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  1. In california we can't do ANY assessments.
  2. BigB


    The state LVn's brought in to replace the MTA's were offered $2,000 less a month than the mtas were making. Plus the retirement went from a 3.0 at 50 to a 2.5 at 55. It was a no brainer why so many MTAs went to be Co's. MTA s and co's share the same retirement. MTA's became officers because the medical job were were offered (state LVN) was not apealing for the above reasons.
  3. BigB

    California, Bay Area wages4newLVN???

    Ok cleared out my pm box.
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    Your information about MTA in CDCR is way off. We were very much medical, treating stabbings, gunshot wounds.etc. Anything you see in a ER room, we saw as an MTA. You also grossly inflated the pay scale of state LVN's. In the DMH...the MTA position is more custory based, but still requires an LVN, RN, or psych tech license.
  5. BigB


    I work as an MTA at the Vacaville, ca prison. It is a great job with the best pay and retirement out there for an LVN. Highly recommend the position to any lvn.
  6. People make $9,000 a month with OT as an MTa. There is tons of it, INVOLuntary in many cases. I worked for CDCR before as an MTa. The state LVN's postion is not worth the pay they offer imo.
  7. I am an MTA at the vacaville, ca location. It is the best job out there for LVN's. Highly recommend it.
  8. BigB

    California, Bay Area wages4newLVN???

    There are LVN jobs, they are just in long term care ie. nursing homes. LVN's are becoming more and more restricted in where they can work. The LVN's in acute care are being phased out and replaced with RN's. I chose to work for the state mainly because of the retirement. I highly recommend this to you, as you are close to where I work. I left some info on your profile as a visitor message.
  9. BigB

    California, Bay Area wages4newLVN???

    I work in vacaville, ca which is close to the bay. Starting pay is $4200 amonth, top out pay is $6144/ month after 5 years. Pm me for details as I don't think I can give details of employment in the open here. I am a lvn with 3 years experience
  10. BigB

    LPN to BSN at UOP.....

    Called the advisor. Few facts: can take 3-4 years. You lower division classes are taken one day a week. When you get to the clinical / nursing class phase it will be two classes a week. Campuses based..no online classes. cost is 25K - 30k (depends on prior college credits you have) 1 - 2 year waiting list They are very scrict with the prerequisites....anything older than 3 years they don't take. This is bs. Thats about it for the modesto, CA program.
  11. Hello all. According to my post counter, I haven't posted since Oct. 2007. I am glad to come back to this site, which was so helpful while I was in LVN school. Having worked the last 3 years as an LVN, I am seeing the limitations of the license. After a lot of searching I think the Univ. of Phoneix LVN to BSN program will best suit my needs. Anyone else planning to go the RN route via a LVN to BSN?
  12. BigB

    Jobs for LPN's....is it true???

    Yes, jobs are very limited as an LVN. Here we can't work in the hospitals and our refuge is nursing homes. Get your RN.
  13. BigB

    I just took the NCLEX - PN, my thoughts.

    Yes, I swore I failed for sure. The 3 and a half week wait made me think failed I failed the most.
  14. BigB

    visit from state to my school

    You did the right thing. I respect you for that.
  15. BigB

    I just took the NCLEX - PN, my thoughts.

    good luck everyone!
  16. BigB

    Emotional breakdown and nurse frustation

    I was thinking the same thing. The night nurse at my last facility had about 80 - 85 pts. on the night shift. I would love to have 40.