Maternal and Child Nursing, Deadly?


Hello my fellow nurses, I am about to finish my 3rd semester of NS!!! (2 MORE TO GO!) I am really into babies and antyhing that has to do w/babies; But people at my school are scaring me by telling me that that subject is really hard. I will be taking it along with Med Surg 2, are there any tips? Any books that helped you through this class? Please help me out? Thanks!


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I love this book! It is small enough to fit in your pocket in clinical. It covers pretty much all the topics you will need to know. I might be a little biased but my OB professor is one of the authors. Trust me though, she is highly respected and one of the most intelligent women I know. It's a great resource. You won't regret it! I also work in L&D as a RN fellow and find it useful! I keep it in my mailbox at work for a quick reference :)


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I actually didn't find it hard at all...but I also have 4 kids so know ALOT about pregnancy/childbirth already. The book listed above is a good resource!

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I have no children and my maternal child class was my first A in nursing school. I didn't find it hard. And if it interests you (it didn't me, go figure), you should be fine.


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My maternal child mark rests on clinical (pass/fail) a paper worth 50% and a final exam worth 50%..... I should get my mark on my paper tomorrow and my exam is next week so I'll let you know haha! I haven't found it to be a difficult course but I suppose my marks will tell.


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I found it difficult because I wasn't interested. I don't have any kids and don't plan on having any plus maternity and peds is the last place on earth I would want to work. If I can pass with the text book and lecture notes provided, anybody who loves the subject will do fine.

P.S. Don't think that someone else's experience will reflect how you will do in a course. Think positive and you'll do great. Good luck!!


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I loved maternity, and did so well in it because I enjoyed learning about it! The only hard part is that it is ALL new info. But if you enjoy it, it makes it a lot "easier"! I did very well on that exam and at clinical.


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Thats the only class in my school that no one failed that semester! Now med surg 2 on the other hand we lost like 5 or 6 out of 30!

If the students in your program are saying that it's hard, then it probably is. Get notes from them, tips, material to review over the summer.

In my program, maternal-child is pretty straight forward and fairly easy. Med/Surge seems to be the killer every semester for us.


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My OB teacher is harsh!!! I can get every answer correct on all the nclex practice questions but they do not even come close to her test questions.. She makes up her own questions so it is very difficult. Half of the class is failing and I am passing by a hair! But I love OB and I do understand it.. but her tests are just way over the top...

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Thank you everyone!! You all made me look forward to it even more! :)