Why are LPN's so limited in job choices.

  1. I am currently an LPN and want to become an RN. I have all of my pre-req's for the RN program, but I am in burn out and do not want to sit in the classroom anymore. Has anyone completed the RN program online? I can not decide which online school is best. I love being an LPN, but I feel so limited as an LPN. Does anyone else feel limited being an LPN? I live in MO. and the hospitals, home health, and lots of other places are no longer hiring LPN's. I currently work in LTC which I enjoy, but I want more!! I feel I could take on more as an LPN, but no jobs are available.
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  3. by   Lorie P.
    Boy can I relate, I too want Rn behind my anme, but the thoughts of sitting in anymore classrooms is not for me. I am doing my research on the pro/cons of doing Excelsior LPN-RN.
    I do feel limited in my practice sometimes, cause the only way I can work Cardiac step down unit is to be a RN, but the thoughts of all that homework, flipping care plans and the other ***&&$ crap that one has to do that does NOT pertain to nursing is enough to keep me from taking that step forward to the local college.
    I am no way saying that care plans are important, but all the other stuff, is a pain.
    Just me and my thoughts, plus all that studying and staying up to get all those papers doen is really not that appealing.
    I too got burned out in core-classes, because of those darn speach classes, computer classes, history( what pt cares what happened 50-200 yrs ago when they can't breath)??
    Hopefully soon though I will get the energy up to actually start getting my things together for Excelsior, you don't have to enroll to take NC-1 or NC-2 and NC-2 can be waivered if you are an LPN for the last 5 years.
    Good luck and know you are not alone!!:smilecoffeecup:
  4. by   BigB
    I blame the CA RN board for limiting LVN here to the point that we are just pill pushers. We can't work in the hospitals, we can't asses patients, we are basically bound for LTC. With the baby boomer generation hitting retirment age...the need for LVN's will be great in LTC..the problem is that a lot of us don't like working LTC.
  5. by   SuesquatchRN
    I'm doing Excelsior and I love it, and yes, I feel very limited in my scope.

    Excelsior doesn't make you do care plans and stuff. You download the study guide, print it off, do the reading and take the test when you're ready. I'm halfway there and I started in September.
  6. by   dolphn545
    With Excelsior -- are there clinicals? Or is it strictly book work? I'm interested in more info from somebody who has experience with them, not just the info THEY provide online.
  7. by   LUVyourCNA
    How many test have you taken, and did you pass the first time? How much money do you have to pay to get started? Did you just go to the excelsior website to get started? Sorry for all the questions, but i am very interested. Do you now anyone that has taken their clinical and passed? Thanks again
  8. by   pagandeva2000
    From what I heard, they have a clinical at the end that lasts for a week or so, where skills have to be performed. I had an acquaintance that did it and told me she failed the first time because she did not follow the correct procedure for doing a blood pressure. She was a nurse for many years, and I guess old habit die hard. But, I also heard that they have some sort of review of some kind where people go over the skills they may be called upon to do. I may very well be incorrect, so, I look forward to hearing from Suesquatch to share if this is true, since she is actually attending their courses. I have a co-worker from the agency I work for that is currently taking Excelsior and she states she enjoys it as well, because as previously mentioned, the tests are done when you are ready, not before, and she told me that she meets with a tutor in her neighborhood who reviews the material from her study guide. I think it is worth looking into for those that do want to become RNs and not have the same pressure. You MUST be an independent studier, for sure.
  9. by   SuesquatchRN
    Okay, my Excelsior experience so far.

    Costs $60 to apply. About $900 to enroll. $220 per 4 credit exam, $60 if you take their practice exams. You download the study guide, do the reading, and schedule the test through PearsonVue, the same folks who administer the NCLEX. You get three hours per exam, I am out in less than an hour - I'm a good test taker.

    I have taken Foundations of Gerontology for a sociology req, got an A. Nursing Concepts 2, A. Nursing Concepts 3, B. I didn't do most of the reading - maternity bores me. I've never had to re-take a test. Just paid for and scheduled Nursing Concepts 4. That leaves me with 5 and 6, plus "Foundations of Nursing" or some such bushwah. I hope to be done with the tests by summer and then schedule the CPNE - two day clinical exam.

    There are no clinicals, classes, or assignments.

    The exams are very NCLEX-like.

    You can pay for a CPNE skills course - I don't believe Excelsior provides them - and I think they run around $700. The CPNE itself if around 1400, I think. Plus a graduation fee.

    I should finish my RN for an investment of less than $5k. Plus, I don't have to jackass to clinicals or classes. A true bargain, considering that I work and earn money while doing this on my own schedule.

    Go to the Distance Learning Forum. There's a wealth of Excelsior information available there.

    In order to be successful at Excelsior you must read very well, not need a lecturer to explain the material, and test well. If the foregoing description does not describe you consider a more traditional approach.

    Hope this helps.

  10. by   nursesaideBen
    Echoing what a previous post said, people will respect LPN's more as the nursing shortage increases and the demand for nursing care skyrockets. There simply aren't enough actively practicing RN's and LPN's around and yet hospitals ban LPN's from their doors and scratch their heads as to why their staff nurses are taking 9-12 patients a piece. Ugh... don't get me started lol Definately look into these online programs I've heard some great things about them!!
  11. by   BigB
    Quote from Suesquatch
    I'm doing Excelsior and I love it, and yes, I feel very limited in my scope.

    Excelsior doesn't make you do care plans and stuff. You download the study guide, print it off, do the reading and take the test when you're ready. I'm halfway there and I started in September.

    The CA RN board does not recognize Excelsior as a legit school and we are no longer able to use it in California. With that said.. the best, most skilled RN I have ever worked with in emergency situations was an LVN turned Excelsior RN graduate.
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  12. by   LUVyourCNA
    Dear Suesquatch,
    Thank you so much for all of the useful information!! I am in the process of enrolling in excelsior. I am so excited to finally be able to make an educated decision on which school to attend. Thanks again.
  13. by   Anne36
    Yeah, I remember reading something about on-line classes not being accepted in Michigan either.
  14. by   sweetladycleveLPN
    It is so good to hear that you are doing with Exclesior, I have been accepted but I have been affraid to enroll due to lack of motivation. Keep up the good work!