4.0 is the golden ticket!


Competition is tough in the Chicagoland area to gain access into many of the nursing programs. After speaking with my top 3 choices of Universities it has become clear that a 4.0 is your way in. I am beginning my final year of prereq's at a CC and have double even triple checked that all my classes will transfer. I am taking the prereqs for all 3 Universities so that I may apply to all 3 for my best chance. Currently I sit with a 4.0 but the stress to keep it is killing me! Not too mention I begin my 3rd year of prereqs just to set it up so I can apply to all 3 of my choices. Ugh, I wish it were over before it's even begun!!

Anyone else finding that a 4.0 is your way in?

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I did an ABSN in '06. There is no "golden ticket". If only people with 4.0s got in there would be almost no nurses. I had mid 3's on both my bachelors and most important I don't freak out if I didn't get an A. I learned from it and tweaked my study habits. You will make mistakes and you need to not freak out when it happens. Being a nurse you need to be calm and composed. Good nurses are like airline pilots. When the engines stop working they don't start crying and screaming. They focus on the task at hand.

Don't be so hard on yourself. I would rather work with a calm composed RN who had a 3.0 than a freaked out nurse who had a 4.0. Hang in there, good luck, and stay CALM.


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Don't mean to scare ya but in my school, I've seen students get rejected with 4.0 in their prereqs because they didnt do so hot on their entrance exam (NLN PAX). So a flawless GPA is not the only criteria that most schools look for! I think my program in particular realize students may have gotten lucky with an "easy" professor and got away with a massive grade inflation. This is probably why they put a huge emphasis on the standardized testing. Then again, all schools are a little different. Best of luck with your program. Make sure you pracrice for your entrance exam (if there is one)!


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Yes, pretty much, as long as you also have a decent entrance exam score. I had a 4.0 and I was accepted into every program I applied to. I also had a good TEAS score but not a perfect one. I live in SoCal, it's very competitive here as well. I know how you feel, it was very stressful for me too but it will pay off.

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That was the only way I got in to the bsn am starting in fall because there were many requirements for students that were not born in the united states. So due to my 4.00 I got in with no problem but all my friends were denied admission to the school

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Good day, kwilson251:

The community college I'm attending uses a point system for their LPN and RN programs. The higher the grade for specific classes (not just core sciences), the more points. They even give out points based on GPA. So for all students trying to get in via the point system, it typically does pay to have an extremely high GPA.

Thank you.

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I got into NYU, university of Rochester, wright state university, kettering college (local private school) with a 3.5 from a previous degree and a 3.4 in pre-reqs. Although A 4.0 surely doesn't hurt I don't think it's entirely necessary. Particularly if you interview/ score well on entrance exams.

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My school also goes off a points system. I got all A's in the classes they look at. I got a B in one of the classes they didn't. I think I got a B in my last prereq but I had already been accepted.


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My community college does the same thing


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Yes as long as you get a decent entrance exam score, if you have a 4.0 you are pretty much set.


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Trust me, you have the right mentality!! Although I started at my university as an undecided major, I absolutely knew I wanted to be a nurse. However, every advisor I met with discouraged me from even applying to the nursing school because it was too competitive and nearly impossible to be accepted. Then, I realized, with a 4.0 gpa, they can't deny me (without any good reason at least)! So I worked my butt off, got that 4.0 and was one of two people accepted to transfer into the program. The next year, they eliminated the possibility to allow transfers into the program. Now, you are either accepted into the BSN program from square one as a freshman, or you are NEVER allowed to even attempt again. (I got so lucky!)

With determination and hard work, you can absolutely reach any goal you set!!!! Good luck and keep up that 4.0! :yes:

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I have a 3.5 so I may or may not get in. My university's program is really hard to get into so we shall see.