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  1. rnrg

    NJ nurses help! Need advice!

    Hi there. I am an ADN RN in South nj. To answer your question, yes hospital based employment does tend to take BSN educated nurses over ADN. This is because we live in a highly saturated state that doesn't in fact have a nursing shortage. I decided to obtain my ADN mainly because it was the fastest way to gain able employment with an ok income as I was already a mother to two children and needed a real job. I hurried into obtaining my BSN but stopped a year and a half ago because I broke my back on the job. I'm only 5 classes shy of my BSN, but to be honest, I'm making more money than all my counterpart nurses who are working the hospital anyway so why should I quit? After obtaining ADN remember sick pts are everywhere, not just in hospitals. Hospital staffing is very "who you know" and has a bureaucratic system. They often hire people who have "ins" and not just the most qualified. And they will almost indefinitely go for a nurse who has BSN as opposed to ADN and a new grad. They can pay the BSN the same rate and use her higher education to count toward staffing ratios of BSN nurses currently employed. I can also tell you that if you plan on going to school while working you are in for a lot of responsibility. Many hospital staffed nurses often find it very difficult to balance their work lives with other obligations. If you have children, especially small children I would rethink this approach significantly unless you have a stock pile of emergency funding and some very reliable childcare. Best wishes on your educational journey.
  2. rnrg

    Private Duty Nursing Almost Family

    This is very case sensitive. It depends on your degree, and location of services provided. It also may fluctuate if the case is a private pay insurance or it is Medicaid. All over the country nurses are paid different rates for different reasons. I suggest you redefine your role, and be sure to include hippa safe comments on what type of care/location if you are looking good to obtain further information.
  3. rnrg

    Assigned to a filthy home?

    Man, this is so true. So sad, and so true. Very unfortunate.
  4. rnrg

    Entertaining pt

    I completely understand what you are expressing. I have worked for multiple agencies, and so far my current agency was the only one to offer assistance with this. I reported my concerns to our office manager and she was able to locate a few age appropriate developmental toys to get donated in excellent used condition. I think that in many cases where there is 24h care being provided the family seems to automatically expect the nurses and therapy staff to provide all of the interaction and tools to complete interaction which is not true. If these parents can not afford to purchase a 50 cent box of crayons and a few coloring books for 1$ or less that is grossly unfortunate. I'm not sure which state you are in but in my state at the age of 3yo children who are differently abled must be registered for special services schooling which does provide a much nicer and larger structured environment for a child to flourish in. If purchasing things is off limits, I would suggest looking into a way to have some things donated to the family for the child to use with the nursing staff for developmentally appropriate use. After all, there is no way to "play" if all you are offered is teething devices and stuffed animals. That is not providing age appropriate developmentall stimulation. Also perhaps you could call your case manager and explain your concerns to him/her and have the CM talk to the primary care givers? I know you mentioned they were both unemployed, maybe money is an issue. There are many ways to look into donation possibilities especially in these situations.
  5. rnrg

    Refusing a case in home care

    Not true. You never have to accept a case if you are uncomfortable. And while many states are considered a hire at will state "can fire you for any reason, any time for any thing" you can still fight it if you want. Better yet, start looking for a BETTER agency. They do exist. I promise.
  6. rnrg

    Office staff issues

    Hang strong. Call your higher ups and tell them what is going on. That or share your file with the closest next office for a while and stay on your cases, just deal with the through the grape vine talk. I'm going through a similar issue. Never had issues before, nursing shortage has my area in an uproar. Office is getting complaints left and right, nurses getting written up over stupid stuff, morale is down and to top if off THEY HAVE SCREWED MY PAYCHECK UP FOR 8 WEEKS STRAIGHT. trying to be patient bc one of our girls is on maternity, but im feeling the itch of frustration just as you are
  7. rnrg

    Should I Become a Home Health RN?

    Hi I do private duty nursing which is usually in shifts of 8, 12, 14 or 16 hours at a time. I make my own schedule and I currently make more money at an hourly rate higher than most of my nursing friends who work in facilities or hospitals.
  8. I want to quit a case that my agency sgain, is begging me to stay on because I'm a high caliber nurse, and the bottom line is NO ONE ELSE WANTS TO DEAL WITH THE CHILD'S PARENTS. I texted my on call tonight and told them I've just experienced the straw tgat broke the camels back and I want off this case immediately. The parents are bullies and disrespectful to me, especially in front of other nurses or adults. Go ahead, find someone to work your crazy hours snd fulfill your REDICULOUS requests. See if I care. Only one I do care about is the chikd. Hopefully if someone else picks up my shifts they are competent enough. The child is pretty ill.....
  9. rnrg

    night nurse can't sleep during the day!

    Honestly I'm not a night shift person either although I'm stick with it for now while I'm nursing a very severe back injury, it's very very quiet where I work. I'm now able to independently sleep during the day time but I have had to train my sleep cycle with help from sleep aids. I do not have any side effects aside from horrible nightmares but to feel functional through out the night I'll take a few lousy night mares!
  10. rnrg


    Wow I've worked ft in PDN for over 5 years for 3 separate agencies. I've moonlighted at times to kinda fill in the gaps in the beginning but have been steadily employed with one agency for over two years now and there is NEVER a shortage if work for me. I guess even when my regulars are out if commission I'm the one getting others pulled and I fill the shifts. Not so sure about favoritism but I typically don't have problems or ever really turn down any work.
  11. rnrg

    List the most frivolous complaints you've received

    You don't wear deodorant I prefer. I don't like the color of your hair. You keep the client area too clean and neglect the rest if the house. There are other kids to clean up after too. Don't tell anyone we have fleas or bed bugs. Your fired because OUR child got you sick and you called out. (First call out ever) I don't like the color of your scrubs. Don't make the tube feed formula at 659. Make it at 7p dp it out and make it over again at the time I SPECIFIED. I seriously could go on forever. Omg.
  12. rnrg

    Rate of pay

    Honestly it sounds to me like they are not paying you fairly. Are you a new nurse? Is this your first experience with home health?
  13. rnrg


    Im.the sole support of my family too. My partner has been unemployed for over 5 years. It's inexcusable and places so much stress on me. I work PDN all high acuity infants and neonates. My schedule is off the wall. I work all three shifts, and I'm constantly adjusting from switching days to swing to nights. It's a rough gig but this is my job. I'm good at it, and it's my niche for now.
  14. rnrg

    Drug seeking- something to ponder

    I too am a RN who suffers from chronic pain. Thank you for taking the time to post here. If u could ask one favor from you it would be to keep advocating for us, the chronic pain sufferers. The daily battle of pain, the lost quality of life, the fear of losing the right to pain mgmt because of physicians who have egos, the judgemental looks, the stress it puts on your loved ones, the cost of lost work or loosing the ability to work period. Please continue to be our voice. Post frequently. I have yet to come across ONE compassionate dr. Nurse or physician staff who treats me like I am a real patient. They all treat pain sufferes the same. It's awful.
  15. rnrg

    NJ Nurses

    South jersey here too...