does anyone really like nursing?

  1. Does anyone really like honest! I work for several agencies and go to many, many places. To find satisfied staff is near impossible. The facilities are always short (esp. cnas) and never call an agency to fillin...they just dump the extra workload on who they have and needless, to say, the morale is very low. Nurses are having entire floors with sometimes over 40 pts and expected to do everything....but doing agency I just do my meds and treatments (unless the pt load is heavy..then just meds) and the staff does all the other work i.e admissions, discharges, editing, summaries, inservices, dealing with care planning and the entire administration crew.
    the only ones that are making any money are the facilities. It really stinks and the population you have to deal with can sometimes be too much!
    they are demanding,needy, abusive, noncompliant, slow, have offensive odors and can be mean and nasty. If you are staff no matter how long you have been at their place at any time they can show you the door...there is no security.
    everyone should do agency and pay for your own benes with the extra money....What do YOU think?
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  3. by   prmenrs
    I think there is a difference between liking nursing and dealing w/assorted institutional issues. I can honestly say I like the unit and facility I currently grace w/my presence! And I definitely like my babies. Some of the parents and their living situations/life choices leave a lot to be desired, but I don't have to take them home w/me.

    I also much prefer to "belong" somewhere rather than have every shift be a surprise-either good or bad!
  4. by   gonzo1
    I work in a warm and fuzzy ER. Work with people who enjoy their jobs and like being a nurse. As do I. Of course we make fun of management and their screwy ideas on a regular basis. We are even nice to agency nurses (unless they are total duds) because we want them to come back and help us again. We have a lot of agency nurses who have been helping us for years. I quess we are a nice place to be.
  5. by   tantarosa
    I also love my employment as a nurse, you notice I didn't say job. Being a nurse over 20 years I have found most agency nurses are there for the paycheck only, just the other night I asked an agency nurse for help and the response was "That's not my patient." To me those are the worst words a nurse can say. Aren't nurses suppose to help people reguardless? Does that mean you walk past a room with a beeping I.V. that is probablty driving the patient crazy when you could take 2 minutes and solve the problem? Some agency nurses are terrific. There are good and bad employees no matter what you do. Our hospital just axed all the agency workers (YEAH) as I have also found agency workers with bad attitudes can affect an otherwise pleasant envionment. Maybe you should find a nice steady job somewhere ,it is so much more rewarding. Maybe i'm crazy but money is not everything enjoying where you work is a big plus. I wish you luck.
  6. by   karenne40
    Tantarosa: I started to write you but my finger slipped and I'm not sure if you got my previous message. Anyway I can appreciate your point and hope that I would get someone like you if I got sick. I must be honest and say nursing is a business and if I could get more money doing something else (legal of course) I would. I've seen what management can do to long-standing emplyees because, let's face it, in the long term care industry anyway, they really don't care about you. I must tell you thoughI will help the other nurses,agency or not, and also help the cnas. Everywhere I go I am warmly greeted by the aides(after I have been there a few times and they get to know me). They have a crappy job to do day in and day out so if I can help them with the patients...everybody wins. I never call out and do the best job I can within the time I am there. I will go in at the last minute and do a half shift also. When a nurse is on the job and becomes sick or needs to leave the agencies call me and know if there is any way to go I will. Even though it's a business and I'm in it forthe money, I still like SOME nice patients and treat people respectfully
  7. by   TheCommuter
    I love nursing, but hate the politics involved in the field.
  8. by   Ann RN
    "Does anyone really like honest!"

    Yes, I do. Every day I remember why I'm there - for my patients, not for any other reason.
  9. by   NurseyBaby'05
    Most days, yes! Some days, absolutely not!
  10. by   jrbl77
    i have said in the past that i love being a nurse, but have been in a slump lately. i am in the process of changing jobs and i feel much better. at the current hopsital i work at, we are going thru many changes and not all for the good. we are also expecting jacho next year. i find that the more involved you get in the runnning of the floor etc, the less you like nursing. providing hands on care is what it is all about
  11. by   TheCommuter
    Quote from jrbl77
    providing hands on care is what it is all about
    I agree. In my opinion there's too many 'chiefs' and not enough 'indians' in nursing. Much of the so-called 'nursing shortage' is attributable to the fact that so many nurses are in management and not enough are working at the bedside.
  12. by   ZASHAGALKA

    But it's not perfect. Don't mistake that we are throwing out the baby with the bathwater just because we are commenting about how dirty the water is.

  13. by   nuangel1
    tim i am relatively new to allnurses and i don't agree with you all the time but i like your style and coudn't agree with you more .while nursing is not perfect having been doing it for 20 yrs i can't imagine what else i'd do.i love nursing its the politics that bug me .i have worked good places ,bad places and great places .in nursing you meet all kinds from fellow staff to pt's its never boring.
  14. by   traumaRUs
    I do love nursing because of the many options. As I got older, I realized that I coudn't do the ER forever (although I absolutely love it). However, with additional education, I can continue to work for many years to come.

    Nursing is rapidly evolving and there are many chances for happiness.