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Maxim Testing

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Has anyone tested for a job at Maxim. I have a job interview on Tuesday 08, 2014. Recruiter said it will be 2 hours including an interview. What should I go over to prepare to the interview. Any help is greatly appreciated.


Yes I recently interviewed @ Maxim. Their testing was really basic, no need to stress out. They pay only minimum wage for orientation, which I have never before encountered in nursing. The home health division has been accused of healthcare fraud. If you are going to be doing hospital staff relief it should not affect you.

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I took the maxim tests, they were pretty basic except to me the insulin and diabetes testing was more in depth than I knew off hand. They asked about long acting, short acting and intermediate insulins, their trade and generic names, some I hadn't heard of. Plus their diabetes questions were a little in depth, to me.

No problems with the testing from my experience. I would not place any legal confidence in these entities. Maxim, interim, travelmax etc. If you do go with them be aware of your vulnerability when accepting work. Specifically, know exactly what your licensure requires of your activities in the workplace you choose. For example, will you be responsible for the unlicensed staff and LPN's? If so, know the workplace policies and don't accept an assignment if you get to a job and find out more than what you were told by the staffing agency. Once you accept an assignment "begin the work" you are liable. If anyone finds errors in what I have written please let me know.

Thank you all for the feedback. My stress level is down a bit.

If you anticipate doing both peds and adult cases, expect to take a separate peds test. Same goes for ventilator. If you don't want to work with vent dependent patients, (or peds), or (adults), you can tell them, but you will be encouraged to take the specific exams anyway. There is also a section just for med administration, and it is also very basic.

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One more thing to add: I've heard not so great things about maxim from both my old HR dept at a hospital and from a friend who worked for them. But I also have a friend who loves the flexibility of working for them. Best of luck to you!

I am a PDN homecare nurse currently employed by three agencies. Im only active with two. Maxim has solicited me at least 6 times in the past 8 months using indeed. I finally spoke with a HR last week. Im torn about accepting anymore homecare work as I feel I have reached the patient care and skill set epithet of homecare. Plus I never hear anything good about this agency and I am also turned off by the minimum wage pay during orientation and training. Seems kind of iffy.

I personally consider Maxim to be rather sleazy and do not want to work for them.

You know what. I think im going to pass on the offer. I just dont like to hear that employers are ok with being less than sub par. I've paid my debts to the PDN world. Im only going forward from here on out. Thank you for your input.

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With me, they pulled a bait-and-switch with scheduling. After I had gone through all the testing, interviewing and vetting, and completed the hospital orientation, I was told by the facility that "agency nurses are required to work 2 weekend days per week". When I complained to the agency, they played stupid and did nothing to resolve this. It's obvious they were in cahoots with the hospital. There were other Maxim nurses orienting the same time I was.

So they let me go through the whole process without letting me know this simple fact. It was a deal-breaker for me and I told the hospital and Maxim to go fly a kite.

Stay away from Maxim,did interview ,filled a lot of paperwork ,had an orientation and had to sign for 5 hours minimum wage ,and I spent there at least 7 hours and I never got paid for my orientation .They called to cancel the job and now they are calling again to go to another interview ,the recruiter doesn't have no idea that I already had all the interview process .... and I declined the offer ,not going to waste time and gas going to their orientation again .

Recently talk with them and found that they are not up front with all you need to know. Like, they don't tell you that you have to do "their orientation" at minimum wage until you are almost out the door. To me, minimum wage is a deal breaker....

If you decide to talk to this company (Maxim) be sure and have your questions ready so no slippery sleazy stuff pulled on you.

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I just accepted a PDN position with said homecare company, with full awareness of the 'bad'. At this point in my career, I just need a place to be a nurse. I don't need hand holding, I don't need to be told when I'm doing a good job. I don't expect much of anything from them except to provide me some cases and a paycheck. I'll determine if I'm insufficiently trained or sufficiently trained, I've been around long enough to know myself.

I've spent the last six years working for what probably is an excellent hospital system where every other day I was told how valuable I am as an employee, decent benefits, very fair and professional management. Scratch a bit beneath that surface and it's no different than any other business or corporation. No more 'loving and smoochy' or 'fair' or whatever. I didn't 'need' all that extra stuff, but I most certainly did when years ago when I was building my confidence and career.

At least Maxim is 'honest', it looks like a bare bones kind of corporation, no frills or promises. I certainly didn't get any or expect them either. I no longer feel like I need to be 'incubated' or pampered and padded, just provided work and paid :) What negative I've read or heard has been all about nurse's expectations when they signed up. OF COURSE a company is going to toot it's horn and gather as many money making nurses as they can get their hands on. But the truth is right in front of your face if you want to see it. The gals in the 'office' are cheerful, the Clinical Manager is smart and pulled no punches during the interview, and the nurses I've encountered so far are professional. As long as they pay me, utilize me, and provide basic support and education, I got the rest of it :)

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Just want to clarify... While I've heard bad things about maxim, but I have 1 Friend who enjoys working Peds home care cases with them. She said they are flexible with her schedule, as she only wants to work a few days per week.

I personally consider Maxim to be rather sleazy and do not want to work for them.


I worked for Maxim in NY many years ago and they were wonderful. In MD. and Fla. HORRIBLE everything quoted in this thread is absolutely true. They have been cited for fraud and embezzlement as well. They are masters of bait and switch.