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  1. ~passionateSN~

    Test Review

    At my school it is at the discretion of the teachers if they want to do a test review or not. Usually f they don't it's because too many students argue about what they think is right.
  2. ~passionateSN~

    Nclex pharm questions

    Hello all! I will be graduating in 3 months (yay) and was wondering how many pharmacology questions everyone had on nclex? I am weak in pharm and I have been studying because we also have to take a pharmacology hesi before we graduate. I'm studying Saunders and we will be doing hurst together as a class before graduation. Thanks a bunch!
  3. ~passionateSN~

    Second week of RN school

    I remember my first semester as well. Terrible. It's all brand new and you have no idea what is going on or how to study. I failed my first nursing test as well and I think there are others here who can say the same. it happens. I'm entering my last semester of nursing school and I am still very stressed. I would say first of all to start studying nclex questions and the rationales. They help alot!!! Can I ask you what class it is and how you studied? I can give pointers better if I knew :)
  4. ~passionateSN~

    Took nclex today! (Foreign Graduate)

    Do you remember about how many select all that apply you had?
  5. ~passionateSN~

    First Day of Nursing School

    Same here! Do you have to make 100 on yours too? We do and if we don't we cannot continue in the program. We get three chances however.
  6. ~passionateSN~

    Exit hesi

    I've seen some posts about people using hesistudy.com to help them prepare for hesi. I cannot find this exact website but I did find a site that you have to pay 100$ to have access to study tips and practice tests. Is this what anyone else did?? Thanks so much!
  7. ~passionateSN~

    Failed but Passed today-Exit HESI

    Was it mostly med surg? I know everyone's will be different but I'm just curious and nervous! (Even though ours isn't until November)
  8. ~passionateSN~

    Hours of study.....

    Studying just for classes I usually take 14 hours a day. I get up and as soon as my daughter is off to school I study. I get up to go get her and come back home and get back to studying anywhere between 10pm-2am depending on if I have clinicals the next day or whatnot. Clinical paperwork takes forever for me because its a book! Plus I just take forever to do my care plans. Idk why I've always been that way during the whole program. I am a reader so I read every chapter several times and listen to lectures and read notes. I will be graduating this December so it has all worked out so far. But I know people that barely study and make it. It's just all about how you study and what kind of grades you strive for. You will get into a routine and get the hang of it :-)
  9. ~passionateSN~


    Im with you too!
  10. ~passionateSN~

    How much of your cohort did you "lose"?

    We started out with 34 in first semester. We are about to enter our fourth and final semester and we are down to about 20-22 I believe.. But, we have picked some up along the way that failed classes and had to retake them too. So when I go back in a few weeks we may have more if some people ahead of me failed and have to repeat.
  11. ~passionateSN~

    What specialty do you want and not want to work in?

    Want::: ER or ICU Absolutely NOT::: OB!!!!
  12. ~passionateSN~


    I feel the exact same way!!! I am entering my final semester as well and there is so much going on! I cannot believe its coming to an end but there's also still many hurdles to jump!! Good luck to everyone :-)
  13. ~passionateSN~

    Really excited

  14. ~passionateSN~

    Graduation gift

    I graduate this December! It's also my 10 year anniversary so I'm going to get some new wedding band bling! we got married when we were 19 so I have something small right now which I'm not complaining one bit it's just something I want. I'm going to think of something special to do with my first set :-) but soon after I pass nclex we are buying a new house too!
  15. ~passionateSN~

    Don't you want to be an NP?

    I am getting the same thing since I will be graduating in December with my ADN.. I am going back for my bsn but I have no desire to a NP either.. I want to be in critical care or trauma certified nurse..

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