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There's 28 total people in my class and two of us are guys and it's an ADN program. I'm 20 years old and the other guy is in his mid 40's. The school I go to is 100 years old and this is our... Read More

  1. by   Salesman217
    I don't know the ratios at our school (20 month ADN program) but the other day we started a Geri/Psych clinical that was 50/50 (6 guys, 6 girls).

    An interesting thing I noted while doing a research paper.

    25% of practicing physicians are female.
    53% of med students are female.

    6% of practicing nurses are male.
    13% of nursing students are male.

    The future of medicine is egalitarian. The future of nursing is still predominantly female. Why?
  2. by   UMichSCN07
    48 students (I think...), 6 of us are dudes. 3 weeks into second semester, we're all still here, although the Maternal/Reproductive class during the last 5 weeks of last semester nearly killed a couple of us.

    Mike in Michigan
  3. by   NaomieRN
    There are 34 students in my med surg class, 8 men.
  4. by   Lammmster
    Out of 90 students for my program, there is a total of 11 that I know of so far. I guess that is a lot considering I see plenty of programs with a guy to gal ration of 20:1. I am not complaining though
  5. by   lab211
    I am one of four males in my BSN program of 43 students. I started the program with the same other three guys and because this is our last semester, I believe we all are going to make it. I am impressed with the academic talent of ALL of my classmates. We have become more supportive of each other through the years. We had to, my success has been through networking with my fellow classmates. The four of us men are not close, we have found our support through the female students in the class. We are attached more closely to some more than the others. Two of us guys are over 35 and the other two 24 and 26 years of age. Regardless of gender, we had to be dedicated and focused. So for you men in your junior years of nursing school, stay focused and work hard and you will be successful.
  6. by   Trans-am
    We have 5 of us all together out of 37. We are just in our 1st semester so hopefully we will all make it.
  7. by   chudder
    19 guys in a class of 90... at over 20% of the class, it's the highest proportion of men ever admitted into this program
  8. by   SamHill
    Started with 3 guys in a class of 40. We lost 9 but all three of us guys are still hanging in!
  9. by   WDWpixieRN
    We started our first semester with 40 students -- 3 guys. We lost 2 pretty early on. We ended up with just one guy who I had no doubt would go all the way. We had orientation for second semester a week ago and he didn't show up by the time we had started -- and wasn't there an hour later!! No one could imagine why he would have dropped....but we all applauded for him shortly after that when he finally showed up!! We LIKE our male nurses at our school!!
  10. by   richardjboro1
    Class of 90 as beginning sophomores, 80 now around 15 guys. I'll count today in seminar and check.
  11. by   dfarr
    We started last semester with 84 in the class and 5 guys. This semester we are down to about 75 with the same 5 guys. We are all pretty young too. I'm the oldest at 24. The class a semester behind ours has about 18 guys out of 80. I don't know why they have so many more than we do, but I'm not complaining.
  12. by   Darth Nightingale
    AO program here. Started out with 80. 11 are dudes.
  13. by   Doofy
    Just attended orientation. So not everyone showed about. But there is a min of 10 in our class of 60.