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  1. I have been a traveling professional for a long time now. I elect to try finding my own accommodations. Believe it or not, I have not perfected my search for lodging skills. I have been using Airbnb; extended stays, and craigslist with caution. Please advise.
  2. lab211

    Finally Leaving Nursing...For Good!

    Title: Leaving Nursing. Best wishes on your future career. Life is short, so you owe it to yourself to be happy with yourself and career. I am a nurse, but not working in that capacity. I chose a few years back to work on my other healthcare field. I am currently working as a traveler in different parts of the country. I am happier and healthier now then when I did bedside nursing. I hope that I can use my nursing knowledge down the road. Perhaps upon retirement.
  3. lab211

    The Healthcare Bubble and How to Survive It

    I lean toward the assumption that this bubble has already popped years ago. I have two medical professions, medical technology and nursing. I should count myself blessed because I have a plan B.My unit at a acute care hospital where I was working as a registered nurse closed. We all knew it was coming. Before the closure, I looked for both travel nursing or travel laboratory technologist. The travel lab tech got me the first bite. So for two years now, I have been consistently traveling as a lab tech. Travel nursing I am told by the staffing agencies has become more competitive for nursing verses lab techs.But, that can also depend on factors such as location in the U.S. The downside of this plan B, is that since I have not worked in nursing for two years, makes me less marketable as a nurse. Staffing agencies tell me that nurses or lab techs who have not worked within the last 12 months need not even apply. Both professions have sustained me. I only wonder if I would ever be able to get back into nursing. I was a good nurse.
  4. lab211

    Med/ Surg Patient to Nurse Ratio

    It seems to me from the responses, the nurse to patient ratio is dependent on the location, availability, acuity, risks, experience, finances, management, and the circumstances (which is really in a a nutshell, those that I just mentioned). Let us ask ourselves, do you honestly feel that staffing practices put patient safety as the number 1 priority? Do we leave work each day feeling good about ourselves and our employer? And what about California with their mandated 1 nurse to 5 patient ratio, practical or paranoia? At my institution, there is really a nursing shortage...for experienced nurses. New grads are in a tight job market right now. Nursing school teaches us the "ideal" but not the real world. Every nurse know this. Then why is this the approach? I know I am throwing quite a few questions out there. Just like everything in life....finances dictate practices.
  5. lab211

    Senate passes health care bill

    My concerns are the following;A. 30+ million new customers. We need more nurses/doctors,etc.??B. Will the middle class shoulder the majority of the cost, since this has been traditional? B. Diluted service delivery (Longer waits, increase in nurse:patient ratio)?C. Will the bill improve patient safety?D.Will working conditions/environment improve?D. Will the insurance companies dictate less health care delivery and have genuine compassion over saving dollars for themselves? What I am trying to understand, is the bill going to make health care delivery better for the average american? Insights and opinions appreciated.
  6. lab211

    What made you pick nursing...

    After working for many years in another medical profession, when the opportunity presented itself (tuition assistance, grants, etc.) I decided to get into the profession that I wanted to right after high school. You see my father was from the generation (and some still do) that men did not become nurses. And since he was the one paying for college, My father and brother enrolled me in a medical profession that they perceived was more male oriented. Now that I am an RN I like talking to people, the autonomy (although limited), the bonuses, more patient contact, the giving of compassion, empathy, understanding, public respect, imparting information to other people, the job security (far better than other professions), interaction with doctors, respiratory therapy, and other supportive and techincal departments, etc, etc. P.S. I read on this website that there is now a national nurses union. I have NO experience working under a union. Let me know what you think. It appears at work, that the majority are pro-union. I get comments like "Under a union patient safety will improve". "We will get better working conditions", etc. etc. Thanks for any input.
  7. When you say nights, do you mean exclusively the 11:00 PM to 7:30 AM shift? I am a permanent 3:00 PM to 11:30 PM shift nurse. Do we do more work than day shift? It is comparable. We get the most admissions to do while day shift get the most discharges. Admissions have more forms plus the assessment for the nurse to complete.We pass just as much medications as the day shift. I can only work evening shift because I need the shift differential in order to keep my head above water. In this area shift differentials are between 5 to 8 dollars an hour.
  8. lab211

