Me again! Timeframe question.

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After you talked to your programs "people", how long did you wait, we're you ALLOWED to wait before getting the eval? Please answer if you read this.

Spoke to them Friday and started treatment Monday.

I called to self report to tpapn on a Friday and was sent a packet of forms to fill out and things to do, such as scheduling the evaluation, the following week, prob around Tuesday or Wednesday. I scheduled my eval for about a week or 10 days later, I did not try to delay the evaluation, it was just a matter of taking the next available appointment after receiving the packet that had the list of doctors I could use.

My parents 40th Anniversary is the end of next month and my wife and sister in law have planned a huge party and I'm hoping to delay it in case they force me into inpatient. I hate the thought of delaying and having to be in the program longer and also hate the possibility of being in over the holidays. Why did u do this to myself?!?

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I called Tuesday and did my evaluation Thursday. I started IOP Monday. I was not required to do inpatient.

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I think it is somewhere between 30 and 60 days in Alabama

From the time I expressed interest in the program, I had my assessment within 2 days, and started the actual PHP program 3 business days later. However, I did not have a signed contract until after I was actually in treatment, because the wheels of treatment moved faster than the actual contract. Regardless, they both were very fast.

I self reported and my meeting with RPP was the following week. My case manager set up my evaluation with a counselor and the appointment was the following week. The counselor was the one who made recommendations to RPP for my treatment plan.

In Florida, IPN gives you a time frame for compliance. Ours was 30 days to get the evaluation ONLY. I had to wait at home for 3 months to get into my treatment center.

After speaking to my case manager following the initial paperwork, I actually asked her how long I had to complete the evaluation. She said that as long as I had it scheduled, she could work with whatever time frame the psychiatrist was able to fit me in. I was able to get an appointment within a few days though, but I'm sure your CM will be flexible as long as you have an appointment date set.

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