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  1. men in printed scrubs

    Well then, what you would you do if went into a doctor's office and all of the ladies and then men had to wear that top with red pants? What about men wearing this scrub.. http://www.lydiasuniforms.com/scrubs/products.asp?sku=8011&cat=155202&...
  2. men in printed scrubs

    What then makes a womens scrub SuesquatchRN? What if everyone in the office had to wear that scrub for that day...
  3. men in printed scrubs

    What about this design? Disney's Pooh Paisley Park Scrub Top Large Product View Would that be too femine on a male? Or would it matter if it was a office mandated scrub top or just a regular choice?
  4. men in printed scrubs

    Hi All, I would like to get your honest opinion on one quick thought. What do you think of men that wear a printed scrub top? Should they be for only women only or are they some styles that are okay for men to wear? What about for those doctor offi...
  5. Western / Cowboy Scrubs

    Hi All, I have a simple pair of scrubs (royal blue) and I need to get some accesories to make it look western/cowboy/Texan. Does anyone have any simple ideas and what accesories or what I can do to my scrubs to make them like that?