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So, I have heard some stories of female doctors being mistaken for nurses...so I was wondering this: have you, as a male nurse, been mistaken for a doctor?... Read More

  1. by   puravidaLV
    no but I mistake doctors for phlebotomists.
  2. by   applewhitern
    Here in the deep south, if you are male, you are the doctor. If you are female, you are the nurse. Patients also see no difference between an actual nurse and a nursing assistant. To be fair, a lot of male nurses, respiratory personnel, radiology personnel, etc., wear white jackets. Some medical personnel simply do not know that the length of the white jacket signifies whether they are a medical student, mid-level practitioner, or a doctor, so if you wear a white jacket, that accounts for some of the confusion. I have had patients claim the "doctor" gave them their breathing treatment, took their chest xray, etc.
  3. by   OldDude
    Quote from puravidaLV
    no but I mistake doctors for phlebotomists.
    This reminded me when I worked in the ER and would have trouble getting an IV. The frustrated parent would occasionally say, "Why don't you get the doctor to do it." My response, "the doctor is the LAST person you'd want to try!"
  4. by   Texasnative
    I cannot wait to be a nurse. I have been in surgical sales for 20 plus years and work in scrubs and always called "DOC". I would rather be a nurse who has compassion, ethics, and affinity for patients and their families. Nurses are GREAT!
  5. by   Jasel
    Quote from Jasel
    I've been a nurse 4 1/2 months and am only 26. It's happened at least 8 or 9 times.
    7 years later it doesn't happen as frequently but now I work in the ER and I usually have an RN badge buddy which I didn't have back then, even as an LPN. Still happens every now and then though even with the badge.
  6. by   RNGummy40
    YES! I have and it pisses me off, excuse my french! Pt's will call me doctor, and I will say, "I AM A NURSE!" The ridiculous comments patients will say include, "Oh but you are so smart, Oh but you know a lot." I tell my patients, "That's because I went to nursing school and worked my butt off because I take my work seriously!" One time, I went for Mexican after work and the owner of the restaurant saw me in scrubs for the first time. He asked me if I was a doctor and I told him that I am a Registered Nurse. He said, "Oh you should be a doctor." I told him no, I like being a nurse and taking care of all my patient's needs. He told me that doctors save lives! I told him, "Doctors are not there at bedside 24/7, and most of the time it will be a NURSES performing CPR and attempting to say your life before a doctor can come to your room!"

    One time I had a patient tell me, "You asked me more questions about what was wrong with me than my doctor did. You should be my doctor." I felt good and sad about the complement.
  7. by   Isakolistic
    It happens occasionally. I correct them sometimes.
  8. by   Male2017RN
    I've even been confused for a doctor back when I was in nursing school. I just prescribe them some haldol and have the nurse discharge them.
  9. by   buffalobilly
    I'm in nursing school and was told I was the best doctor this older woman ever had (all I did was raise the head of the bed). I thanked her and went about my way.
  10. by   Robert.CFRN
    Sure, but it's no big deal. Male nurses are still less than 10% of the nursing workforce, so it's a natural mistake. Just smile, let the patient or family know that you're a nurse, and then find out how to make his or her day better. These days with the flight suit, I'm more often mistaken for a paramedic.
  11. by   Elfriede
    We have only "long-time-patients". They know my male collegue well. But they call him constantly "Doctor". - Not as a mistake rather as a fun.- He uses to reply - with a low vioce and a wide smile - : "I would like to have the salary!"
  12. by   Accolay
    Yep. I correct them.

    Introducing yourself with patient hand off and especially when pt's families/friends are in the room seems to really help.
  13. by   CCStacey
    Only when I am wearing a lab coat.