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this makes me sick...


I'm not sure what the whole story is but this is what I saw...

I was going into my speech class (yes, the one with the teacher who answers her cell during speeches) and the teacher of the class before mine was in the hall talking to my teacher and saying "they have to respect me, I'm a faculty member" and then I walked in the room put my stuff down. As I did this, both teacher came in and the male teach started to address the class and said something like this "this is to all the guys, this isn't about the girls. I don't give a $#!* who the hell you are, you have to repect me. I don't care what the reason is, you never touch someones stuff" .......then I walked out.

Now, this was all before our class was suppose to start and this wasn't even our teacher, ours was in the back of the room by the door. So I go out and I can hear this teacher screaming at the top of his lungs and cussing "just the guys" out.

So I start to walk back into class and I'm stuck in the doorway, I'm blocked by my teacher. The other teach is now standing in the back and I can see this kid trying to put his back pack on and was trying to leave the room. The kid kept saying "this is crap, no one did anything, I'm going to complain." the teacher then started to tell the kid to go sit down and he pushed the kid back (while the kid had his arms stuck in his back pack. I was right next to them and I grabbed the kid and the teacher pushed again and told us both to sit down so I yelled back "no, he's comming with me" and pulled him out of the room into the hall. We then went to the dean who said we did the right thing.

Sorry this is so long, I'm just so sick over this. I guess the male teacher was yelling because some other guy in the class picked up the teachers back pack. the guy though another kid left it behind and the teacher freaked out on him and some of the guys in class told the teacher to leave this kid alone.

This teacher isn't very old, maybe early 30's, he should have known better. I was just impressed that this 18 yo didn't haul off and punch the teacher for pushing him...

Thank for letting me vent

All's I have to say is I'm glad you went to the dean. I would have done the same thing. I can't believe this happened to you ...


that is ridiculous, I hope that the dean takes some action, like removing this jerk from his teaching position.



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This story makes me sick too, I mean are we in high school or college now? What the heck is up with that teacher? I think he needs a course in anger management. Is the guy okay that he was womping on? I have never seen anything like this at my school. :uhoh21: what a jerk.

WOW...that is the most unprofessional thing I have heard in a long time (what the teacher did)

I am glad you were there to help the kid out..sheessh something needs to be done about that teacher!

thanks everyone...the student was fine, the teacher didn't hit him, just sorta body checked him, if you know what I mean...it was weird.

the poor kid was so emotional, when we were in the deans office he was on the verge of tears, he didn't want to get in trouble or yelled at.

what also bothers me is that my teacher didn't say a word.

Funny thing is, I'm the oldest in the class by a few years, if I didn't see that, I wonder if anyone would have believe these kids. I feel like I was in the right place for that reason.


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i agree with det01. what a shame!

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Originally posted by luv2quilt:)

I have never seen anything like this at my school. :uhoh21: what a jerk.

The question is ... dun dun dunnnn....

What did the teacher HAVE in his backpack?

Originally posted by zoeboboey

The question is ... dun dun dunnnn....

What did the teacher HAVE in his backpack?

My mom said the same thing!! What could this teacher have that made him flip out?

I had not thought of that (what was in the backpack) but wouldn't it be interesting to know...i really can't see someone getting that worked up over books..especially when the poor kid was just trying to be nice and return the backpack to someone....

The teacher definitely lost control, which is not a good thing. Verbal abuse and hands on a student could be a ticket out the door for this guy. Glad the dean is aware of it, hope it's handled accordingly.


Never have I seen a teacher act like this...WOW I WONDER what WAS in that backpack...maby time for a random drug screening for that guy!!! I also think that your teacher, who STOOD there and said NOTHING, should have her head examined, why would she just let this go on?????

BTW...You did the right thing, be PROUD of yourself!!!!

Wonder what will happen now.

Heck, I wouldn't blame that kid if he called the cops and filed assault charges. You don't touch people like that. Wow! I certainly hope that dean does something.


That's incredible. That poor kid! You did good.

Wow, that is horrible! I'm such a strong willed person that I would of got in that teachers face and told them what they were doing wrong. THEN, go to the Dean and let them know what happened. I cannot and will not put up with ignorance of others.

Good for you by getting that young man out of that situation and telling a superior!

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