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Med-Surg, Orthopedics,Cardio,Geriatrics
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1smrtnurse has 12 years experience and specializes in Med-Surg, Orthopedics,Cardio,Geriatrics.

My family is full of nurses who have their Masters, and are Nurse Managers, in Informatics, head of a MICU Unit, and I am proud of this. I eventually hope to accomplish getting my Masters and further. I presently work for the VA.

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  1. 1smrtnurse

    LPN bridge to BSN

    I am planning on moving to Phoenix, Arizona and would like to enroll in their LPN to BSN, can you tell me what school and where it is and how I can obtain the information on the program.
  2. Hi, I'm in the LPN-RN-Bridge program about to begin the Excelsior program. I am looking to connect with anyone also about to begin the program or who has recently started the program. Looking for someone in the area to study in person or online, to k...
  3. 1smrtnurse

    DON not working with my school schedule ...

    @volcomcna I hope this helps you deal with this situation if you need a friend and help with anything im me ok! Been there where you are this is why I chose Excelsior to do online. I had everything including Chemistry, Ethics and Statistics for the B...
  4. 1smrtnurse

    DON not working with my school schedule ...

    First of all let me say "STOP and PRAY"!!!!!! "DO NOT" let anyone frazzle your nerves like this!! In some workplaces this is to be expected, looks to me that you may be a very good worker as a CNA and they probably do not want to loose you in this ca...
  5. 1smrtnurse

    Daily plan of care

    Where I work @ the VA we pass this out every morning to our patients before the start of shift when we are making rounds with the 7pm to 7am nurse going off duty with the 7am-7pm nurse coming on. Basically a daily plan of care is a document provided ...
  6. 1smrtnurse

    Books?! Where do you buy them for EC?

    I purchased all of my books from Amazon.com, fortunately for me I had excellent sellers who also responded with emails. If you ever have to use Amazon.com again always check the seller's ratings to see if they have @ least a 97-99% rating or better. ...