    200 applicants for 15 New Grad Jobs

    I am a new graduate RN in the east coast. Only about 1/3 of my class that graduated in May 09 have found a job. So it is true that the state of the economy has affected the hiring of new graduates RN nationwide. I am one of the fortunate ones to have found employment. I talk to my other classmates who didn't. I know it is frustrating for all new graduate nurses. Latest indications are that the economy is starting to rebound. I hope so, so that all these new nurses can be employed. Especially since we all worked to get where we are today. My advise for those that need the income is to take a job to pay the bills, network with other nurses, keep checking facilities for their hiring needs. :)
  9. I found a job as a new grad in an intern program a month after graduation. What worked for me was that I did an externship the previous summer and stayed on as flexi-patient care tech. I was just at the right place at the right time. I see others have advised you to physically go to these facilities with your resume; meet the nurse managers, network with other new grads b/c they may have some leads as to job possibilities, do an inventory of your strengths and your weaknesses and be honest to yourself and whoever interviews you. I'm sorry you took a big hit financially. For right now you need to find a source of income (even if it isn't healthcare). I have seen these times come and go. Fortunately, they pass and then they will be looking for more nurses.....YOU !!!!
  10. lab211

    What's Your Best Nursing Ghost Story?

    I used be in another health-care field before I became a nurse. My story is based in a hospital that has since become a long-term care facility. I worked the 11 pm to 7 am shift. Every morning at about 4 am I did my ICU rounds. One particular morning as I entered the ICU, I sensed something was odd because the 3 nurses at the nurse station were unusually quiet. I asked one in a whisper, "Is something wrong". She replied quietly, "I started with the monitor turning on by itself". She signaled toward an empty room. I watched as the curtain around the hospital bed moved on it's own until it stoped exposing the whole bed. The last patient to die in that bed was a hospital employee who became acutely ill. I still at times run into these nurses somewhere and remind them of that occurence. They acknowledge the experience too. I don't have an scientific explanation for what we saw. Subsequently, I have observed other phenomenon at another hospital I worked at in the presence of others. I wonder.
  11. I am a male and a brand new RN. I am fortunate to have landed a job. I am in orientation as a Geriatric Psychiatric/Medical Surgical nurse. There are 2 other male nurses in the department.
  12. lab211

    72 hour per pay period RN contracts....popular?

    I am it in my household. I don't have a second income. A family member has been gracious in helping me when I am short of funds to pay my bills. Thank G-d for such person. I like to be independent. So as soon as I can get a part time job I will. Like I said, I am grateful for a job, 75% of my graduating class either do not have a job, living at home, spouse is sole-earner, or working in the same job (non-nursing) that they held throughout nursing school. Such is the times we live in!
  13. lab211

    72 hour per pay period RN contracts....popular?

    Thank you for your responses. I have not done it yet, but in the near future, another nurse said I could bid for a shift at another floor for extra income. I need to check our facilities policies. I used to work in another medical field which was 80 hours per pay period. I guess once I get more experience I can bid or fill in for extra hours. What I am trying to find out is that are you nurses who work 12 hours shifts, 72 hours per pay period being paid 80 hours pay or straight hours only??..
  14. I just want to take a survey. I am a brand new nurse. I just passed my NCLEX and got my first RN job this summer. The hospital that I am working hires the majority of nurses on a 72 hour per pay period contract. I assume this is to defray overtime pay. Do most of you find this as common practice? Like most students, there are the college loans to pay off. I was really hoping to get a 80 hour per pay period job. I am thankful though that I got a job considering 25% of my graduating class have found jobs. This area has curtailed drastically the number of new RN hires. Perhaps, as soon as I get a couple of monthes experience I can look for part time RN work. I was looking forward to graduating and getting a job and not having to worry so much as to my finances. But, it seems finances are going to be a concern afterall for a while. I am thinking of ways in which I can avail of some extra income. Advice? :nuke:
  15. lab211

    I am an RN now!!

    I did the Hurst Review 4 day on-site review and Kaplan NCLEX-RN strategies book. Kaplan is great for testing strategies and Hurst for content. Because of NCLEX copyright laws, I can't tell you the nature, topics, etc. of the NCLEX exam. Truthfully, You have just completed 2-4 years of academics...you already know your content. So don't sweat it!! Do some practice questions but don't try to cram over ALL of your nursing notes. I trust you will be fine!!!!
  16. lab211

    I am an RN now!!

    I found out yesterday that I passed the NCLEX RN with 75 questions. I took it on July 4,2009. Held my breath through-out the weekend. I called a number given to me by another successful NCLEX RN and was so relieved to hear the automated message that I have an active RN license!!!. I am rooting for you all that will be taking the NCLEX in the near future. So far, everyone who has taken the NCLEX RN in my class has passed....we are working on a 100% pass rate.