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  1. ItsTheDude

    I'm afraid that I'm a bad nurse.

    op, it sounds like home health is what you're looking for, it has it's pros and cons. that's the great thing about nursing, so many ways to be a nurse.
  2. ItsTheDude

    Why aren't there better incentives for obtaining a BSN degree?

    a bsn opens more jobs and advancement to you and maybe a buck or two more pay. other than that, the US health care system sees no need to give incentives for 2 more years of general college education.
  3. ItsTheDude

    Do men in healthcare suffer from burnout?

    i'll just add, that nursing is a job and i don't know anyone that likes their job all the time.
  4. ItsTheDude

    Loving my new job in LTC...but...

    many hospitals don't (some may though) consider ltc exp when figuring your pay, etc. it's nursing exp, but usually not the kinda nursing exp they're looking for. example (er nursing): if you've been an er nurse for 10 years, you're gonna get paid for 10 yrs exp if you're getting a new er nursing job. however, if you've got 10 yrs ltc exp, you probably are gonna get paid about what a newbie nurse does for a job as an er nurse.
  5. ItsTheDude

    Do men in healthcare suffer from burnout?

    it's gonna depend on the person and the type of nursing work they do. there's so many ways to make a living being a nurse.
  6. ItsTheDude

    Nurse bullying

    i think the bullying, aka lateral violence, that goes on in nursing is because nursing is so female dominated. some women can be mean as heck to other women.
  7. ItsTheDude

    Reasons for inhumane managerial behaviour

    to answer the op's question, it's all about money/budgets in the states.
  8. ItsTheDude

    What is considered abuse by your boss?

    find a way to deal with it or find a new job. the arses i've come across in nursing are nothing compared to the arses in the other careers/jobs i've had.
  9. ItsTheDude

    facebook game for nurses

    i stay away from facebook, i've seen too many nurses and other hospital staff fired or disciplined due to facebook.
  10. as others have stated, it's doable, gonna depend a lot what type dialysis, where you wanna work and how your body handles it.
  11. ItsTheDude

    Night shift, new grad - advice please.. ?

    nights is the best shift imo, they trained me during the day though, so you may get to see what days are like too.
  12. ItsTheDude

    What to do by constantly asked to cover other shifts?

    you've just got to tell them NO. they keep calling you because you keep saying yes. just tell them NO, tired/sick (of working all the time).
  13. ItsTheDude

    Does working in L&D affect your sex drive?

    ha, marriage and a job dampens many peoples sex drive, add kids into the mix and it's almost non existent for many.
  14. ItsTheDude

    Hope this is refreshing to hear: I LOVE LTC!!!

    yeah, ltc has it's ups and downs, the slow rate of patient/resident turnover is nice.
  15. ItsTheDude

    12 hour shifts...3 is plenty

    i do 3 12's a week at my main job and pick up an 8 hr shift from time to time at my other jobs. some weeks 3 12's is more than enough work for me and other weeks i can work more, just depends. 12's don't bother me, it depends a lot on the person and the work they do, some nursing jobs are more taxing than others.
  16. ItsTheDude

    HIPAA help

    no hippa violation, but even if it was, hipaa can only be enforced by the federal government. hipaa is a paper tiger that really only scares those that don't understand it. hipaa's real use these days is to scare ppl that don't know any better and as an excuse to fire ppl.

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