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  1. A&P and micro are, generally, considered the most difficult pre reqs. Taking them together is not easy and will take a lot of study time. I wouldn't advise taking them together unless your a strong science student. Good luck.
  2. LPN709


    I made an 86 on mine. Imo it was like the nclex. A pretty difficult test. I would recommend getting an nclex practice book (if you don't have one already) and do questions in that.
  3. LPN709

    How many times did you apply before you got accepted?

    I only applied to one school and got in the first time. Don't give up!!
  4. LPN709

    NACE 1

    Ah well that's the test I took also. It was very similar to the nclex. Maybe even a bit harder. I used a kaplan nclex guide to study with.
  5. LPN709

    NACE 1

    Are you talking about the nace foundations of nursing exam? I know some people have to take the ob/maternal health one, too.
  6. LPN709

    Anatomy test tomorrow!

    I have to disagree with a previous poster lol my brain seemed to do better when I crammed for a test. I guess the stress and adrenaline really woke my brain up. But I've learned that if you can't explain it to someone else, you don't know it. Study your book, then when you're done close it, and if you can explain to yourself exactly what you just studied (in detail) then you'll be fine on your test. Good luck!
  7. LPN709

    Is this manageable?

    I'm sure it's possible. But I definitely wouldn't do that if I didn't have too. That's a pretty huge load.
  8. LPN709

    Taking RN pre reqs while in LPN program?

    If I were you I would relax and enjoy my free time! Your social life will be gone when you start school :)
  9. LPN709

    Taking RN pre reqs while in LPN program?

    It would definitely make the transition from Lpn to rn smoother and quicker. I would if I could have when I was in lpn school. But I don't honesty know if I could have. Lpn school takes up sooooo​ much of your time and it's very fast paced, it's really tough. You don't want to add on an unnecessary class and then having to drop it or, worse, fail lpn school because of it. I would think carefully before trying to add on more.
  10. LPN709

    Just started A&P II and Micro!

    Be ready for a tough semester!! In order to stay on top of everything I made sure to study every ​day for at least two or three hours (or at least try to so you don't end up cramming ). Micro was much harder imo so I put more time into studying for it. But it is possible!
  11. LPN709


    Well it's impossible to know everything​, but be prepared to study from the gross anatomy all the way down to the cellular level :)
  12. Hmm I've never heard of test banks either, until now. However, this kind of situation is exactly why I don't study with anyone else. Been burned too many times because of fellow students. I've never cheated on a test and never will. I'm perfectly happy earning my own grade. I would like to hear how it turned out for the OP, though.
  13. LPN709

    60 on the TEAS V

    Yes, as the pp stated, it seems most schools require at least a 3.0 gpa to apply. I would check on that first.
  14. LPN709

    Re-taking prerequistes

    I think some schools will not make you re take them as long as you've been practicing as a nurse and have already taken the classes once. I believe my school does it. You'll have to look around at other schools to check. Good luck to your aunt!
  15. This is a very inspiring story. I truly enjoyed reading it!
  16. LPN709

    C in A&P I

    I'm sure it's possible. If you had time you could re take it if you want to improve your grade. Or take your luck with the C. If it's your only C then I think I would try my luck if re taking the class would put me back from applying to the program.