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Hi everyone,

I just signed up for the Excelsior. I am an LPN, was a USARMY MEDIC 91B attached to an infantry unit. I also completed a two year Computer aided design for the Architectural drafting.....before I went into the ARMY. I am 41 y/o M and I work in an RN role in my office. I am very well respected and have the whole team supporting my decision to continue to progress with my desire for RN. EC has received my LPN transcripts and Army transcrips were sent on 09/17...possibly receive them on Monday. The other school is now closed and ordered transcripts are coming from Post-secondary education. They mentioned a week.

I already paid the $75, ready for the $875. They said I need to wait until they review the documentation to correctly assess what I need to actually complete in order to get my RN. I am very excited and this blog has a lot of valuable information on it.

What I would like to ask the community is ... I am assuming you focus on one class at a time, then test out & move on to the next? I just don't have what "classes" that I will need to complete the program (until transcripts are verified).

Can anyone provide an example of how they organized their day with Study. Did you set your test date, then start studying? Anything would be helpful at this point. Ordered some Lisa Arends and Studygroup101 guides as well.

Any advice would be great. Thanks to everyone. Greg

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Yes, it's advisable to only focus on one exam at a time. I used to work full-time 2nd shift and part-time 1st shift while completing Excelsior. On the days I didn't have to go to the part-time job, I studies approx. 4 hours in the morning before going to work. I scheduled the exam first, so I can have a deadline to help motivate myself to study. I was completing an exam every 3-4 weeks, using Lisa Arends, Study Group 101, and Excelsior's practice exams(which is highly recommended).

Good luck!

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Thank you very much. Sounds like you had motivation, even when working so much. I am actually working tonight in Juvenile Corrections, and my management said if I work weekend nights for them that I could work on my education during the down time. I will definitely invest in the Excelsior's practice exams. I just received notice (via email) that Excelsior received my transcripts on 09/24/10. So, one step closer! Thanks again for your reply.

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hey canursegreg

yes, just focus on one test at a time, and do your self a favor for the future stay away from the prepackaged exam prep study guides and read the material ec recommends. studygroup 101 and lisa arends is fine, all they is is to add to your study and not replace the recommended reading. remember after you finish your degree you will have to take the nclex to become an rn, and ecs studyguides are aimed to point you in that general direction. plus the pre exams ec offers are very helpful.

if you're an ex 91b do me a favor and post on my post about other former 91b/c and 68ws, it's kind of fun to see where others on the forum have been.



good luck


Set the test date then work toward that date. Give yourself enough time but don't drag it out either. You will want to save a lot of your allotted time at the end to prepare for the CPNE. Don't let things slide or let other aspects of life get in the way. You would be surprised how easy it is to let seven years slip by and then there you are. Your best bet for each test is to use the EC practice tests. They are worth the money. Don't waste money with the publishing companies. If you want their study guides buy them used off ebay. That is about it.

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Also your allowed to take two nursing exams before you actually enroll and pay the fee...good luck!

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Not only are you allowed to take the two nursing exams before paying the enrollment fee but also any gen eds that you need as well including the A&P and Micro =) Save you a little money by getting those out of the way too!

These are all great tips that I will use because I am new also. I will be taking health and safety exam in a couple of weeks and I was wondering where you get the studygroup 101 from?

Studygroup101 material can be obtained on ebay, look under "Excelsior College". You can also go directly to their website, which is, I believe, Home

Thanks. You guys are sooooo helpful!

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Wow this really was helpful! I will def get the studygroup 101 but does anyone know if its available on ebooks for the nook? I found the textbooks for the nursing exams on Welcome to DigitalTextbooks.com after I bought my nook. Beats the heck out of carrying those books everywhere and I can read at work!

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I too have enrolled in the Excelsior program and have brought the books recommended by Excelsior through Amazon.com and they are a lot cheaper. I am studying for the Health and Safety test and would like to know how to study for these exams. I see that a lot of people only study for three weeks and schedule ahead of time to take a test. I must admit I am very nervous and am not quite sure that I am studying everything I need to.I do have the Content Study Guides. But just not sure how to do this.!! I see that everyone on here are doing quite well with this program. Just need some reassurance and someone to kind of guide me with what to expect when I go test for the exams. Just nervous !!!!!!!!can someone give me some info on how to start and take my tests and some helpful information on reading this material and tips!!!!!!

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