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  1. lakmom12

    Sentara waitlist 2015

    I'm not sure on the exact number, but I know there are a few. We had quite a few people not show up the first day or miss the deadline for payments and that's how they got in.
  2. lakmom12

    Sentara waitlist 2015

    I'm currently in the program and we have quite a few of the wait listers in our class. Don't give up hope! Someone got the call the day before classes started. I know it can be stressful, but there's always hope!
  3. lakmom12

    What was your acceptance letter like?

    Mine was an email that I wasn't expecting for another three days. I was on vacation and with my sister k the car. I was at a red light when the ping went off to notify me of a new email and when I looked down and saw the CONGRATULATIONS FUTURE RN/BSN CLASS OF 2017 I started screaming. My sister thought I had lost my mind until she saw what had me so excited then she started screaming too! It was another two weeks before the "official" letter came in and I don't think I really believed it until I had it in my hands! Now I'm in week 2 of semester 1 and it's really setting in that it actually happened!
  4. lakmom12

    Any Sentara Care Partners here?

    It's not bad. There's no real "pass or "fail". You should hear something in the next week or so. Good luck!
  5. Congrats eyvis!!!! Well deserved! Good luck
  6. lakmom12

    Male nurse midwife

    Out of my three labors my one with a male nurse is both the most memorable and best one I had. If labor could have ever been termed "fun" it was definitely because of my experience with this individual. He had a way of putting his patients at ease that just made you trust him automatically. Never judge a book by its cover or you might miss out on an awesome experience. I say if your heart is truly leading you in that direction then go for it.
  7. lakmom12

    Prereq's are finally done!

    Micro was a kick in the pants for me. I really had to work hard and got an A by .001 lol. I enjoyed it though. Best of luck to you!
  8. lakmom12

    Prereq's are finally done!

    The semester is over and final grades are in! Ended up with all A's: Micro, public speaking, history and a fine art class. So grateful to be done! Nursing school starts in January and I'm ready for a much needed break beforehand. Congrats to everyone on a successful completion of the semester.
  9. lakmom12

    How to best decline this interview?

    Tell them exactly what you just said and make sure to thank them for the consideration. They probably realize that people's life situation change and will just move on to the next applicant.
  10. lakmom12

    What was I thinking?!?!

    So its almost the end of the semester (finals week to go!) and I'm happy to report that I survived the semester! I ended up doing the course and the full school load. I completed the course back in October and found a job that same week, I've been working for about a month now and LOVE it!! I'm finishing out the semester with three A's and a B (damn you Micro!!!) as long as nothing drastic happens. This semester has been ROUGH, but I'm soooooo glad I ended up going through with my plan. Hopefully this can provide some encouragement to those out there that are in a similar situation and think they can't do it! Can't wait for January!
  11. lakmom12

    Micro online what was I thinking?

    I'm also taking micro online. It is VERY difficult, but doable. I have a low A, high B at the moment thanks to self teaching. Go on uTube and Khan academy to look at videos and training aids. Make flash cards and review constantly. I also "teach" my husband something every night to review concepts. He's a computer major and has no idea what I'm talking about but it helps me. Good luck. I have three weeks to go and I'm counting down!!
  12. I'm sure you will. Like everyone else has said there will be the drops and the moves. That call will come in no time!!
  13. Eyvis congrats! I'm so happy your persistence has paid off. That's awesome!!!
  14. lakmom12


    Don't do it!!!! You will not be working they way you are now and your skills will not be utilized! The program that you are referring to has a very slim chance of panning out in your favor. I was enlisted for 12 years and put in five officer packages, never picked up. It wasn't because I was a bad candidate, but because everyone is a great candidate and it's super competitive! Keep doing what you're doing and get the experience. The pay off in the end will be more worth it. Not to mention the horrendous pay cut you would take enlisting as an E3!!!
  15. lakmom12

    Cheapest school for RN Program? (Virginia Beach,VA)

    Did you look at Sentara? It's a BSN and pretty affordable as far it goes.
  16. lakmom12

    Frustrated Pre Nursing student!!!

    I feel your pain. I started working on my pre reqs in 2007. I'm finishing up the final four now. But the pay off is sooooo worth it because I'm starting the Sentara nursing program in January! Don't lose sight of your goal, just take a deep breath and keep telling yourself that you've got this!