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Hi all, I am new to this site and new to nursing - hopefully! I am applying to the LPN program at GL Tech evening division. Is anyone else here going or has gone to that program? I am taking the... Read More

  1. by   One Flew Over
    Quote from sawyer12
    Have fun in Vegas - 2 weeks wow - make sure to live it up cause its prob the last getaway for a while!!!! Maybe youll win enough $$$$ to pay for the tuition(or at least the books)!!
    Thank you! hahaha! I hope so, though were actually going to split the two weeks and road trip to possibly DC for the second week! Cant wait!
  2. by   gltech2010
    Ya hooooo All the day students from 3rd term have passed. Some didn't know until the very last day. Good luck to you all who are getting ready. I know they are starting to plan your arrival. This was the hardest thing I have ever done. As far as the fitting for uniforms, they do have a set day- but I ended up going to Heros after the day and still getting mine in time. Hope to see you all when we come in to talk about our year.
  3. by   Ladicapricorn841
    Ohh man I cant believe it is getting soo close now! Thanks for the update Gltech and congratulations on getting through the year!! I will be right where you are place soon enough
  4. by   Jmarie24
    hello..its been too long too crazy i cant believe i still know my first name.....I graduated....thank the high heavens...i have done some seriously tough stuff in my life but this program was by far the hardest thing i think i have gone and will ever have gone through ever............. congrats to all that have been accepted for 2010-2011...the teachers are absolutely amazing....amazing.... I am getting all my paperwork together in gear for the NCLEX..i shall let you know how that works out... good luck everyone...its an amazing experience but dont be fooled be prepared to work your face off..................
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  5. by   One Flew Over
    Congratulations ladies!! I'm glad to hear such good things about the teachers/program etc. It just makes me want to fast forward to August already!!
  6. by   sawyer12
    Congrats to the 2 of you!!!! I am getting so scared and nervous but excited at the same time! I just want to get some info already - I wish that we would get some info on books and supplies that we need so I can start buying them - I like to have time to be prepared!!

    So did the majority of people pass - I think that GL has a pretty high percentage of passing. Any word on jobs for the graduates or do you have to wait until you pass the NCLEX? Have fun at graduation and be proud of yourselves - you deserve it!!!!
  7. by   Ladicapricorn841
    Yayyyyyyyy the informational packet came in the mail today!!! I was looking at the book list and found a lot of them online. Are we expected to buy the CDs that come with the books?? Anyways very excited to get this process started Congrats to the 2010 graduates
  8. by   One Flew Over
    I know it! Excitinggg

    I texted my friend, who graduated 2010 about some books and he texted me back he is actually graduating right now! haha! I apologized
  9. by   sawyer12
    Yay! I couldnt wait to get home to check the mail!!! These books are over $800 on amazon!!! I didnt go on the website that we are suppossed to order from so I didnt see any cds. Are you going to order new or used? Are you going to sign up for the CPR course or are you guys already certified. It seems REAL now dont you think!!!! Hope the old posters come back to tell us about graduation!!!
  10. by   One Flew Over
    I'm going to talk to my friend tonight, I'll ask him if they actually used the CDs and such or not.
  11. by   sawyer12
    Hey you guys.....what are you gonna get for shoes - the packet says white professional shoes but I was wondering if sneakers were ok.....I wore asics when I did my clinical for CNA and they are awesome - I really want to get them for Lowell....any thoughts?

    First....have you talked to your friend who graduated - I want the scoop!
  12. by   Ladicapricorn841
    Hey again girls!! I was looking to rent some of my textbooks from or Its way cheaper than buying them used. I dont have any idea what I am going to get for shoes. What do you guys think? I will definitely be taking the prep course but not the CPR class because I am already certified. Oh man it really does feel real now!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH Screaming from excitement
  13. by   One Flew Over
    Ok ladies! He said the CDs weren't used last year in classwork they're more of a study aid. So my guess is, not required! I'm definitely buying used because 800$ for books is a little too rich for my blood