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  1. jrbl77

    I have decided to retire!

    At one point in my career I was afraid that I was going to die while working. I would cry most mornings while I drove to work. I am fortunate in that my husband and I have managed our money well. We lived in our starter home for 38 yrs. I understand that some cannot retire, but I didn't want to be dead rather than retired.
  2. jrbl77

    Losing job due to injury

    I’m sorry to hear about your accident and wish you the best as you recover. Unfortunately, the world has changed. In the past, your job would could have been held. Now what is done for one person must be done for all. If your job is held, the next person with a similar situation will expect the same thing. Health care is big business today. I believe all things happen for a reason, maybe an even better job is in your future. Good luck!
  3. jrbl77

    Older nurses...chasing that carrot

    I understand how you feel. I’ve been there. I just retired after nursing since 1977. No real time off, but didn’t work full time most of the time. Nursing is unlike lots of other careers, especially teaching. Often teachers can retire at 55 and work in another career. While our health insurance is work based,most will need to work until they qualify for Medicare. I feel fortunate, my husband covers benefits for me. I carried us for our younger years and now he covers us. Good luck, nursing has changed in the past few years.
  4. jrbl77

    HIB vaccine, 3 or 4 doses?

    I'm a med surg nurse with no peds experience. I'm learning things I never thought I would! I have been reviewing immunization records for a day care. My question is regarding the HIB vaccine. When I check sources on how many doses a child is to receive, it says it depends on the brand used by the health care practitioner. Of course, none of that info is on the record I get, just the date. I have sent several children to get another dose of the HIB only to be told they don't need it. I have no communication with the parents or the health care providers. I report my findings to the director and she takes it from there. She agrees this is a concern. This day care is in a very poor area and health care can be received from many different places. Has any one else had this problem or concern?
  5. jrbl77

    Nurses with Attitude

    I was brought up as a nurse tonever discuss staffing issues or other problems with patients or family members. I would often hear others going on about staffing and other issues. To me it is like airing your dirty laundry in public.
  6. jrbl77

    I have decided to retire!

    After 41 years and 8 months and at age 62 1/2, I have decided to hang up my stethoscope! And it feels good to have made the decision. I remember when I first came to Allnurses, during an period of burnout in 2009. Lots of folks were a great help. I made it 10 more years. So much has changed during my years of practice.I think that one of the best advances I have seen was the development of the wound vac. We were all skeptical at first and putting a wound vac on in the beginning was a challenge. I haven't applied one for the past 5 years, but when I did it was so much easier than all the cut and fit. People ask what are you going to do. I have a whole list of what I want to do including what ever I want, when I want to. And most importantly- it won't be my problem any longer! I ordered a tee shirt that says just that. I thank God that I was allowed to do what I did for so long.
  7. jrbl77

    The End of An Era

    I read your post with interest. I'm at the end of my nursing career, but still working about 10 hrs per week. I've been a RN for 41 years and think about retirement all the time. I'm fortunate to be in a wonderful job that doesn't involve actual patient care. I'm 62 and plan to retire when it isn't fun anymore. The hospital I spent most of my career at has just been torn down. This week! I left this hospital in 2006, but it still tugs at my heart. I feel that as the hospital came down, so went my history. The hospital I did my training at is also gone. Lots of memories. Enjoy retirement!
  8. jrbl77

    Denying Death As A Society

    Very well written article. I have been in the same situation numerous times. Death can be a welcome friend to some. I only pray that when my time comes, I can go quickly and without multiple tubes. My advance directive says just that and my family is well aware.
  9. jrbl77

    Shockingly Humbled

    gave me chills.
  10. jrbl77

    The Cynical Nurse Speaks

    I LOVE it! My thoughts exactly. echos how I feel almost every day I go to work. And my family just doesn't get it when I say I'm tired after 35 yrs of nursing and not sure how much longer I can do the job.
  11. jrbl77

    Patient Care And Customer Service Are Not The Same!

    I couldn't agree more with the above comment. Somedays when I am being told what to say and how to act, I feel like a 2 yr old. I have been a Nurse long enough to know how to care for a sick person. I am not your Mother or your maid or your butler. I will be glad to care for you and give you the very best care that I can! I am your NURSE.
  12. jrbl77

    A Place For Mom: The Best-Kept Secret in Long-Term Care

    As a staff nurse in a small community hospital, I have cared for many residents of ALF while in the hospital.Some do well, others have no idea of who they are or why they are any where. I would be afraid to leave my loved in a place with minimal staff at night- what about fire? I have talked with several people who have worked in AFL and they were the only staff member present at night. How could 1 person make sure 30 or more folks were safe in an emergency. About 10 yrs ago when my daughter was 16, she got a job working at ALF. Her first day there she set the table for dinner, cleaned toilets and then gave the residents their meds. When she came home and told me that she had given people meds, I almost had a stroke. She wasn't happy, but she did not keep her job. As a RN and mom,I did not feel comfortable with my teenage child giving meds. I guess you just have to check out the individual ALF and go into it with your eyes and ears wide open!
  13. jrbl77

    Patient Care And Customer Service Are Not The Same!

    As I read the quoted article, I had to laugh to myself. The part about staff having phones and the call bell goes directly to the nurse phone. I can only imagine being in the middle of removing a fecal impaction and having to take a call. Same for other task ie starting an IV, placing a foley or ng tube. I have never felt it was right to take a call about another pt while providing care to your current pt. some hospital use volunteers, others don't. Wouldn't having volunteers pass magazines and general cheer be a help? I just keep working right along, doing the best I can to provide the care I have for many years.
  14. jrbl77

    Patient Care And Customer Service Are Not The Same!

    AHMEN! well said. I have noticed this trend over the past few years. If the pt doesn't want to get up and walk, that is good customer service, give them what they want. But when their MD comes in, you are giving bad pt care. Puts nurses in a no win situation. Same thing with pain control. I believe that pts should be comfortable, but to what extent, are we going to medicate, medicate, medicate until the pt is in a stupor because that is what they want. As nurses, we can't always take all pain away! IMHO, common sense has taken a back seat to providing great customer service- something that is not always possible in the health care setting.
  15. jrbl77

    I'm Freaking Out and Frantic! Please, Help Me!

    I agree that this is a great article. This sounds like me to a tee. I do find one thing that has not helped me and I don't feel has helped nurses in general is hospitals striving for excellance. Every day it is drilled into our heads that we, as the staff must provide excellant care and all our patient satisfaction surveys will only count if marked excellant. We can all strive for excellance but is this ever going to be possible? All this push for excellance just makes me more hyped up. I feel that I provide really great care, but very rarely mark any survey as excellant. Any body else find this troublesome?