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Jasonat6034 is a BSN and specializes in Progressive Care.

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  1. Jasonat6034

    Have Not Worked Since Graduating Nursing School

    I graduated with my BSN in July of 2016. I moved to NYC (from Ohio) that September and started a serving job that paid so well I kept putting off taking my NCLEX. I eventually took and passed my boards in December of 2017. Unfortunately, on January 9th, 2018, I was in an accident that left me an AKA. This forced me to move back to Ohio, but with great PT and an awesome prosthetist, I felt strong enough to apply to jobs in September, 2018. I was hired at my first interview early that month and have been there ever since. I definitely lucked out bc I live in a high need area, but stay strong! Life happens and interviewers know that. Just make sure you focus on your strengths and learn how to creatively spin your weaknesses. Have someone review your resume and do everything you can to show them how bomb you are.
  2. Jasonat6034

    New Grad with Broken Foot

    When you explain what happened, employers will understand. I just got hired on to a unit on my first interview despite having graduated 2 years ago. I lived in NYC for a year, and then I was in a serious accident that took 10 months to fully recover/rehab from. My interviewers were very understanding that stuff happens. I should note that I am also in an area where they are desperate for nurses, and I'm sure that certainly helped me out a bit.
  3. Jasonat6034

    Practice interview questions

    When I am preparing for an interview I research a number of questions and write out answers. Below are the questions I gathered from all over the internet that I used to study. This help me feel super confident during my interview, and I was ultimately offered a position. Although I studied all the questions listed below, I marked the ones that I was actually asked in the interview with an (*). I hope this helps. Good luck!! Be able to discuss all previous work experiences. *Tell me about yourself. Tell me what you know about this particular specialty/unit. *What interests you about this facility. Tell me about a time where you showed integrity. What are your strengths/weaknesses? *How would your previous employers describe you? *Tell me about a time where you felt overwhelmed or under a great deal of pressure. Why should we hire you? *What personality traits do you have that make you a great nurse? *How do you handle a difficult patient? Tell me about a time when you had a problem with a coworker. What happened and how did you handle it.? *Tell about a specific time where you did a good job as a nurse A patient is visibly upset and wants to talk to you, but you are busy with other patients. What do you do? What would you do first if a patient is aggressive? Tell me about a time you failed at something. What was it and how did it turn out? *Tell me about a time where you went above and beyond for a patient. What has been your biggest challenge.
  4. Jasonat6034

    To those without a 4.0 (rant)

    That's awesome news! Congrats Linette!!
  5. Jasonat6034

    To those without a 4.0 (rant)

    This is where I would like to see documented proof. I do not deny the importance of a high GPA for this particular kind of program, but I would like to see both the average and the lowest GPA of admitted students.
  6. Jasonat6034

    To those without a 4.0 (rant)

    A 3.45 is a great GPA, and definitely keep working to get it as high as you possibly can. But I think you have a great chance of getting accepted to a program!
  7. Jasonat6034

    To those without a 4.0 (rant)

    NurseP00kie --- It seems that you are assuming that this rant is a direct response to the the "4.0 is the golden ticket!" thread, and I should clarify that it is not. That's actually why I started a whole new thread rather than adding a reply to that one. Sorry for the confusion. That thread just kind of reminded me of this issue and it sent me on a bit of a rant. This has been annoying me for a while now and I just felt that it was something that needed said.
  8. Jasonat6034

    To those without a 4.0 (rant)

    I keep coming across these posts from nursing students who say YOU MUST HAVE a 4.0 to even bother applying. Although I understand that there exists steep competition for nursing school admittance, I can't help but roll my eyes every time I see one of these posts. And for every person who says that their school did not accept students with a GPA below a 3.9, I want to see documented proof beyond all this he said she said. The cornerstone of nursing practice is the holistic model of patient care. I would imagine many nursing programs would adopt a similar holistic approach when selecting students for admission. Although GPA may be heavily weighted, many schools also incorporate test scores, interviews, essays, references, and even community involvement. Now I am not saying that a 2.7 GPA is going to get you into nursing school. However, I think aiming for a decent 3.4 and producing a solid essay can get you in. I have applied, and have been successfully admitted, to 5 nursing programs without a 4.0. I feel we are often discouraging our fellow nursing hopefuls when we try to play as if every nursing program is actually Harvard Law. Again, I am not saying that being accepted to, or even completing nursing school is an easy accomplishment. I just think we need to do a better job of encouraging our peers rather than crushing their hopes and dreams by claiming these impossibly high admission standards that are so often not even true. ---End rant---
  9. Jasonat6034

    4.0 is the golden ticket!

    I got into NYU, university of Rochester, wright state university, kettering college (local private school) with a 3.5 from a previous degree and a 3.4 in pre-reqs. Although A 4.0 surely doesn't hurt I don't think it's entirely necessary. Particularly if you interview/ score well on entrance exams.
  10. Jasonat6034

    Yup, I failed...2nd year, first semester! Need advice

    Awesome story!! You should be very proud of your success, and I wish you the best of luck with your future nursing career!
  11. Jasonat6034

    Kettering College BSN (Pre-licensure)

    yes. JAPenni*****
  12. Jasonat6034

    Kettering College BSN (Pre-licensure)

    That would be awesome!!! Any info you could send my way would be great.
  13. Jasonat6034

    FINALLY, The Time has come!

    Thank you! I keep hearing that time for relaxation is key. I'll definitely be sure to incorporate that into my schedule. What is funny is that in sooo excited to just get started, but I know when the time comes I won't be able to wait for the semester to end.
  14. Jasonat6034

    Kettering College BSN (Pre-licensure)

    Sweet. Is there anything I could do to prepare myself for my first semester? I'm excited to get started and I want to do everything I can to be prepared. Also, so you know of any scholarship opportunities? I'm all set for fall and winter semesters, but summer semesters will be entirely out of pocket for so I'm a bit worried.
  15. Jasonat6034

    Denial of financial aid for previous associates degree

    Just wanted to add my experience. I have a previous bachelors degree where I used about 12k in unsubsidized/subsidized loans. Last fall I started taking classes for an ADN program at a local community college and had no issue obtaining federal aid despite having a previous degree. I have since decided to leave the community college and actually go for my BSN at another college. I am all set to start the BSN program in August and, again, I have been approved for federal aid (loans) for the program. I am sorry you guys are running into these issues, but I've never had this issue. Now, there is no question that federal grants are no longer an option, but as far a loans it has been my understanding that as long as you don't reach annual or lifetime limits it shouldn't be an issue.
  16. Jasonat6034

    Kettering College BSN (Pre-licensure)

    Jmitch, you are AWESOME. Thank you soo much for your insight and general feedback. I really appreciate it! I know you still have a year to go, but do you think the program has been doing a good job of preparing you for both the NCLEX and your nursing career. Again, thanks a ton for your help.

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