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Ladicapricorn841 specializes in Nursing Assistant.

A 27 year old new lpn!

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  1. Ladicapricorn841

    Salem State University LPN to BSN Program

    Has anyone gone through the LPN to BSN program at Salem State University?? I am looking to get into this program but I just wanted more personal perspective on the program. Any bit of information would be great. Thanks in advance
  2. Ladicapricorn841

    Greater Lowell Tech LPN 2011

    Well I chose to write my essay on the Swine Flu epidemic and how it effected healthcare and the media.
  3. Ladicapricorn841

    Greater Lowell Tech LPN 2011

    Are they allowing you guys to pick your own topics now for the essay?
  4. Ladicapricorn841

    Greater Lowell Tech LPN 2011

    :up:yayyy i am sooo happy for all of you!!! i am currently waiting to take my boards! i am soooo nervous! i know you guys will do great. just keep at it and stay organized!
  5. Ladicapricorn841

    2011 Graduation LPN Roll Call!

    i graduate this thursday june 23rd!!!! yayyyyy baby sooo excited! congratulations to all the other lpn grads and also to those starting their journey this year:yeah:
  6. Ladicapricorn841

    Greater Lowell Tech

    Thanks Kelly! When I first read the posts I was truly inspired as well. Pray for us this year its gonna be crazy!! Good luck to you as well with your program! We are all in this together:D:yeah:
  7. Ladicapricorn841

    Greater Lowell Tech

    Omg I am sooo mad that I will be missing tonight's meeting again!!! Boyfriend had to stay late at work tonight and we only have one car right now. I was wondering if you could fill me in again First!! Im soooo annoyed:mad:
  8. Ladicapricorn841

    Greater Lowell Tech

    So Tuesday night was cool and very informative!! First I think I saw you in the back towards the middle but I wasnt sure if it was you! I was the girl who came in a half hour late!! Yeaaaaaaa damn traffic and having to wait for my boyfriend to get out of work. We are currently sharing a car. I cant make it to tonight's meeting! If anyone is could you let me know how it goes and what is discussed? I have to work tonight I will definitely make it next week though
  9. Ladicapricorn841

    Connecticut state lpn programs will be re-opened!!

    Thats definitely good news!! I lived in CT for 13 years. Even though I am now residing in MA when I heard about CT closing the LPN programs I wasn't too happy about that. I'm starting an LPN program in August and I can't wait!!
  10. Ladicapricorn841

    Greater Lowell Tech

    Who is going to the Prep Course tonight?? I will definitely be there :)
  11. Ladicapricorn841

    To Buy or Rent.. That is the question!

    Hahaha yes I was having the same issue. I found a website where you can buy, rent, and sell back your books. Its Ecampus.com Take a look at it. I believe they have free shipping when you spend over $50 (which I'm sure you will). There is also the website Chegg.com if you just want to rent your books. Good luck
  12. Ladicapricorn841

    Greater Lowell Tech

    Hey again girls!! I was looking to rent some of my textbooks from Chegg.com or Ecampus.com. Its way cheaper than buying them used. I dont have any idea what I am going to get for shoes. What do you guys think? I will definitely be taking the prep course but not the CPR class because I am already certified. Oh man it really does feel real now!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH:yeah: Screaming from excitement
  13. Ladicapricorn841

    Greater Lowell Tech

    Yayyyyyyyy the informational packet came in the mail today!!! I was looking at the book list and found a lot of them online. Are we expected to buy the CDs that come with the books?? Anyways very excited to get this process started:D Congrats to the 2010 graduates:yeah:
  14. Ladicapricorn841

    Greater Lowell Tech

    Ohh man I cant believe it is getting soo close now! Thanks for the update Gltech and congratulations on getting through the year!! I will be right where you are place soon enough :)
  15. Ladicapricorn841

    Greater Lowell Tech

    yea i havent gotten any information other than the financial aid stuff too and a reminder for the tuition down payment. i can't believe we only have about 2 months to go!!
  16. Ladicapricorn841

    CNA going to school to be an LPN with kids.

    Hey Atea I know this is random but do you have a Cafemom account??