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  1. Rant post: Its not a new concept but its becoming more injected into mental health care setting, but when the phd's get into the mix there is an unrealistic expectation from nursing staff and MHT staff. Its one of those avenues that sounds great with...
  2. puravidaLV

    forcing baths on dementia patients?

    This is an old topic but someone reads this and thinks on a psych unit you can force a patient to take a shower you need to look at not only operating procedures, legal status of patient (hold or voluntary), have a PHYSICIANS ORDER because otherwise ...
  3. puravidaLV

    Everyone is in NP school !

    VA pay doesnt equate to work. You could have 3 psychiatrist on an inpatient unit hosting six patients and all three are getting 215k/each. So in economic view the VA doctor is getting more than the private sector provider who has: overhead, staff, ma...
  4. puravidaLV

    Violence in Nursing

    Aggressive dementia patient attacks you...ten minutes later no memory. Can't press charges, cant put hands on, and get nothing from management. So a) fight back with the probability of getting sued b) run and sit in a janitor closet c) tell doctor/ma...
  5. puravidaLV

    Working with a felony

    Well if it wasn't for "contract nurses" (troubled nursing) most psych facilities wouldn't have nurses working the floors. I worked with one person who headed the state program for the nurses c/ substance abuse problems and let me tell you that list w...
  6. puravidaLV

    Manager interrupting

    Hey, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, and sometimes you pick your battles. I have had experiences with a manager on a psychiatric unit that would come in and micro-manage within 5 minutes of entering the doors and have no report, no rapport wit...
  7. puravidaLV

    Do you have a free charge nurse on your unit?

    I am free of charge....I do charge for free basically. I don't get paid to do it. I have 7 patients. I haven't figured out how to piss off management enough yet to stop getting the assignment.
  8. puravidaLV

    Ditching NP school for MD?

    Well nothing like going back to school and redoing Calculus, Organic chem, physics, studying for the MCAT, doing eight more years of school and residency followed by crippling student loans. Both parents are physicians, I was premed in 97 and one su...
  9. puravidaLV

    If you could redo it....would you choose nursing?

    Yep, wouldn't have waited till my thirties thought. I think of all the cool JDM race parts, club nights, places i could have done 13 week contracts in/at/around, that 250cc ninja would have been a hyabusa, student loands would be long paid off, NP sc...
  10. puravidaLV

    NP Salary vs. RN salary

    If your working psych the likelihood of you getting a raise is near zero to none in the private sector. Most are stuck on the west (US) around 30-35$/hr which comes out to be 70k/yr for inpatient and yes its really easy if your able to put up c/ a lo...
  11. puravidaLV

    Error on official HESI Practice Question?

    Welcome to HESI/ATI you catch the mistakes and they never fix them. I'm fairly certain there are still errors in the ATI books stating smoking is a healthy option for pregnant men.
  12. puravidaLV

    Registered Nurse Salary Purchasing Power Across States

    Well without going through the data itself a search of RN & florida on indeed.com gives estimate salary ranges for jobs there as being: $35,000+ (16397) $50,000+ (12864) $55,000+ (11130) $60,000+ (8610) $70,000+ (3920) so who knows, doesn't accou...
  13. puravidaLV

    Mental Health Nursing

    Mental health is for the most part just mental health. I've done it in two states and so far Oregon is a little more passive from what I've seen. It might be a social locality thing, yet it might just be what I've seen. Coworkers stories although ju...
  14. puravidaLV

    OHSU MSN Applicants 2015

    i am reading over this and keep skimming IV league schools...is OSHU some sort of high-status school? I mean I already know Oregon is "weird" and doesn't really have a good relationship with online masters programs because of its ruling tat a teache...
  15. puravidaLV

    PMHNP program at EKU

    The teachers are very helpful. Just heads up be sure your not moving anytime during the schooling and make sure you can make the time to study. I got behind, moved and have a toddler and my grades suffered at the final of one of the classes. Now I am...