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Jasel has 12 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Emergency Room.

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  1. Anyone’s contract ever been cancelled?

    It happened to me recently. They cancelled me on March 9 when I had maybe about a month left. But they changed their mind like 4 days later.
  2. Rude doctors

    If it was a nurse or a tech, I'd try other methods first like maybe having a calm discussion but for doctors?? Just report them to your manager. Chances are nothing is going to happen anyway. Every facility I've worked at pretty much everyone was con...
  3. Process of getting hired

    Every agency I've been with, I heard about from other nurses I worked with. And the one travel contract I took I made sure I did my research before applying with them. Not to say all the ones you see online are shady but you're weeding through some g...
  4. Why working as an ED nurse so competitive?

    It really depends on where you plan on working. I live in Chicago and from what I've seen it's not hard to find ER jobs. For new grads or foreign nurses. I've worked with plenty of both at every hospital I've been at. Also not too sure about competit...
  5. How does your ER handle level 3 ESI pts?

    The ER I'm currently contracted with assigns 4 - 6 patients. 2 being hallway patients. I've heard when extremely busy you can have 7 or 8 but apparently that's very rare. Also before bringing the patient to a bed the techs are starting IVs, ordering,...
  6. It can be. I really think it just depends on the individual and their particular circumstances. For me the material wasn't hard so much as my procrastinating and lazy study habits. That made getting my LPN, ADN, and finally Bachelor's much "harder" a...
  7. New grad nurse

    It depends on a lot of things. What type of jobs you're applying for, the area, the demand for specialties, etc. If you're in the Chicago area I'd recommend just applying and re-applying. If you're in an area where there's not as much demand you migh...
  8. Moving to Chicago

    The only hospitals I would avoid are Jackson Park and Roseland but I'm not even sure they have NICUs. With 3 years experience it depends on the hospital but I imagine you'd be making $32-$35. If you do agency you can make around $45 - $52. I'd recom...
  9. Triage scenario, opinions needed.

    If the situation had escalated and they wanted to leave I would have spoken up, or at least asked the MD why we needed to keep them. But once they brought them back he assessed and discharged two of them within 10 minutes (one was a female the other ...
  10. Triage scenario, opinions needed.

    Thanks for the responses and I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who thought that whole thing seemed off. I could try asking the MD next time I see him.
  11. So I was in Triage the other night and there was a pretty bad MVC. I think there were 6 accident victims total and we got the 3 least injured. Since triage was slow, there were two of us and we had 4 empty beds in our triage waiting area so we took t...
  12. I didn't work while I was working on my ADN. Fortunately I had my LPN and had been working for a few years. I was able to live off the money I had saved up, plus I lived with my parents rent free, no wife/kids, etc.
  13. To late to start?

    I've gone to nursing school with people in their 40's, 50's, and even 60's. I've also worked with plenty of nurses who started later as a second career in their 50s. I worked with one nurse in her 50s who had recently become a nurse after being a bus...
  14. Agency while in school

    Honestly it depends on a variety of things. What state you're in, your specialty, how many facilities in your area utilize agency, what are their staffing needs, your budget, savings, etc. And shifts are not guaranteed in agency nursing and you can a...
  15. How do you travel to and around your assignment?

    Well I'm single, no girlfriend, no kids, and most of my friends are either moving off or getting married/starting families so I'm afraid I can't offer any wisdom in that regard lol. Balancing my life isn't a problem so much as getting one