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xokw has 5 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Public Health.

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  1. xokw

    BScN or RPN? I'm worried about cost?

    I did RPN first and then bridged to BScN. I don’t regret not taking the BScN right away as I was able to work as a nurse in the hospital while completing my degree and qualified for tuition reimbursement and grants from my employer and the RPNAO. If you have the means to go the BScN route though and that is your goal, do it and save the time.
  2. xokw


    I can’t speak for most schools but usually the cut off does end up being above the minimum because of the candidates that apply. I bridged through McMaster and the cut off usually fluctuates between 82-85% each year.
  3. xokw

    Was RN school easy for you?

    It was busy, it was sometimes stressful, but it wasn’t hard. I enjoyed it, I soared through getting great marks with half the effort of most of my peers. I also had a baby between my third and fourth year, took a couple semesters off and returned when he was 7 months old.
  4. xokw

    What pathway should I take?

    Not everyone is unionized. Also, to touch on a previous poster, there is no standardized ONA rate of pay across the board. Those who are unionized have their own collective agreements and the pay and other benefits depend on what your bargaining unit can negotiate. Pay varies dramatically.
  5. xokw

    Ontario/Toronto RPN Programs

    Ignore my previous reply, I thought you were asking about bridging programs! Apparently reading isn’t my strength!
  6. xokw

    What pathway should I take?

    My cap surpasses that number in 6 years (I’m on a 6 year wage grid). There are many positions that make more than that as a base salary in far less than 25 years, you just have to know where to look :)!
  7. xokw

    What pathway should I take?

    The cap is definitely higher than that in some areas!
  8. xokw

    CPNRE - test times

    You would have to register to re-write during the next exam period, whenever that is. You get the results very quickly with the NCLEX, I had my results in 20 hours. It would likely be similar when the CPNRE becomes the NCLEX-PN.
  9. xokw

    CPNRE - test times

    Nope, a few times a year still for the CPNRE, which is better than it used to be, when I wrote in 2013. It wasn’t even that long ago but there were only 3 days per year to write. Yep, 4 days. One mid-January, May, and October. Hopefully when the CPNRE moves to the NCLEX (I don’t know when), it will be more open like what happened when the RN exam switched over!
  10. xokw

    RPN to BScN 2020

    It definitely may have felt like you lost that many, but drop-out and failure rates are closely monitored by the CNO. If a school has a rate that is high like that they are investigated and at risk for losing their accreditation. Centennial College, for example, was at risk for losing their accreditation (approved but with conditions) a few years ago and I believe it was around a 55% rate of people who didn’t finish the program and they had to develop a plan to lower this number and post a disclaimer on their nursing program webpage! Just a side note Also, Mac is not organized haha.
  11. xokw

    RPN to BScN 2020

    I think the bridging students started out around 60 at that time and we definitely lost probably 15 that I can think of. Some failed, some decided they didn’t like Mac so chose to pursue other options.
  12. xokw

    RPN to BScN 2020

    It was reasonable I found. Tons of people still don't make it to the end, but that is usually a reflection of habits rather than actual intelligence.
  13. xokw

    RPN to BScN 2020

    Mac is 65% to pass I believe if I remember correctly and no you don’t have to reapply, it’s just one program which makes the most sense.
  14. xokw

    RPN to RN Programs in Ontario

    Well it is an accredited nursing program, approved by the CNO under the same criteria and conditions as every other nursing program in Ontario
  15. xokw

    Ontario Second Entry Nursing Fall 2019

    I really enjoyed PBL! I graduated from Mac (RPN to BScN stream although we all end up at the same place eventually) so if anyone has PBL specific questions I would be happy to answer them.
  16. xokw

    RPN-BSCN Bridging Application 2019

    Hmm I’m not sure. Things were done really differently back then. I wrote in 2013 and back then it was paper-based and we all wrote on one day in big auditoriums. The school submitted your name to the CNO like really early (I believe I got my paperwork in the winter) and it was booked and paid for like 4 or 5 months in advance. It’s totally different now so I really have no idea. Sorry !

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