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  1. puravidaLV

    va hiring

    I was just wondering over all how long is long? I am in the VALOR program and really want to work for the VA once I graduate. Thanks
  2. puravidaLV

    Nevada State College

    kk jacob and i butt heads in this site over UNLV and NSC and I enjoy blowing his mind every time. Each college has decreased the amount of students that they take on and its continuing into the following semester. As of 2010 NSC brought down their class size from 34 to 24, so yes its more competitive. Both programs have had their cuts and UNLV's goes deeper including cutting some of their master nursing programs. Again with the run down of who is getting looked at for jobs: 1) New graduate with experience aka an LPN working in the hospital who gets their RN through a bridge program 1a) the person with the family/friend/network hookup...Networking is key in this city. 2) BSN - See magnet status for hospitals. Also when in an economical down turn and there is a surplus of workers, employers require higher education. 3) ADN- its the lower degree sorry, but its true. All the hospitals in the area are fap'ing to the idea of being magnet status. If your applying to the regional hospitals you'll basically get an automatic denial letter saying you don't meet the requirements. I don't know of any hospital (excluding all psych/home health/or retirement homes) that are not gunning for this in the valley. Sunrise who hires new graduates are requiring their nurses to step up and get theirs within the next few years or possibly face being laid off. Just remember its competitive no matter where you go. There is no safe bet and there is no safe location other than going military post graduation.
  3. puravidaLV

    NSC hopefuls

    No one shoots up from P/T to regular, they all go the opposite way. Don't take p/t as being punishment, it gives you a lot more opportunity to do more things than what you could ever expect. Even though you go through the summer/winter sessions it still gives you two vital things which are: time to work and time to wait out the economy. New graduate jobs are not what we like to call plentiful at the moment in this great country. Unless you have plans on going military post-graduation or going right into a master program you might be looking at a year before getting your first job. So...Once you finish fundamentals, go take the C.N.A exam, and find a jobby job and get your foot in and as time progresses try to find a Nurse Apprentice Position (aka NAP). good luck and congratulations.
  4. Just got picked...this should be fun
  5. puravidaLV

    Please share your experience at UNLV in Las Vegas.

    dude...you need to calm down on the propaganda for UNLV there is only one school that has the ability to boast the quality of their students...and that was appollo because they just pumped out crap.
  6. puravidaLV

    Tattoo cover-up product review

    ...gauze and tape...done.
  7. puravidaLV

    NURS 100 course at NSC

    You basically learn that a BSN is not just about working in a hospital and that it's a foundation that can lead you a infinate world throughout the medical field. Textbook: None that I remember HW: Journal articles, I burned mine out in the third week and turned them all in, so just depends how proactive you are. WHat you do: Sit in on your butt like it was homeroom in highschool. .... Six weeks....better than 16
  8. puravidaLV

    NURS 100 course at NSC

    prepared to be bored out of your ________ mind.
  9. puravidaLV

    I need help!! I need everyones opinion!!

    ok, well I still paid less than you did for the same BSN..Differential tuition or not I see your 2700 tuition plus parking permit to my $1623.75 and no parking for the same 15 credits. see ya
  10. puravidaLV

    Does the VA welcome New Grad's?

    The VA like any government job can take a life time to get. I got a rejection letter nearly two years after I applied for an admissions jobs before I even went to nursing school, but you will always get a rejection letter.
  11. puravidaLV

    I need help!! I need everyones opinion!!

    Well...I guess this is how it goes. ADN through anything other than CSN is a joke and basically they can walk on your ass in an instant. Do a search for carrington college (Apollo College) and you'll see what I mean. Any private school will be taking about 70k out of your pocket. Even if you go to CSN and get an ADN you'll still have to go and get your BSN at some point because most hospitals are REQUIRING BSN degrees by a certain point, even Sunrise Hospital is requiring ALL their ADN's to upgrade to a BSN or get kicked to the curb. Otherwise the other benifit of the BSN is in a crappy job market as we are in right now....BSN speaks much higher than ADN. BSN options are two: UNLV or NSC....right now UNLV is looking at cutting the Nursing program (article from earlier in the month: http://www.lasvegassun.com/news/2010/mar/03/even-unlvs-nursing-school-steels-cuts/ ) Take a tour...make the decision on your own research.
  12. SF State....because I couldn't afford to live in SF unless it was in a dorm.
  13. puravidaLV

    Married Male Nursing Students

    I talk to everyone. My wife already knows that if I don't feel comfortable in a situation I don't stay in that situation for long, so I tell her stories, pass on jokes and even invite her to events that the school has. If I didn't love my wife and wanted to cheat...I sure as shat wouldn't be married.
  14. I just applied to mine, sadly though no one knew when the dead line was to turn in applications and it was during our spring break. I just happened to be turning it in that day and found out. Yeppie for being broke and not taking a vacation ...iguess
  15. puravidaLV

    Nevada State College

    Each semester the P/T doesn't really have that many applicants. In total there are about 10-15 people over what the program takes in and ussally 8 of those people probably shouldn't have applied in the first place (like they got C's in anatomy). If you get a 90+ on the TEAS thats basically is an automatic in for most people with a 3.6. Accelerated last year had a good group by that I mean people with Masters degrees, MBA, Darmouth, USC, berkley, ect...so yea competition was high to get in. lowest i know of was about a 90 on the TEAS and 3.66GPA. Regular track: dunno but seems to be 3.5+ GPA and 86+TEAS from what I remembered, but no one really cares since once your in you just don't GAF . But also remember that they took 10 slots away last year (34 to 24 positions), so now there is more competition and they didn't anyone that had occurred during the application process. NSC kept a great staff and honestly its like going to a private college unlike UNLV where your thrown in with 64 students...NSC teachers know your name and each student on a one on one basis. Download the new point system, take nursing 100 its a b.s class and easy as to get an A in. google NSC nursing and it will show you on their page the point system. and one HUGE PS Most hospitals are phasing out anyone with less than a BSN. they are all trying to get magnet status so its worth taking the same time to get the BSN than just that associates.