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  1. The Controversy: Mandatory Flu Vaccines

    When you had the flu, how was it diagnosed? (Apologies if this has been asked before, long thread, don't want to get caught up in any ill-activities against an already-dead horse...)
  2. Why is it inappropriate to stand up for yourself?

    "Shared" conversations are often not linear if you expect actual communication to happen. Of course patients need to be re-directed at times (we all do)-- but sometimes addressing simple interruptions in the moment can help everyone refocus. It depen...
  3. Help! I think I'm going to accidently hurt or kill someone

    Hypertensive emergency suggests end organ damage with SBPs over 180 (ie, heart or kidney failure, focal neuro exam, etc) Your patient had post op pain which was likely contributing to the htn (though i wasnt there, so can't be certain, obviously). Ma...
  4. Why is it inappropriate to stand up for yourself?

    It's great to know that you care how a patient is going to travel when they are discharged. That shouldn't ever be called "unimportant" by nurses OR doctors. Simple question, simple answer, that doc should just be even the *slightest* bit flexible wh...
  5. RRT on DNR

    Some people are DNR but not DNI (thinking of chronic COPDers for example). Who comes to the RR? We have an ICU doc, pharmacy respiratory, and hospitalist. Everyone can look at the patient together and see if there is a non-CPR intervention that can h...
  6. Flu Vaccines. A Hassle?

    I don't. He was a few years into his diagnosis and I helped him through a complication. The history was documented in our EMR, however, and it was chilling. Understanding how histories are taken and diagnoses are made (especially of rare events) will...
  7. Flu Vaccines. A Hassle?

    True story: I once cared for a patient with transverse myelitis directly linked to a flu shot. It was horrible. These things happen to few. The flu kills many. I get my shot every year, including while I was taking care of that patient. Science lays ...
  8. Are physicians that thick?

    The urologist clearly behaved badly. Maybe it was stress, but she needs to figure out how to control her frustration. I think that, based on the scenario you described in the OP (and the fact that you prefaced it as a vent thread!) was enough informa...
  9. Well, I didn't expect THAT answer...

    I shrieked when I read this and scared my cat
  10. Throwing out pillows!? Does anyone else do this!?

    I threw away a pillow once. The universe was glad. Also, side note--one day as i was wandering the halls outside the burn unit I happened to cross a chair sitting ominously next to the wall. A sign was haphazardly thrown upon it. "DIRTY" There appear...
  11. Too much stuff behind ID badge!!

    ID behind my ID (Infectious Diseases)
  12. What can RT's do that RN's can't?

    This was my experience at a large teaching hospital as well. At my current community hospital, RTs are everywhere. It's a totally new experience for me. I think it's great, for the most part, though there are a few times when I've questioned their as...
  13. Do you ever contend with pesty ancillary staff?

    How in the world was that not gracious? I am above nobody. But I am very busy when I am at work and I must prioritize my responsibilities over those which can be taken on by someone else (ie, writing admission orders vs getting someone tucked in-whic...
  14. Do you ever contend with pesty ancillary staff?

    This really doesn't make a whole lot of sense if you think for half a second about what THAT person may have on their own "to do" list (which you are not able to help with and they will not ask from you). We all have work to do and we all have to fig...
  15. Agree with everything here. Trust me--that doctor wants to know about this. Most likely she will never forget it and this will help to inform her practice and teach others. I'm sorry your daughter and family went through that experience.