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To those without a 4.0 (rant)

Jasonat6034 specializes in Surgical Intensive Care.

What was your GPA when you were accepted?

  1. 1. What was your GPA when you were accepted?

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I keep coming across these posts from nursing students who say YOU MUST HAVE a 4.0 to even bother applying. Although I understand that there exists steep competition for nursing school admittance, I can't help but roll my eyes every time I see one of these posts. And for every person who says that their school did not accept students with a GPA below a 3.9, I want to see documented proof beyond all this he said she said. The cornerstone of nursing practice is the holistic model of patient care. I would imagine many nursing programs would adopt a similar holistic approach when selecting students for admission. Although GPA may be heavily weighted, many schools also incorporate test scores, interviews, essays, references, and even community involvement.

Now I am not saying that a 2.7 GPA is going to get you into nursing school. However, I think aiming for a decent 3.4 and producing a solid essay can get you in. I have applied, and have been successfully admitted, to 5 nursing programs without a 4.0. I feel we are often discouraging our fellow nursing hopefuls when we try to play as if every nursing program is actually Harvard Law.

Again, I am not saying that being accepted to, or even completing nursing school is an easy accomplishment. I just think we need to do a better job of encouraging our peers rather than crushing their hopes and dreams by claiming these impossibly high admission standards that are so often not even true.

---End rant---

I'm not sure you understand. Nobody is saying you have to have a 4.0 to get into nursing school. What we are saying is if you do have a 4.0, you don't have to worry about not getting in.

That's all it is, so relax.

Jasonat6034 specializes in Surgical Intensive Care.

NurseP00kie --- It seems that you are assuming that this rant is a direct response to the the "4.0 is the golden ticket!" thread, and I should clarify that it is not. That's actually why I started a whole new thread rather than adding a reply to that one. Sorry for the confusion. That thread just kind of reminded me of this issue and it sent me on a bit of a rant. This has been annoying me for a while now and I just felt that it was something that needed said.

I agree with u ... I am in my final semester of nursing school and I did not have a 4.0 GPA , my school basis it's admission on several factors ... Test scores, GPA, interview , and essay. (And my admission test score wasn't exceptional either).... But I'm one heck of a nursing student that has shone since day one! Interviewers and instructors know from their first encounter with you if you will make it !

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I did not get into my nursing program with a 4.0; what I got in was based on interview, grades, healthcare experience, and the entrance exam; I knocked that out of the ball park with over 90 percentile. :yes:

Most programs do have a points system or some type of measurement to determine who they choose; I truly believe not everyone is chosen has a 4.0, I do think they pick at the lowest 3.0, maybe they sneak in some 2.8s. ;)

I agree Ladyfree28 and nurserw although I attend a community college they had a 90% pass nclex rate and when I dug deeper to see what the average gpa to be admitted it averaged at a 2.7 gpa. But the admission test scores we're in the 90s for all categories. I believe the programs are based on interviews, scores, gpa, and essays depending on your school

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All of us in our class had 4.0. I have maintained my 4.0 and still having issues to get in a BSN program.

Im still a pre nursing student and this post gives me hope 3.45 gpa..but i have 2 semesters to get it up

In the last BSN program in which I taught (a respectable state uni program, but nothing special or prestigious), the minimum GPA stated in all the literature to be eligible was 2.5. However, I sat on the admissions committee, and I am here to tell you that no one with less than a 3.7 got admitted. The SON administration was v. proud of that, and mentioned it every chance they got (within the school, that is). There were so many candidates with a 3.7 or higher (so many more than the schools could accept, that is) that applicants with a lower GPA never got seriously considered.

OP, I apologize for not having any actual "documentation" of that to share beyond my personal experience.

I'm not saying I think that's a good thing, just that that was the practice at that particular school.

pmabraham specializes in Hospice, Palliative Care.

Good day, Jasonat6034:

Just keep in mind, not all schools use an essay, a personal interview, entrance exams, etc. The college I'm attending uses a point system. You have the points, you get in; not enough points, it doesn't matter if you have charisma, can score a 100% on a TEAS V on a whim, etc., you don't get in. So what's required to get in (including the GPA) does vary from school to school. GPA isn't everything; however, based on the school, it might be the only ticket.

Thank you.

Jasonat6034 specializes in Surgical Intensive Care.

Im still a pre nursing student and this post gives me hope 3.45 gpa..but i have 2 semesters to get it up

A 3.45 is a great GPA, and definitely keep working to get it as high as you possibly can. But I think you have a great chance of getting accepted to a program!


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