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Northern CA: $15/hr 1st job. But I now make $22/hr! Loving it! Still a new grad. LTC.


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Illinois/Rural area 21.85 afternoon shift w/diff at a ltc. That was my first job. Now private duty 23/hr and home health visit.. 30 per visit.


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I'm in Los Angeles

1st job Mental Health/Drug Detox $23 per hour no benefits but amazing 10am-6pm schedule with no weekends

2nd job Adolescent Mental Health super crappy pay at $12 per hour but I LOVE the staff and clients so I stay on PRN and pick up a few over night shifts per month.

3rd job Home Health/Wound Care. $25 per visit, no benefits, no mileage, but I set my own schedule and since I am a single mom I can be home by the time my daughter is out of school. . I see about 25 patients per week. I will more then likely leave my first job for this job in a few months since wound care is where I really want to be.


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I been working in the Dallas area for almost 20 years. Right now I make $21/hr and when I started I began at $18/hr.

Not much in 6 years, but that is because many times you would get "pay freezes" that would go for several years.


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In WA, there's this LTC that pays 28/hr for LPNs! :)

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Ontario, Canada....$28/hr starting

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Home care in Ontario, Canada. $17.50 - 21.00 per visit (depends on the visit) plus $.40 per kilometer. I average 2 visits per hour and 80-100 kilometers per day.

I also get to sleep in, set my own schedule and still make it home with enough time to make dinner :) Certainly not complaining.