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  1. have you seen medication shortages where you work?

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      Yes, we have shortages now
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      no shortages now, but I remember them in past years
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      Yes, we have shortages now, and have had them in past years
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      no, not now or anytime that I can remember.

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As a travel nurse I am used to seeing different supplies and procedures, so I was not too concerned to note that at my present assignment

Compazine, Lasix,and Vancomyacin are out of stock...for several months. They are replaced by similar acting meds as even the generics are unavalable. Then I got sick and learned that NO PHARMACY in my area has any Compazine. The other large hospital chain in my area was also "out of stock". Last month we were told to curtail Demerol use. Last week we ran out of 4mg injectable Morphine. Has anybody else seen medication shortages, and is this a new thing?

we haven't had compazine for months! we also had a protonix ivpb shortage for a while. we recently got a memo about another antibiotic (ivpb) not being available. unfortunately this is not an uncommon occurance at my hospital. :rolleyes:


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I voted that we have shortages now...and have seen them in the recent past. But I do not remember this many shortages in the past. We have NO Lasix...and haven't had any since I have been here. The hospital is also making subsitution on several other meds. Not sure if they just don't care them or this is an area wide shortage.


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At my hospital there is an alleged shortage of IV lasix and that our pharmacy was going to sub Bumex or Demadex. This was almost 2 months ago that the memo came out. So far whenever a pt was ordered lasix, that is what came up from pharm. Also shortage of 125mg Solumedrol vials and compazine.


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We went months w/o Zofran, last week we had a shortage of IVIG (supposedly). Yes, it's common. There's a Pharmacist shortage too and our service from pharmacy has become pathetic.


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Compazine, Lasix, and Nubain.

The nubain is weird to me because we always have tons of it in our drawers (maybe that's why nobody else has it) :D


Protonix IVPB, Solumedrol in 125mg vials.yes, we are out of these too! each week it seems like a new shortage is declared.....My next question is WHY? These are not all made by the same manufacturer, so the answer I got ("the company had a fire") makes no sense......And I remember the government was planing to buy up stocks of Cipro at the height of the Anthrax scare...and that they DID stockpile vaccines once, causing severe I being a conspiracy nut, or does anyone else think that MAYBE our homeland security office is grabbing up meds?


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It's and artificial shortae created by the suits at the drug companys who are not getting rich enough. Anything manufactured from non natural resources can be made in any amount at any time, unless the suits choose to cut production back, happens every couple of years wiht antin freeze also, 2 plants in the US, evry 7-8 years one will burn down, antifreeze goes up top $10/gallon suits get richer, prices come down cuz sipposedly "burned down" plant was reopened.


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We have not had compazine for probably a year. And about 2 months ago there were signs posted re: demerol shortage, but we always had it..and its not like the MDs paid attention to the signs and ordered anything else.


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I work in immunizations, well, this week, and the vaccine shortage is unreal. I have never seen this type of situation before. It scares me to think of the number of children not properly immunized. It would be a devasting thing if a bio-war took place anytime, but now, it would be even worse. Tetanus, MMR, HIB, Prevnar, and a delay with varivax too. No relief in sight. Many people are moving here from other countries and all of them have to be immunized. I give over 100 vaccines daily, at the least, and 95% of those receiving the immunizations come with immigration papers. Many have positive PPDs. Most have had polio vaccines from their homeland, but nothing more. I want to help all the people, don't get me wrong. But, if the shortage problem doesn't improve, I'm afraid to think. Well, I'm very frustrated and a little concerned because of the shortage. sorry : )

NOW we have Lasix and are out of BUMEX! This is so strange to me!

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They told us that there was a Lasix shortage about six months ago and were going to use Bumex instead. Well, we had two residents on Bumex and everyone else was still on Lasix. Now no one is on Bumex and everyone else is on Lasix... I don't get it. I think we have all of the compazine though! :imbar

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