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Hi All! I'm a crazy father of 2 ex-premed who just recently turned down Northwestern to go into a RN program. I already have an Associate in Science, but I'll be getting another ADN and then... Read More

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    Quote from piper_for_hire
    Word of caution on the Accelerated MSN - not all MSN degrees are offered in accelerated format and some MSN degrees are not available if you already have an MSN. (strange, but true, though I think it's silly)

    Also - some say that having an MSN without any nursing experience is a bad thing, but I have no idea if that's really true.
    Sorry, call me amazingly stupid, but wha is an accelerated msn????
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    Quote from iballjay
    First I worked in restaurants....... then for a telecom..... then I drove big 18 wheelers.... then insurance... now I've finally figured out what I want to be when I grow up.

    I'm a 27 y/o male, who just finished his first week of class working towards an ADN. One week down, about three more years to go. yippie!!!!

    Oooo i like big 18 wheelers, wouldn't be able to handle one though!!! think i'll jus stick with my mazda 323!!!!!!! and with nursing!!! did work as an I.T. tech for a while!
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    Quote from arial143
    anatomy was so much fun. oh and you do use it during your core nursing classes. just fyi. lab was awesome. we had fetal pigs and then lamp eyes, brains, and hearts.

    anyways, hey do any of your schools use cadavers (spelling?)???

    i have my first midterm tomorrow in OB. YIKES!!!
    Good luck all in studys and clinicals

    Lil bit late,
    but better late then never i 'spose, - :hatparty: GOOD LUCK TOMORROW!:hatparty:
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    Quote from SanDieganTomas
    Ive learned more about women from the female students than I ever did with my ex-girlfriends. I have a little crush on one of them.. but she's kinda old for me. oh well, gotta get back to priorities... STUDYING!
    Hey age isn't everything! if yu like her go for it!!!!!! (he he, thats one of the advantages of being a male nurse.:blushkiss.....) :roll
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    Quote from nursing 101
    I'm a "fe-MALE" :chuckle student nurse starting a BSN program in the fall...
    Just wanted to welcome you guys!
    Our clas is about 80 with 5 guys...
    Welcome again and the "girls" will be joining the "guy club" whether you like it or not...:roll
    Hi! nice to see we're gettin such a good reception from the lady's!!!!
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    Quote from manna
    Wow! Lots of computer people changing over to nursing!

    (okay, so I'm not a guy! I just couldn't resist reading the thread, though!)
    Yea it's actually interesting how many of us have come from a computer background! i'm gonna start a lil poll, if yu changed from a computer background, Why did yu?
    For me it was beacause i wanted something extra from a job! and i've always wanted to go into the healthcare profession, so idecided it was time to go for it!!!! how bout yu guys?
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    Quote from cheerfuldoer
    It's Raining Men! Hallelujah! It's Raining Men! Hallelujah! It's Raining Men! Hallelu.......OH...sorry guys! Just glad to see you on board and going into nursing! HOO- YAH! Love me some male nurses! Yummy! :hatparty:
    Like to see someone's happy to see us!!!!! thanks for the encouragement!!!
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    Quote from agent
    I fully anticipate to be called on often for "guy" things like that.

    edit>> Looks like we've been noticed.

    From the Nurse-zine Newsletter:


    _____________ * * _____________

    Several male nursing students on the Bulletin Board have
    started their own group where they can share their stories as a
    in their programs. They come from all walks of life and you may find
    their stories as to what brought them into nursing interesting. Or you
    may be a male nursing student wishing to participate.

    Hehe! nice to see we've been spotted!!!!!!
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    Quote from bluepanjeet
    it doesn't mean that u always post here, you can give any comments that you like.... be professional enough to accept that members here have different opinions, different backgrounds and different nationalities... if you think that other people's compliments are crazy then i think its better for you to shut up and let other say what they wanted to say....this post is created solely for that purpose...and even you cannot have the right to give sarcastic comments specially on other people's compliments.

