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CCL RN has 10 years experience as a RN and specializes in Cath Lab/ ICU.

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  1. CCL RN

    New to Travel Nursing

    The short answer is NO If you use your parents home, you have to pay them fair market value in rent AND they need to claim that money on their taxes.
  2. CCL RN

    Already make $42/hr. Is travel nursing worth it?

    Positions that require call will always be in demand.
  3. CCL RN

    Cath lab vs ICU

    The cath lab makes the ICU look like a cake walk. Sometimes I dream of times without call in my old cozy ICU. For me, I'd be super bored going back
  4. Neither. No drug tests for where I work What can they do anyway? It's legal after all.
  5. CCL RN

    Cardiac Cath Lab... What's it like??

    You don't do "caths by yourself" and you don't "stand in one place for hours" I actually work in the lab, do you? I don't stand-at all. I work. Nonstop. Sometimes through the night. 12 hours would be a dream but its more like 14-16hr shifts...if I'm lucky! I'm constantly moving. Fast. And wearing a ton of lead. Most LHCs take an hour or so. I think you're mistaken on your time estimates... Many labs differ ...but a true lab is NO place for a new grad, let alone a nurse without several years of critical care exp. if this is the case, then the are endangering pts lives. Sounds like your lab is substandard. I'm sorry, but it's true. A new grad wouldn't last one minute in my lab. Not.one.single.minute. We just turned down a nurse with 11yrs CVICU exp, 20 yrs total exp. Please tell me how you will know how to run the pacer in a TAVR case, or run the IABP/Impella case.?How will a new nurse handle a crashing STEMI at 2am, IABP, anticoagulation, circulating the case, running the vent, anticipating te supplies, which pressors to mix and hang...all alone at 2am? Tell me, queenjulie, what your cath lab experiences have been? Because I've been there. And it's NO place for the new or weak nurse... oh, and I'm sure as heck not 'standing around for hours!' I wish!!!
  6. CCL RN

    Impossible New Grad market Tacoma/Lakewood Area?

    I hadn't even applied for my WA license when I was offered a position. Luckily, WA gets a temp license out PDQ. And it lasts a good while. The reg license takes a while. And it's somewhat of a pain for out of state applicants as far as fingerprinting is concerned. All in all, it will take a good 6-8 weeks IIRC. But, like I said, the temp license happens quickly. So you don't have to have everything in order immediately. Just pay the fees here and there to get it going...
  7. CCL RN

    GI cocktail

    Yes. That's the exact purpose of the GI cocktail. It will take down any GI related pain and help differentiate the location of the pain (cardiac vs GI) It's gross. If you ever give one to your pt again, tell them to just drink it without looking or smelling. Kudos to you for looking it up when you got a chance! Now. What makes you think his pain was an active MI? Ekgs changes or just CP? If the pt was having a STEMI, we wouldn't have anyone to give them anything by mouth(maybe an asa). You would do MONA and activate the cath lab. So they must have been on the fence about his symptoms/ekgs0 findings/vs...etc...
  8. CCL RN

    Top 10 Reasons Against Unions

    Wow. This is a mess. None of it makes any real sense.
  9. CCL RN

    Cardiac Cath Lab... What's it like??

    There's plenty of posts on here where we talk about a typical day for a cath lab nurse...but I will just say this: it is not an appropriate place for a new nurse. You will be running the balloon pump, titrating drips, managing a crashing pt, getting sterile supplies, circulating, planning, anticipating ... ALL at 2am. If you find a hospital that allows new nurses (note, I did not say new grads.) then it's an unsafe lab that is setting you up for failure. Most nurses have several years of either ER exp or ICU exp prior to coming to the lab. I worked with a girl with only tele exp (10 yrs) and she failed miserably. You really gotta be exceptionally comfortable in your own nursing skin, be able to intellectually interact with Drs, and be able to multi task like nothing else. And wear a ton of lead all day. And give your life away to call. The cath lab is great! But not appropriate for newer nurses...
  10. CCL RN

    Interview at a Seattle hospital?

    Is tacky. Also-Swedish is big. If they tag your file as someone who was hired and immediately quit, then you may have burned that bridge. Don't forget Swedish is "affiliated" with Prov too. Thats a lot of hospitals to not get hired into... This is no time to burn bridges, IMO.
  11. I work cath lab...so I work all shifts.I prefer my STEMIs at 2am. The drive home is peaceful, the hospital is asleep and quiet, the lights are low...it's nice.
  12. Not true. At all... Good to hear! Thx for the update...
  13. CCL RN

    When will being an RN stop sucking?

    Change specialities! I love my doctors, my supervisors, my team-mates, my patients and my job. Could do withouth all the call though! But I am busy, respected, and treated right. What I do, and how well I do it, can mean the difference between life and death. Every second counts. I'm cool with that...
  14. CCL RN

    New Grad who wants to get a job at home in Western WA

    I understand your love for Seattle. I agree with ruby slippers though. Get that first year in at mayo and then you'll be a shoe in for jobs later. All people care about is that precious one year of exp and then you're golden. The market is hard for new grads anywhere right now...
  15. CCL RN

    seattle rn positions

    Hmm. I dunno what to tell you. I've seen plenty of jobs at the local hospitals. I applied for 3 different ones a few months ago, and got three job offers within a few weeks. (and I'm nothing special, lol) One offer came one week after application. I know in my own hospital, we've had positions with NO applicants (per HR, of course) for months! Have you considered picking up the phone and calling the managers directly? That's how I got my first job... Also, if youve applied at multiple places and received no call backs, then it's time to take a hard look at your resume. Look for errors and spruce it up a bit.
  16. CCL RN

    Questions from afar...

    1. Dunno about that one... 2. You are one step above the years of experience that you have, a new grad is step 1, 1 yr exp is step 2, etc... 3. If you hate traffic, Seattle is NOT for you! Traffic here is brutal! Bleh. And the streets are narrow. Just horrible. And if you want to live downtown or near the water, be prepared to spend $$$ I think you'd like Fremont, as far as neighborhoods go. It's the center of the universe and all