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xokw has 5 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Public Health.

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  1. xokw

    What pathway should I take?

    My cap surpasses that number in 6 years (I’m on a 6 year wage grid). There are many positions that make more than that as a base salary in far less than 25 years, you just have to know where to look :)!
  2. xokw

    CPNRE - test times

    You would have to register to re-write during the next exam period, whenever that is. You get the results very quickly with the NCLEX, I had my results in 20 hours. It would likely be similar when the CPNRE becomes the NCLEX-PN.
  3. xokw

    Which path am i better off taking?

    I bridged through Mac, our courses cost around $800-900, so it is pricey to take electives that way outside of your normal course schedule.
  4. xokw

    RPN to BScN 2020

    It definitely may have felt like you lost that many, but drop-out and failure rates are closely monitored by the CNO. If a school has a rate that is high like that they are investigated and at risk for losing their accreditation. Centennial College, for example, was at risk for losing their accreditation (approved but with conditions) a few years ago and I believe it was around a 55% rate of people who didn’t finish the program and they had to develop a plan to lower this number and post a disclaimer on their nursing program webpage! Just a side note Also, Mac is not organized haha.
  5. xokw

    RPN to BScN 2020

    It was reasonable I found. Tons of people still don't make it to the end, but that is usually a reflection of habits rather than actual intelligence.
  6. xokw

    RPN to BScN 2020

    Mac is 65% to pass I believe if I remember correctly and no you don’t have to reapply, it’s just one program which makes the most sense.
  7. xokw

    RPN to RN Programs in Ontario

    Well it is an accredited nursing program, approved by the CNO under the same criteria and conditions as every other nursing program in Ontario
  8. xokw

    Ontario Second Entry Nursing Fall 2019

    I really enjoyed PBL! I graduated from Mac (RPN to BScN stream although we all end up at the same place eventually) so if anyone has PBL specific questions I would be happy to answer them.
  9. xokw

    how do you pick what school to attend

    What schools are you trying to decide between?
  10. xokw

    RPN to RN Programs in Ontario

    Yeah McMaster and some other programs do it that way! Much better!
  11. PN @ Conestoga, RPN to BScN @ Conestoga/McMaster.
  12. xokw

    RPN to RN Programs in Ontario

    That’s right. It’s one three year program, once you’re in, you’re in (unless you fail or something). You don’t reapply part-way through.
  13. I completed the PN program and then bridged, it was my intent all along and looking back I still wouldn’t change it. It’s a great route and your experience as an RPN will be invaluable during the BScN program.
  14. I’ll preface this by saying that I absolutely love my career as a nurse, but I felt absolutely no actual “calling” to be a nurse. I was a couple of years out of highschool, completely mortified to be working retail while all my friends approached graduation and we’re headed into their adult jobs. I basically decided on nursing because it paid well (or well enough), was respected by others and seemed interesting. Great choice, no regrets! Go for it!
  15. xokw

    RPN to BScN 2020

    They don’t look at your CPNRE. I don’t even think they have access to that. Admission is calculated based off grades + CASPer.