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  1. Hi...I will be graduating with my BSN in May..our professors have said to start sending resumes. Unfortunately I see NO jobs for new grads at the hospitals. Any idea when they hire? Or if they hire?
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  3. by   msjangir
    Quote from janine66
    hi...i will be graduating with my bsn in may..our professors have said to start sending resumes. unfortunately i see no jobs for new grads at the hospitals. any idea when they hire? or if they hire?
    hi janine, right now you concentrate on your studies. since it is time for you to prepare for your exams well, even you start from now also no institute will offer u job before graduation.
    work hard and pray to almighty there will be lot of jobs in your lap.
  4. by   April, RN
    Actually, many hospitals will offer you a job before graduation so it is good to start your search early! What area of MA are you looking for jobs in?
  5. by   janine66
    I'm in Boston. I know it's a good idea to send resumes..I'm just a bit discouraged b/c all of the positions I've seen require 1-2 years exp.
  6. by   caliotter3
    You should start seeing the ads in the paper that hosp will run concerning their new grad programs. These are the places where I would start sending my resume. However, if the job market really is that closed where you are, then you might consider waiting until you have your license in hand, even though it places you behind your peers. The reason I would consider this option is b/c it can be embarassing to get hired before you are licensed, then fail the boards. Even if they keep you employed in a lower level job, it places you in a bad light. You never know, you might not be one of those people that pass on the first try. Just a thought. Good luck, and positive thoughts on passing on your first try!
  7. by   caliotter3
    And BTW, I read elsewhere, that people have better luck when they apply for jobs in person and do follow up. Just a hint.
  8. by   Mommy TeleRN
    I don't live in your state but I have had a job lined up for over a month now! In my area it is BEST to apply early if you want a specialty area. What I did is just call and ask for the college recruiter. They will LOVE to talk to you! Trust me on this one! lol All that I've talked to tell you very candidly about pay and such. I had my choice of specialties..ER, NICU, ICU, etc. Plus we have eager recruiters from various hospitals coming to our school each week starting next week to tell us about their facility..and they bring lunch
    Of course here also you can be a nursing intern after your first semester and make $15/hr base plus diffs .. because they want to snag you early! I say go ahead and start shopping and gathering info. If you wait the new grad positions in the specialty areas may be taken and you may have to go to an area diff from what you want. I'm sure you'll have no problem finding your dream job!
  9. by   NurseLatteDNP
    We were encouraged to start sending resumes in February, and I already have had 3 interviews. Just look on hospital websites and most of them will offer internships. Most of our students will have jobs by the time we graduate. Don't give up, keep looking.
  10. by   gerry79
    I would start early. I was hired two months before graduation and many of my clasmates have yet to find jobs even with licenses in hand. The job market is pretty tight for new grads as there are few positions and many graduates applying for them. Good luck in your search.
  11. by   janine66
    Thank you for your insight. I was wondering...do you have a sense of which hopitals are more amenable to hiring new grads? I've heard/read that B&W is difficult to get into and that unless you get accepted into BMC's new grad program, they will not hire you. As I said, I've looked on-line and 99% of positions do require experience. I've looked at Faulkner, CHA, BI, St. E's and SS hopitals. Found out today that QMC is actually laying nurses off.
  12. by   gerry79
    Judging from what my classmates are telling me the job market sucks for new grads at this time. Many have put in for positions at every hospital within a 20 mile radious of boston and have not gotten any call backs yet. But some hospitals wont hire new grads, or start new grad programs until the summer. And some hospitals only hire new grads twice a year. Be patient and start early. Yes the Brigham seems to be very selective in who they hire. A nurse on orientation with me turned down the Brigham because she said that the nurses were not very new grad friendly. I have heard that complaint about the Brigham, but I have also heard that its a great place to work, go figure!
  13. by   kanzi monkey
    Definitely start now--I started late, and had a hard time finding a job. Many of my classmates started about a month before the end of the semester, and a lot of them had jobs lined up for when they passed the boards--I started THE DAY the semester ended, and, well, I got to be unemployed for 4 months.

    Also, keep on the lookout for open houses and such--those are great. Anytime you can shake a recruiter's hand and give them a hard copy of your resume is progress.
  14. by   kanzi monkey
    Oh, and here are a few things I found:
    --BMC is not really hiring new grads at all
    --Cambridge Health Alliance doesn't typically hire them either
    --NEMC DOES hire new grads, but I found most of their postings say 1-2 years exp. If you want to go there, I'd contact the recruiter directly
    --Brigham EXPECTS that new grads will apply for a lot of jobs--and they don't typically specify "new grad" or not on their postings. But they do frequent orientations, and lots of the positions that are posted can be filled by new grads. So, apply away--I think you can apply for up to 5 a day.
    --Mass General posts their "new grad" program, and gives detailed instructions in what they want to see in an application. If you want to go there, I'd apply soon.
    --BI also seems to hire new grads in their "Clinical Nurse I" positions. They aren't posted often, but they are clearly marked

    Good luck!