leslie Samuels on YouTube (interactive biology channel). His lecture on the Krebs' Cycle is wonderful. He keeps the class so engaged and puts tough concepts to a beat, so you remember the info because it's like a song :)

I absolutely adore my hybrid Micro course but, then again, the only thing I'm really dreading about Nursing School is that all the classes are physically in a building. I would recommend getting the micro coloring book online, reading any notes your professor posts online and making sure you know the answer to all the chapter objectives.