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  1. alicat516

    Hillsborough Community College Fall 2015

  2. alicat516

    Hillsborough Community College Fall 2015

    I know! I'm all alone...
  3. alicat516

    Hillsborough Community College Fall 2015

    Thanks! Thanks exactly what I did to study, The online tests and the practice exams in the book. I took one before studying at all, then from there assesed what I needed to focus on. You will be fine. Remember, if you need to take it a second time you have a waiting period in between tests so make sure you leave yourself enough time in case you do need to retake it. But you only need a 60% so it's not so bad. Good luck!
  4. alicat516

    Hillsborough Community College Fall 2015

    Rmhill, the TEAS wasn't too bad. I personally think the practice tests are harder. There was A LOT of chemistry though. It's hard to study for the science section because there are SO MANY possible questions they could ask you. I would say study the other 3 topics and do really well on those and it will make up for the science if you don't do well there. I bought the ATI review book and studied from that, it absolutely helped! Good luck!
  5. Just finished my prereqs and getting my application ready to submit for the fall term at Hillsborough Community College. All A's and except one C for my prereqs, brings my GPA to 3.71. Hopefully it's good enough to get me in. Anyone else applying to this school for fall?
  6. alicat516

    Micro online what was I thinking?

    Hello, I'm currently taking Micro but I am not taking it online. My suggestion would be to look up micro lectures on YouTube and watch them, it can be very confusing if you don't understand exactly what you are reading. Good luck