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  1. JuliaRNMSN

    Human trafficking

    Health problems such as HIV, AIDS, TB as a few examples are associated with trafficking....can go undetected due to the clandestine nature of trafficking (Sabella, 2011). "A majority of known domestic (U.S.) victims are children involved in prostitution. Many are runaways but some are not" (Sabella, p. 31). Reference: Sabella, D., 2011 The role of the nurse in combating human trafficking: Learn how to recognize the signs that someone is being trafficked and how to safely intervene. American Journal of Nursing, 2011, 111 (2), 28-37. Retrieved from:http://traffickingresourcecenter.org/sites/default/files/The_Role_of_the_Nurse_in_Combating_Human%20-%20AJN.pdf
  2. JuliaRNMSN

    Human trafficking

    I would like to raise awareness of human trafficking by gathering information based on member learning needs. If the forum members want information I could post resource links and share my knowledge from a conference I'll be attending next month. Human trafficking is enormous and complex. Please consider what specifics would be of interest. For example, can you define human trafficking? Could you determine if a client is a victim of trafficking? These are only suggestions. Thank-you for your input on this important problem.
  3. JuliaRNMSN

    Top States and Hospitals for Nursing Jobs

    I appreciate your articles esp. best worst cities: employment and socio economic ratings. I honestly would not move to a city based on this article. However, I believe it gives direction if one were thinking about applying for jobs or relocating without a job set up. You could do your own census research, etc. You could look at the historical underpinnings of a city or rural area to get a feel for the cultural/political influences on policy. Some thoughts as I read the article. Thank-you
  4. I really liked my research classes. Struggled but liked the structure of of the many components. Method, design, all the pieces includ. statistics. I still do problems to keep adding to what I learned in classes. Your research hypothesis is full of ways to use stats. From a novice: your seem as if you know what info you are looking for. If this is your first round with an experiment, study, critique see what other researchers in this particular area have already studied or published. (the reason for a thorough literature review). I start with the lit review to see what is known and published, analyze articles, annotated bib. For me these activities helped me take abstractions and form a cohesive statement. It began something like this: This is what I want to know, this is how I am going to get the information I want to know, ......step by step and sometimes circlular. I look back and know I have more to learn. Great start!!!
  5. I liked this article in response to an RN who left a setting unsuitable for her. Advising RN's that leaving a position holds less stigma now than in the past, and re-framing the experience for future interviews was for me brilliant. Thank-you
  6. JuliaRNMSN

    I don't know why I'm even surprised by this...

    What a mess!! I'd be saying to myself that this will not be the last time management handles an unsafe situation in this manner. The event is a clue to your work life there. I have experienced similar situations where management puts the bottom line first and everything else last. Patients died. The first incident was swept under the rug, the 2nd time they were sued by the deceased's family. The family won the case. The facility downsized shortly after.
  7. JuliaRNMSN

    Has anyone else "sensed" when something was wrong with a patient?

    Jean Watson University of Colorado Boulder is the nurse theorist I said I'd get back on. Hope you can gather some info from her work! She is amazing!
  8. JuliaRNMSN

    Has anyone else "sensed" when something was wrong with a patient?

    A nurse theorist a U of Colorado Denver speaks to this. When her name comes to me I'll post it. In nursing I've used it but not when charting. I use to guide my problem solving and support it with facts if possible. If I can't get facts to support my intuition, I don't rely on it in the workplace. I hope that makes sense. I'm sure you are not an idiot!!
  9. Give them a call and check on the status. I have read that calling after a week or so is appropriate.
  10. Tedious is right. I started wondering what was going on in 2009. The time it takes to fill out app after app, put keywords in your resume for each job applied for, and the wasted time on calling your references giving them a heads up that they may get a call. I'm surprised mine even answered their phone or emails from me a few years back. Now, I am selective on how much of a burden listing references will be on my colleagues. They are busy people. If I am not mistaken, many organizations accepted grant money to "create" jobs. Many were non existent. FTC is the Federal Trade Commission correct? If so, are they the entity that regulates this area? I like your idea about a "group" developing a means to push for further investigation. Group is the key word here. One person won't make a difference....it does take a fair number of knowledgeable people across disciplines to gather info and data. Are there interested folks out there willing to work on something like this?
  11. JuliaRNMSN

    Am I too old to be an RN.... or should I just stay an LPN?

    A belated thank-you for pointing me to the article I couldn't find
  12. JuliaRNMSN

    "I have an ethical problem"

    How out of the box your thinking is. I mean that as a compliment. I'd probably run the idea by Social Services if there were no other community resources to take homeless folks in. I'd have to feel that I had support from other professionals if the going go rough. Many children are homeless along with adults. I certainly would explore the options since they are known to victimized in every way in the first 24 hours they go to the streets.
  13. JuliaRNMSN

    Independent nurse with questions

    I don't have an answer but I have asked myself that same question. My S.O. is in marketing and I try to pick his brain because in my experience sales and marketing were the furthest subjects from my mind. He is a real extrovert and go getter. He is not afraid of talking about his services to anyone. He is successful with his knowledge and gift of gab. What I don't value is sometimes he stretches the truth to make a sale or gain another's confidence. Not sure how to navigate marketing in healthcare services since there are many regulations not to mention liability issues. I've fantasized putting myself outside of health care facilities when RN's are going to work or home and handing out flyers for a needs assessment survey. Since my interest is developing a specific advocacy service for RN's this seems like a way to catch both positive and negative feedback. As Bob Dylan said "you can be killed with kindness....so I had a perspective on the booing audiences."
  14. JuliaRNMSN

    Ebola Preparedness Nursing Survey Results

    I was impressed by the survey and how the results were presented both visually and in text. Organizations that employ RN's, should dedicate resources to educate and prepare for Ebola. What if organizations drag their feet or say "the research and resources don't support this at any given organization? I believe that we as a group must educate ourselves and pass along what we have learned. We can not rely on our employers to always act in our behalf. We need to use our personal time to learn and share on this and other important topics. Expecting to get paid to protect ourselves, clients, and communities has to become our responsibility. There are many ways to accomplish this. Offering a training or discussion group on our own time is one way. Until I took it upon myself to research this area (Ebola), I found that important information was out there....just hard to access. For example, I knew a year ago that Ebola patients could transmit the disease for 6 months via semen after "cure." I found this on the World Health Organizations site (by accident). I just saw this means of transmission on MedPage about 2 weeks ago. I'll admit I am not current on all dangerous diseases so folks on this site may have known it too. It is saddening and upsetting that people died trying to be there for others. Last, we have a world economy with people arriving and departing to other countries around the globe. It just seems practical to connect the dots and be proactive.
  15. JuliaRNMSN

    You will all probably hate me for this

    Thank-you This is a great post and well written. I agree that we are here to educate each other by sharing our knowledge and prof/ personal experiences. Its a great thing to take away posts, replies, and articles to advance the profession. Could we be dealing with the multi-generational nursing workforce beliefs and values? Thanks!
  16. JuliaRNMSN

    Am I too old to be an RN.... or should I just stay an LPN?

    Thanks for your post. I'll be reading the articles you suggested. Thanks again for the heartfelt spirit you put forward in you message.