men in printed scrubs

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Hi All,

I would like to get your honest opinion on one quick thought.

What do you think of men that wear a printed scrub top?

Should they be for only women only or are they some styles that are okay for men to wear?

What about for those doctor offices where everyone (men & women) wear the same style?


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Well, since no one has answered yet, I'll just say what I think-- if the print is subtle I don't see a problem with it- I'd avoid things like SpongeBob or race cars. If you work someplace that requires everyone to wear the same thing, it should be a gender neutral solid color or understated print.

Gotta say- I don't think the nursing world has adjusted very well to the large numbers of men going into the field. For example, white scrubs(a scourge to both men and women), cartoon prints and other cutesy styles are vastly geared toward women and put the guys in a quandary.

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There are males here who wear Spongebob and other forms of crazy print scrubs. It all depends on the person, really. I wouldn't wear the scrubs I see other guys wearing, but if they want to it's fine. And the kids like it.

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I'll stick to solid as most the printed tops are god awful looking.

The guys I see in prints tend towards chili peppers.


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Most of the men I see wear solid colors, but come opt for sports logos or geometric prints. A few wear the cartoony stuff. Doesn't bother me as long as it fits properly.



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What then makes a womens scrub SuesquatchRN? What if everyone in the office had to wear that scrub for that day...

No one is going to assign that scrub as part of a uniform. I am not sure what you're trying to do here. Stir the pot?



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The style of the Pooh top is definetly feminine, the print only (towards the bottom) could be used for males. However, I don't know of any man who walks around wearing Pooh but whatever floats your boat.


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While a patient in a Baltimore ED, my RN (male) wore an interesting top with a wilderness theme (there was a wolf on it). I found it appropriate and pretty cool.

A respiratory therapist at work has a top with different baseball team logos on it. He's very tall and thin and it makes him appear less gangly.

As ky_grl82 said, it's more about the style of the top. Anything with a string to tie in the back would cause me to give the man wearing it a very strange look! Same with necklines other than crew or V.

And, just an aside, I used to be a figure skater and ice dancer. I have seen guys wear some very "feminine" things and look just fine; however, I think even the most feminine figure skating clothing is cut in such a way to flatter a man's body vs. a woman's.