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  1. richardjboro1

    Sitting in the front row

    I totally get the "my seat" mentality. Me and my girls ( a group who has studied together since the very beginning of nsg school) always sit a little from the wall about half way back... it's always 1, 2, 3, in order.. LOL and now we have gone to tables in one class and it's kinda freaked everyone out.... anyway, we'll work it out. R
  2. richardjboro1

    Medical This or That

    meth user. MI or LOL fall down
  3. richardjboro1

    Medical This or That

    rabid relative. chest pain or abdominal pain
  4. richardjboro1

    Medical This or That

    Crohn's ICP or bowel obstruction
  5. richardjboro1

    What if I don't go to work?

    Please re-read the posts as NO ONE has called you a liar. Actually, the first post says very difficult to believe. To me, reading on the internet, That sounds like someone saying, "you're a liar" in not so many words. Maybe we both took it wrong... LOL.
  6. richardjboro1

    What if I don't go to work?

    Why is relocation not an option?? I mean, I understand uprooting family and losing friends and all, but in this day/age when everybody has email, two or three cellphones, etc, you can stay easily in contact (some would say toooo in contact with those you wish not to be). They are screaming for nurses around my area, and all over the south (great winters, lousy summers). I've been recruited already and I've yet to begin my senior year.
  7. richardjboro1

    Sex and Nursing School

    haha I LOVE this one... schedule.. I can see it now. Monday: study for quiz x from 230-3, clinic makeup 330-5, SEX 5-7, study 7-10 for test. Also, I'm a guy, but I've actually been getting MORE sex since school started than before! haha. I guess it works both ways.
  8. richardjboro1

    Unbound for the Iphone

    wow, so epocrates has a native app for iphone? link please? I can't find it on the app store nor online. Also, any update on when skyscape may be releasing some? I reaaaaaaaally like davis drug guide, since my nsg instructors seem to want to know all the info they give in there!
  9. richardjboro1

    "I don't have AIDS"

    So a large slit in the box, a sick patient moved in and out every day, and you are saying the gloves are more clean than my hands? hmm... I'd like to see a study on this. "clean" vs "sterile". Yes, I'm aware that our hands are dirty after a surgical scrub... The "clean" gloves simply cover our supposedly clean hands so we do not transmit MORE "ick" from one patient to another, and keep our hands a tad cleaner.... I will now bow out of this discussion..... now back to your regularly scheduled programs.....
  10. richardjboro1

    "I don't have AIDS"

    I've had it happen to me, and as described above, it was an older (50s) man, obviously blue-collar, and apparently worried about his condition. Also, I've been taught that non-sterile gloves are for PERSONAL protection, not for protecting the patient, unless of course, the wearer has open cuts/sores. non-sterile is just that, they can still carry pathogens on the outside and infect the patient, tho this is unlikely if precautions are used. It often amazes me some of the mis-information or misunderstanding even on this board. I'm glad we try to educate the public, but we also must strive as nurses or future nurses to educate ourselves to the best of our abilities! Richard
  11. richardjboro1

    Senior High School. Need help bsn program!

    Hello, and congrats on choosing what you want to do early in life! My BSN program actually doesn't offer any actual nursing courses during the summer. You can take pharm or other sciences during the summer, and electives, but all the required classes are only offered during the actual school year, so it's possible you can find another similar school. Richard
  12. richardjboro1

    Choosing a NP focus: FNP, ANP, ACNP

    Hello, Just butting in here, but if you are looking at vandy, they have a new program that is an ACNP/FNP track. I'm seriously looking at that after graduation. It looks great and may combine your two interests and keep you outa peds if you like. Richard
  13. richardjboro1

    Anyone know where to find medical images?

    just google image whatever you are looking for.. it pulls up amazing pics.
  14. richardjboro1

    Handwritten notes/laptop for classes

    all my instructors thus far (jr year of a bsn program) have had powerpoints. They are pre-printed for us in binders and are printed 3 to a page (usually) with the note lines on the side. I take hand written (very few) notes and review the slides for the tests. I have a laptop, but rarely use it anymore in class.
  15. richardjboro1

    New Guy / OR questions

    LOL, your post was great. I so agree about the "brown stuff". It is NO fun, which is one of the MANY reasons I'm choosing to go into pediatrics when I graduate. Baby and kid "brown stuff" smells soooo much better than old lady/man "brown stuff". It's bad either way, but you can suffer thru usually. There's always help too, other students, cnas.. etc.. Richard
  16. richardjboro1

    Is it true that a BSN will be mandatory soon?

    ... not as grand pontificators for the health care system). let's take myself.. with my pitiful adn... i'm making 42 an hour, my overtime rate is 63 an hour, and i'm banging out huge hours. if a new bsn comes to work with me, he/she is just a rank beginner with many months of learning before she can come up to speed. ... Let me say WOW, where are you getting 42/hr? Only place I've heard/seen rates like that is CA.