Sterile Glove Size Advice

  1. OK, just started a nursing program last week. We were trying on gloves (non-sterile) to get a sense of what was needed for supplies for the semester. I grabbed an XL and with some effort, stuffed my hands inside. I would have preferred slightly looser, but whatever. I can deal.

    However, one of the clinical instructors watched my struggle with the gloves and raised concern about difficulties that may arise during sterile procedures and needing sterile gloves. She pulled out a size 9 and with a little effort, and the assistance of the nearest 3 people standing next to me, I was able to get my hands inside. Needless to say, had this been an actual procedure, I think the gloves would not have remained sterile but for a few miliseconds.

    The school is going to look to see if there are larger sizes they can order, but expressed not being able to in past situations. Now, I don't consider myself or my hands freakishly large in any context. Am only 6 foot tall. Surely there are others of you that have had some difficulty with glove sizes. Any advice? Brands that run loose, or in sizes larger than 9? I have searched on-line and 9 seems to be as large as many stores carry.

    Any 10's out there that can tell me where you/your school/your employer have purchased sterile gloves for the plus-sized hand??

    Many thanks!
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  3. by   CCL RN
    I work in cath lab where every procedure is sterile-we only carry 8's as the largest size.
  4. by   Rose_Queen
    It can also vary within the same brand. My OR uses Biogel, but we have regular latex, sensor, orthopedic, non-latex indicator, and non-latex. I wear a size 7 in the non-latex indicator but a size 6 in the non-latex (latex allergy, so not sure about the other types). The largest size we have is 9.
  5. by   jnick31
    Keep in mind that you just started last week as well, putting gloves on with sterile technique isn't rocked science but everyone has their own ways of doing it. One person in my class took about 2-3 weeks and talking with multiple nurses that they worked with before they found a technique that worked. Some just wen't to a bigger size because they could, some did the "super stretch", some had to cinch it up (left, right, front, back, left right, front, back) until it was over their thumb knuckle then they were fine. If you can't find anything bigger... practice a lot with different techniques until you find one that works for you. Point is, it doesn't really matter how you get them on, as long as you can keep the sterile side sterile. good luck.
  6. by   ItsTheDude
    when i was in school the sterile gloves that came with the kits we had to buy wouldn't fit me, but the school had larger ones i could trade for, size 10's is what i needed.
  7. by   crbetts
    8 is the largest size I've seen. I'm a big guy, 6'1", 280#, and I have big hands. 8s fit fine. One thing you might want to look at is make sure your hands are dry dry dry when you put those gloves on. The least little bit of moisture makes them a bear to put on. So if your hands sweat like mine do ....
  8. by   Noimanurse
    Dry hands are a must to get the gloves on. I'm 6'9"/300 lbs., my hands are huge. I use size 8 sterile gloves with no problem. They aren't loose, but I don't think I would want them to make sure your hands are DRY before attempting to glove in any situation.

    Clean gloves are tough, even a couple of large brands don't fit well, I just make sure my hands are dry and stretch into them. Good Luck!
  9. by   TheSquire
    I'm an 8 for fencing gloves (as in, "engarde!") and an 8 with sterile gloves - you might want to ask on one of the main forums, but I think there's a standard sizing for gloves. I've actually seen 8.5s and 9s back at my nursing school's lab, but those were the really old pairs that I think had been left over from someplace. My hands positively swam in those.

    For reference, I generally take Medium sized gloves.
  10. by   bonestAx
    You don't want your gloves loose at all. Sterile or clean. When you go to start an IV you want nice tight fitting gloves so you can feel everything. This is why people sometimes tear off their finger because they say they cannot feel the vein. I did this briefly myself then I just started putting on smaller gloves and I can feel everything fine.

    If you can put it on and it does not rip or tear. Its the right size. You won't be wearing these for long and they don't need to be comfortable.
  11. by   newgrl
    Hello NewBeginning,
    I just got placed in GCC Weekend program for this summer. Aside, from sterile gloves can you pls give us newbies an idea of what supplies you had to shop for for Block 1? I'm working in a dental office now and can order many supplies at a discounted price. I'm sure I'll get my supply list later down the line but I won't be working during school and would like to take take advantage and buy what I can now.

    Thank you in advance for your help.
  12. by   systoly
    Getting 'em on is not the problem, you'll see after you doned a few hundred times. Taking them off is the fun part.
  13. by   Gjertson
    I have this worry as well. When my son was born size 9 was not even close. If any body out there is also a fire fighter I was turned on to a structure glove that comes in size jumbo