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  1. Microbiology Exam

    Congrats to the both of you!!
  2. Information Literacy

    Good Luck!!
  3. Just passed Microbiology with an A!!

  4. Microbiology Exam

    You'll be all good....
  5. Information Literacy

    Thanks :)
  6. Microbiology Exam

    Kash...I got a 51 on practice exam A and a 39 on practice exam B and passed the real exam with a "C".....if you don't feel you are ready, don't take it just keep studying.
  7. Excelsior A&P Exam

    When you click print, a dialog box will come up and in the page range section, instead of selecting all (which is the default option), click pages. Then you will select what pages you want to print. So if it is pages 5-9 you type in the box 5-9. Make...
  8. Excelsior A&P Exam

    You just look at the pages you are on and only print those pages. That's what I did. Most of the reading content is only 9 pages, 4 pages, 5 pages, etc....I put it all in a binder in the order the content guide is in. That's what I did for micro too ...
  9. Transition to RN Exam

    It was hard to me but you should be ok since that is your background.
  10. Transition to RN Exam

    Well, I was enrolled previously and I took a few of the nursing exams back then but I don't know how it is now. We were able to take health and safety and transitions before you enrolled. So I did. I passed health and safety though. I also took Chron...
  11. Excelsior A&P Exam

    What section are you on in the content guide? I'm on section 3.
  12. Excelsior A&P Exam

    No I didn't print out the quizzes and stuff. Just the text and power points all the units. They are pretty short without the quizzes and stuff.
  13. Transition to RN Exam

    So sorry to hear that. I failed it too. I'm saving it for my last exam!!! I hated it.
  14. Information Literacy

    That's great nursemami!! You are one smart mami!! LOL! I thought it was an 8 week course though??
  15. Excelsior A&P Exam

    When I printed stuff out, I didn't print out all of those practice exams....I just printed out the readings for each subject.....I think it will help some.....I printed my stuff out at this the last science class or prereq you need? I stil...

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