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  1. Prisicruz - thanks for the info! I did finally get a job at a hospital - 24hrs 3-11 shift. I am still on orientation and so far so good. My manager even said that she is trying to get me more hours too so if she does I will be all set. If not then its onto looking for a per diem but at least I will have experience and it might be easier to land the per diem job. Is your place hiring per diem also?Good luck getting into GL Tech and if you have any questions feel free to ask! Its a great program - intense but so worth it.
  2. I dont mind Nursing Homes at all - in fact thats where I have been applying but most of the ads for them also say 1 year of experience. Thanks for all your replies - you have given me a lot to think about!!!
  3. Hi...I am a new grad LPN and passed my boards July 30th. I have no previous experience in the healthcare field except some volunteer work - I ran a family business for the past 20 years. Anyway since I passed my boards I have applied for at least 120 jobs online and in person and have not heard from anyone. How are you supossed to get experience if no one will hire you. I am becoming frantic and will move anywhere to get that elusive 1 year of experience (Im in Mass). What is a person to do? Is there anywhere that is willing to give a new grad a chance? Trying to keep the faith but its hard. Thanks!
  4. sawyer1200

    Greater Lowell Tech

    Hi Zelda! Congrats on graduating. The LPN program was the hardest thing I have ever done which is why my postings stopped!!! I took the NCLEX last week and passed so I am officially a NURSE! Take your time and breathe while doing it - seriously that test is crazy! But search on this forum for the Pearson vue trick if you cant wait for your results. It works! Now to find a job.....good luck to you!
  5. sawyer1200

    Pearsonvue trick - poll once you receive your results

    Worked for me too......took the test Sat, got 85 questions. I was too scared to try the trick but at 1am I gave in - got the good pop up and yesterday saw my name on the BON as an official LPN!!!! Worked for my friend too!
  6. sawyer1200


    Well the official results are in and I passed! Xbea - I took the Kaplan course and I just did questions every day for 4 weeks. Really I dont think there is a way to study - nothing that I studied (different diseases, etc) was even on the test. Basically I did all the Kaplan questions online and then went thru and reviewed each of them. Also I scored a lot lower than your dad so I am sure he will be fine - good luck to him!
  7. sawyer1200

    Three months to study, advise please

    Maybe you should reschedule to take it sooner??? I took mine yesterday after graduating 5 weeks ago and I thought it was too long....wish I took it 1 week ago - it is torture waiting to take it and you cant really study for it - I took the Kaplan reveiw course and read the book cover to cover and the only thing that helped me was doing practice questions. We were advised to do 100 questions per day and not to study too much. You made it thru school and you know what you know so maybe 3 months is too long but you have to do whats best for YOU. Good luck!
  8. sawyer1200


    Took the NCLEX yesterday - the computer shut off at 85 questions - I really thought I failed because I got about 20 SATA questions and I didnt recognize 1 drug on my test. I was too scared to do the PV trick but last nite at midnite I got the courage and I got he good Pop up! I am very happy but wont be 100% happy until my final results but I am hopeful that this trick works!
  9. sawyer1200

    Greater Lowell Tech LPN 2011

    First....YAY we made it - how was the NCLEX? I am taking mine next week and I am scared to death! Irish & Lola.....be prepared for the hardest year of your life! If I have any advice the most important would be to do as well as you can on the exams in the beginning of each term, that way you wont be so stressed out at the end of the term having to get a 90 or something in order to pass the class. Also, if you need help please verbalize it - study groups are a godsend as long as you find the right people to study with. Good Luck!
  10. sawyer1200

    Dear July NCLEX-PN takers!

    Good luck everyone! I am taking mine at the end of July so hardcore studying has begun!!!
  11. sawyer1200

    North Shore CC LPN program

    Debi......In district tuition is $5,500 out of district $6,800 - plus extra fees - Im out of district and all in all it cost about $10,000. Go to gltech.org for more info - hope this helps!
  12. sawyer1200

    North Shore CC LPN program

    Erin I took that CNA class in 2009! Did you have 2 different instructors? They were awesome! I didnt know that about northern essex.....seems like there are wait lists everywhere. Thanks for the good wishes and best of luck to you!
  13. sawyer1200

    North Shore CC LPN program

    Oh I didnt realize you have kids! The program is awesome but hard.....everyone in my class who has a family and/or works full time just has it 10 times harder. The evening program is 4 nites a week plus every other sat & sun 8am-2pm. You literally have no life. I have 9 weeks to go and the countdown is on! I am planning on furthering my education but I dont want to wait 3 years to get accepted to a program.....even the lpn-rn has waitlists I think. But I have no pre reqs done so i might have to wait that long. I am just taking it one day at a time for now - finish 3rd term, graduate, pass NCLEX, get a job and THEN figure out the rest.Any other programs for you - what about northern essex? Good luck in whatever you decide!!!
  14. sawyer1200

    North Shore CC LPN program

    Erindel....if youre still into applying for LPN why dont you try Greater Lowell Tech? They accept up to June I think and they have a day & night program. 9 weeks left for me!!!!
  15. sawyer1200

    Greater Lowell Tech, Massacusetts

    Juanbobo - It was a lot to read in a short time but did you get the NET study guide? It warned over and over that it would be 33 questions in 30 mins. I think it is because as LPNs we have to think and act quickly so the reading was testing us on how quickly we could absorb the reading and use analytical thinking for answering the questions. But it was a bit much - I am a fast reader and when we got the 5 min warning - I had 6 unanswered questions. Good luck on passing and keep us posted!