How soon after LVN did you start RN???

  1. Hi All, I graduated in September from VN school and just found out saturday that I passed NCLEX PN! I already have a job at the same hospital where I have worked as a CNA for the last 4+ years. So I will be making the transition as soon as my license comes in the mail!

    My goal is to go on to RN, but is there such thing as going for it too soon?

    I wanted to start back with classes in January, while I am still motivated and in student learning mode. I am now wondering if I should wait until I am off orientation before going back to school. I already have my AA so the only pre-reqs I have left are Chemistry and Microbiology and apparently now Physiology. That's it! All the other requirements are met. I plan on doing the LVN Bridge program that our community college offers. I had thought about excelsior but now heard that CA is not recognizing them.

    Any thoughts?
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  3. by   augigi
    Never done it, but I'd think any experience you get during your RN course will be beneficial. If you have the time, money and willingness to do it now, the question is more - why not?
  4. by   traumaRUs
    I was an LPN for just 4 months before I went back to school. I knew from the beginning, that I wanted to be an RN so went right away to a bridge program. I say go for it.
  5. by   SuesquatchRN
    Right away.
  6. by   luv4nursing
    I really wanted to attend a local program that was recenty placed online, and the time of year I graduated caused me to miss the application deadline. I graduated in September 05 and the application deadline was Oct. 1, in which we had to have our license already, etc and I hadnt even taken boards so I missed the deadline for the January 2006 class. I only had two pre reqs left just like you. I took my time taking them since I had a whole year to complete them. I ended up completing them this past summer for the January 2007 class. I got in and start next month! I really wish I was in last years class bc I know a couple of ppl I work with or know from school (who graduated before me) who are graduating, and here I am just beginning. But they say it flies by so Ill take it all in stride. 3 semester only! Spring, Summer, and Fall! Graduation will be December 2007!
  7. by   LindseyLou2222
    I worked about 6 months as an LPN, and decided that I needed to go back to school. I was tired of asking an RN to hang bags and push meds for me. So, I went back and finished my pre-reqs for the bridge-over program.
  8. by   AdobeRN
    I graduated from an LVN program July 2005 and started a LVN-RN transition program in spring 2006. I will be finished in May 2007.
  9. by   lavatea
    Do any of you have experience with a LVN-RN program taught by a local hospital while you work?
  10. by   carol72
    Will be nine years.
  11. by   randybayrn
    About 7 years for me
  12. by   Brigi23
    I am going straight through. We had the option of taking an extra class to become an LPN bc I guess their scope of practice is different. I cannot imagine taking a whole class bc our school only has two more semesters beyond the Lpn and you are an RN. I am so glad that I went straight through. Alot of people that did get their LPN are glad they did for the extra experience. Some of them are losing their motivation though now that they have a liscence. I think that it would be so hard to get back into this tough schedule once you are out for a while, just bc it literally consumes your whole life! Good luck.
  13. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    I took a year off to take a break (i was burned out on school, and felt like a fire hydrant in a pack of dogs by the time i'd graduated) and to get adjusted and trained to my job.
  14. by   fishchick72
    6 years for me, but I know plenty of people who do it right away & do well. If you are in a position to do it, go for it!!