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  1. One Flew Over

    Do I give the med or hold?

    I believe it also comes in a liquid suspension form- obviously not time released so he would just have to get it more often. I agree though, don't hold.
  2. One Flew Over

    The Patient I Failed

    Absolutely heartbreaking.. and working in LTC, it hits so close to home..
  3. One Flew Over

    Why Is It That Everyone Thinks They're A Good Nurse?

    I don't consider myself a great nurse and I don't expect anyone to describe me as such. That's not to say that I am completely inadequate or foolish.. I've been a nurse for about 8 months and I think I consider myself adequate, an average new nurse, bumbling, and having at least one 'aha!' moment daily.. Hopefully with some more experience one day I will be described as a 'great nurse' :)
  4. One Flew Over

    Why can't you write people's names in your note: Rationale?

    The only time I was told that it is inappropriate to use a name is when you are referring to another resident/patient (as in a patient-to-patient altercation) and I believe in that instance it's acceptable to use 'roommate' or room number if I'm not mistaken.
  5. One Flew Over

    Anyone ever ask for more orientation?

    Not all LTCs. It definitely depends on the facility and region because I am on week 5 of my orientation and I will be finished next week which adds up to a total of 6 weeks of orientation. About 1 week of following a nurse and 5 weeks passing meds with the nurse nearby for questions/concerns.. etc. Additionally, I have been told many times that I am more than welcome to take more time if I feel unprepared. My facility seems to take an approach similar to Cape Cod Mermaid's. :)
  6. One Flew Over

    Need help on Nursing Diagnoses (NANDA Format)

    I think for the pain one you could probably just write 'Chronic pain related to diagnosis of Scoliosis' because I think 'long-standing' might be a bit redundant since it's assumed that chronic pain alludes that he's had the condition a while :) Also, for pain, did he give you a number out of 10? Or did you use any kind of pain scale? I would probably use that as your evidence or any non verbal signs that you witnessed such as 'pt wincing upon repositioning' or 'pt guarding (painful area)' can be used as your evidence Also just as an aside, for the anxiety one, I think if there is a statement that the patient made that indicated that he was anxious, that would be stronger evidence? I hope I helped a little :)
  7. One Flew Over

    need help with short term and long term goals...pls

    For the fall one, perhaps that the patient will remain safe/free from falls for the next 3 months? I would say that only because the whole focus of the careplan is falls, and I would want to address that in both the short term and long term goals. :) And I could be wrong here, but for the verbal communication one, it seems like you're doing two careplans in one for that one? It seems like your focus there should be everything related to how the patient can express his/herself to others and dysphagia is more related to swallowing and nutrition not speaking. Nutrition is a seperate issue, which should probably be addressed in another care plan. I personally would take dysphagia out of there and focus on the other two causes. Just my 2 cents :) As for a long term goal, perhaps that the patient will state that he/she is satisfied with the alternative modes of communication presented to them? Or something along those lines?
  8. One Flew Over

    Greater Lowell Tech

    Yep! That was me! I was all the way in the back with straight brown hair :) and I'm in days yes. Any info or tips you may have would be great! Congrats for doing so well you earned it!
  9. One Flew Over

    Greater Lowell Tech

    Oh man yea, no hiding from it now ladies! Hey I thought that was you! I was in the back, middle row, first seat on the right, I was sitting with two girls I work with, and the guy grad that came last night is also one of my coworkers :) Thanks alot! I tried to make it as bright as I could. it came out nice considering I didn't measure I just did it by eye, usually it gets lopsided when I do that hehe! And definitely, we all need to be there for each other because now we're all in it as a team!
  10. One Flew Over

    Yelling down the halls like a banshee...

    I hate that! Seriously there are few instances that warrant yelling! Only when I'm about to drop somebody I just caught from falling and I need help.. When somebody actually falls.. Or when somebody stops breathing! (a full code people! Obviously I won't yell like crazy if they're a DNR )
  11. One Flew Over

    Greater Lowell Tech

    That's great! Thank you for taking the time, we can't wait to see you and hear all of that info! I just made the vision board for days :) Hey Ladi, that stinks! It'll all work out for you, no worries! Mr yavarow was there for a few minutes he stressed having the books, uniforms ordered by now and the health form completed asap. As for class; We basically went over chapters 3 and 4, then we took notes and made flashcards on a printed page from the anatomy book. She then critiqued the notes we took, giving us little tips, like keeping it short and sweet especially on the flashcards. And she suggested creating flashcards in the class itself in between note taking especially if a teacher says 'this will be on the test yada yada' pull out a flashcard and write it down! :) And we're going to finish the vision board up so bring in something to put on it! :) And the students are coming for the last night woooooooo!
  12. One Flew Over

    Greater Lowell Tech

    Ok so here's what you missed! We went over chapter 1 and 2, she emphasized that the questions we'll be taking on our tests will be less about memorization and more about taking that information we learn and applying it, scenarios, etc. She also went over relaxation before the tests, etc, and that we should do our best to lessen the anxiety because we all feed off of each other's anxiety making the classroom morale low. We also got a sheet with Monday-Sunday blocked off hourly, which we were to shade in how many hours we'd be in class, work, travel, etc. Showing how many hours we have available to study, basically emphasizing that if you can, work as little as possible because it's just too difficult to juggle all of the responsibilities. And she gave people tips on how to balance these things if a long work week is absolutely necessary. And that's about it! See you Tuesday! :)
  13. One Flew Over

    Greater Lowell Tech

    Yep I was with a couple of girls from work! I had the white shorts and blue hollister top, and the zebra print bag lol! I had a feeling that was you! :) I'll let you know the scoop tonight. See you next week! Sawyer were you there?
  14. One Flew Over

    Greater Lowell Tech

    I am! I'll see you there!! :)
  15. One Flew Over

    Greater Lowell Tech

    Got my books!! So excitedddddddddd, why can't it just start tomorrow?! :redpinkhe
  16. One Flew Over

    Greater Lowell Tech

    Ok ladies! He said the CDs weren't used last year in classwork they're more of a study aid. So my guess is, not required! I'm definitely buying used because 800$ for books is a little too rich for my blood