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  1. kwilson251

    Student wants to know what stethoscope is best

    Thank you all for the great advice, I really appreciate all your feedback!
  2. kwilson251

    Micro online what was I thinking?

    I have been making the note cards as well. So much so that I forget about you tube! I have tried Kahn academy but it isnt the same info my instructor is asking for. Thank you for the reminder of you tube... and I will give Mandi Parker a try! Thank you all!
  3. Hello all, recently I was admitted into nursing school to get my BSN. I start in fall 2015. I have yet to purchase a stethoscope for class. I have heard mixed reviews on stethoscopes and was hoping to get some feedback here on what brand and kind is your favorite and why? Thanks!
  4. kwilson251

    Micro online what was I thinking?

    Geez o petes this class is hard, but to do it online without lecture? What was I thinking? Actually, I didn't understand fully what a hybrid class was for Microbiology when signing up for this semester. What it means is the lecture notes are online via power point (no verbal lectures) and labs are done once a week at the lab in school following a test each week. I am an auditory learner and must say this is the hardest class I have ever taken. I have never worked so hard in my life... actually what life? My family hardly ever sees me as I am constantly in the library studying. Anyone else take micro online? Any study tips? My advice is never take this class online!!
  5. I am 44 soon to be 45 and will be applying to a program this fall. I have been working on all of my prereqs at a community college which is the right speed for me. Smaller class sizes, closer commute, smaller campus. I now feel like I have out grown it and am ready for university. I will be going for my BSN as it has been told to me by several employed nurses that it is going to become the norm. So, to keep myself in the running I will take the plunge. These nurses also say that they would much rather work along side someone with life experiences. I wish you all the luck in the world with your decision. :)
  6. kwilson251

    Finals week

    My finals are this week. I have done nothing to relax and maybe I should. It's just been study, study, study, and only study. My house is a wreck, I feel I haven't had a real one on one with my kid in weeks, and dinner's... ha!
  7. kwilson251

    Pre reqs at community college v/s university

    The cost difference is roughly 200.00 more a credit hour at the university. So I agree ... much cheaper to go the community college route. But with that said I still want to check and see if there is a point system or something that the university uses that could help my chances. If not I'm staying where I am for the prereqs. I am finishing up my 2nd year of prereqs and core classes at a community college right now. I have micro and chemistry to go. Then I will have aligned myself with 3 universities to apply to with all of their prereqs done.
  8. kwilson251

    Pre reqs at community college v/s university

    Thank you for the great advice! There are so many options to think about. I wasn't considering the degree at the community college then transfer. It is now another option for me to look at. Thanks!
  9. kwilson251

    Pre reqs at community college v/s university

    Thank you! I have an appointment with them next Friday :)
  10. I have been taking my pre reqs at a community college and I got to thinking... would it give me a better chance of getting into a program if I do my pre reqs at the actual university with the nursing program I will eventually try to get into?