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CCL RN has 10 years experience as a RN and specializes in Cath Lab/ ICU.

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  1. CCL RN

    Has Anyone Here Worked in a Coumadin Clinic?

    Coumadin is on it's way out. Yes, pradaxa is only approved for A-fib; right now. It's new, give it time. No testing, no food interactions, no constant dose adjustments...
  2. CCL RN

    ICE " in case of emergency " apps worth it ?

    Guess you could set your wallpaper with all that info...
  3. You can find a 1br apr for under &1k/month??? I'd love to know where, lol. 675 sqft? $850/month is a steal! Probably not anywhere I'd like to live. I'm paying $1200/month for But seriously, to the OP, I've found the area rich with jobs, but short of deals. People say the market is rough, but that's only true for new grads. I had an official job offer at every job I applied at...
  4. CCL RN


    Thanks for your reply. About how long after you submitted your prints did it take to receive your temporary permit, if you don't mind me asking?
  5. CCL RN


    Yeah, thanks. Kinda already did that. Would like to hear from people with real experiences, not predictions or estimates.
  6. CCL RN


    Yes, actually, they DO require fingerprints from out of state applicants. OP, I know this is a year old, but did you have to reprint again, or did your current fingerprint card work?
  7. CCL RN

    What makes you irritated by student nurses?

    Yeah, I worked pre hospital too. My first job actually. Talk to me when you've had almost 6 years ICU/cath lab experience. Talk then. Except then, your talk will actually be backed up by real experience. Yawn.
  8. CCL RN

    What makes you irritated by student nurses?

    Yeah. THAT holier than thou attitude. That's the one. Good luck in nursing. Im sure as a student that you know everything, right? Because you've done it in a much, much harder field, right? Or because you've used google a few times and read how "hard" nursing is right? Yeah. But you gave it a good effort. Again, good luck in the REAL world of nursing. I'm sure your attitude will get so so very far! And yes, actually, I DO think I'm enough to check you. See, I am a nurse, with real life nursing experience, and you are a student, doing exactly the very thing that all nurses hate in students. So consider yourself checked. Yeah, I'm sure you will google some sarcastic response,or try to belittle me. No problem. I know, actually KNOW, the truth, and you don't.
  9. CCL RN

    What makes you irritated by student nurses?

    Uh, no. There was clearly a need. Sorry if you didn't like it. But if you're gonna take a tone like that then expect to get checked. And actually, THAT is EXACTLY the answer to your question. What makes you irritated by student nurses?? This holier than thou behavior. Talk to me when you've been in our trenches a while...
  10. CCL RN

    Why is it everyone's favorite?

    ICU-because I have control over my environment, my education, my patient, etc... But cath lab is soooo much better!
  11. CCL RN

    What makes you irritated by student nurses?

    Spoken like a true nursing student.
  12. CCL RN

    Being badgered by clinical instructors

    OP, your clinical instructor is *teaching* you to become a nurse. Yeah, it's hard. That's the point. You are about to enter a field where the slightest mistake, or LACK of knowledge can kill someone, so pardon the CI for attempting to teach you how to avoid doing so. You aren't born with critical thinking, or knowing what is important to know about your pts. Your CI is attempting to force you into thinking by asking your harder and harder questions, or repeating questions. YOUR goal should be to anticipate these questions, already have answers, and have a "bring it on" attitude with respect to your knowledge of your pt. I mean, have the attitude in your head, not out loud. Your clinical attitude must always be, "yes maam". HTH
  13. CCL RN

    Weight-based drips

    Me either...
  14. CCL RN

    Sedation..Your thoughts?

    50mcg of propofol ain't squat! Especially for drinkers, or self medicators. You know, like the majority of our patients!!