    i can imagine how agent blahblahblah discriminizes asians in the hospital. well buddy, to tell you honestly your very offending, and somebody should tell you that PROFESSIONALLY! Not all asians are stupid as you think they are.....!
    Hey listen, if yu want to be a nurse then yu can't be that bloody sensitive or i'm tellin yu yu won't last very long in the profession. the amount of crap that yu have to take from people and patients alike would make yu change career directions if yu didn't let it all way over yur head!!!!! yu are really gonna have pull in yur horns and relax!
  10. by   DannyD
    Quote from Tony35NYC
    That's great. What stage of the nursing program are you in now?
    This is my first semester in the MSN Entry Program. The first half of the program is accelerated format. The second half is the master's portion. It's a 3-year program, but we will get our RN license after a year and a half. We've started our clinical last month. So far I really like it. However, we have so much work to do this semester. I just can't wait for the semester to be over so I can breathe. My next semester starts on January 3rd. We also have a full semester length summer school.
  11. by   nyforlove
    Quote from NurseMac
    My suggestion - if you have a semester before you begin - take pharmacology and pathophysiology and get them out of the way while you have time. If you take these in advance then when your BSN program begins, you will be able to focus on your clinical, your labs, your health assessment, your nursing skills, and on mental health or whatever your main nursing theory class is. Actually at my school, they will not let you into the accelerated BSN program unless you have already done these.

    Patho is a tough class with text books that are dense (our school uses the McCance & Huether "Pathophysiology" text) and concept mapping that is a pain in the gluteus maximus. If you can't find a class for these locally then you can take patho and pharm online from places such as,, or

    If you don't want to do a class in advance online then let me point out the "Made Incredibly Easy" books. You can make your patho class much less painlful to ease into if you buy and read "Fluids and Electrolytes Made Incredibly Easy" and "Pathophysiology Made Incredibly Easy" - although read the F&E first.

    You can make the pharmacology / nursing connection more readily if you buy and read "Nursing Pharmacology Made Incredibly Easy." (Nb. Do not buy the "Clinical Pharmacology Made Incredibly Easy" - this is a subset of the Nursing Pharm Made Incredibly Easy and it lacks all the nursing diagnoses. It is the nursing diagnoses in this book that make it gold when it comes to doing assignments in Pharm).

    Also, there is an idiotic Nursing Entrance Exam they are making people take now. This test is truly annoying. You have to do 10 questions on long division, 10 on multiplication, 10 on fractions, 10 on decimal points, 10 on percentages, ten on simple algebra and I think ratios might have been there too. Apart from that it is just psych questions and a speed reading test. A good book for reviewing what will be in this test is "Calculate with Confidence" by Deborah Morris - the first five or six chapters. This is a text written for the dosage calculation class that you'll have to take during your first or second semester. It is not a test review book - but the first six chapters will give you all you need to know for the test I think (except for the algebra). Unless the test has changed!

    Good luck. The accelerated programs are demanding. Very doable if you have your life organized.

    Thanks for your helpful message--I just read it--for some reason, the website didn't notify me that you had responded to my message. I guess I can't rely on being notified and have to check back in each forum I'm interested instead of just scanning topic titles (FYI, I was going to also send this to you directly, but your profile indicates that you prefer no direct e-mail)...Anyway, the Accelerated BSN in NY would take just 15 months from start to finish and allow me to immediately start working under a temp permit as I await the RN-Exam results...Accelerated Msn would take significantly longer--at least 30 months...also, if I get the BSN now, I can always pursue the MSN at night while working as an RN AND THEN be eligible to have my employer pay the tuition...Columbia (and NYU, I believe) have accelerated Masters in NYC but they are very expensive and apparently, nursing is UNlike law in that the pedigree of the school is not such a factor in obtaining jobs/promotions...Thanks for the tips re: taking some courses before the program starts---the school had mentioned that this was a possibility in at least one course, but I will check out all the subjects you mentioned...Just got my application in this week--very early--as I'd like to find out if I'm accepted so I can plan accordingly, e.g., apply elsewhere if need be...otherwise, start taking an early course or more...Thanks again and sorry I just saw your messages.
  12. by   Roy Fokker
    20 year old BSN student here. Finish this sem and I got three more to go.
  13. by   bahamaboiRN
    LOL.......You guys on this group are hilarious, see now I missed my Microbiology class reading some of your responses. But I am darn happy right now that there are male nurses and nursing students out there who can relate with me. My usual class start with the discussion of the lastest fashion of loui vaton or nail design by tammy taylor. But i can't complain, my social life has improved by 100% and I am learning more on how to handle woman. All of this while learning the Fundermentals of the Nursing Science. I would like to make a request out there to encourage you males to come and study Nursing at the College of the Bahamas, which campus can beat a veiw like ours? On top of it, you are getting THE BEST NURSING EDUCATION AROUND! (No diss to all of you attending other schools), but you know how it is....gotta big up ya crew!!!. Anyway i think i have wrote enough, keep up the good work guys and remain encouraged and focused, deciding to venture into Nursing will be the best decision you have made in your entire life! I'M OUT!