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  1. dolphn545

    CLEP, testing out, etc

    Thanks everybody! Decisions, decisions ... trying to decide which order to study and test out of!
  2. dolphn545

    CLEP, testing out, etc

    Hi Everybody! I am going to start Excelsior for LPN to RN. And the more I'm reading about the testing out, the more I'm getting confused as to which to test through who. I know that I can test out of the gen eds prior to enrolling and saving on the annual fee. There is just so much info out there that its overwhelming. I like to hear about "real" people's experiences that have been through this, and what works for them. If anybody has suggestions/recommendations, I would appreciate them. I pretty much need to take EVERYTHING. I have put this off long enough and just want to get going. Also, if you have suggestions on preparing for these, I will take those as well. I know I can buy books and study guides off ebay, but I'm looking for specifics that helped you. Thank you for any and all info!! Sherry
  3. dolphn545

    Need advice on how to find a job (New Grad)

    The hospitals in my area offer a nurse intern (extern?) program over the summer for new grads. Start there, see if the hospitals in your area offer something like that. Also in this area, it is preferred that you get one year med/surg experience under your belt, which will then open up numerous opportunities. Good Luck!
  4. dolphn545

    can a rn or lpn answer my interview questions?please

    1.whats a typical day at work like? My typical day may not be what you're looking for. I am a pediatric private duty nurse. So I go to people's homes, help with their disabled, medically fragile children. My duties may vary, depending on the client. My day could consist of Ongoing Assessment throughout shift, vital signs, AM care, suctioning, support/teaching to the family. Administer meds., feedings, treatments, if any, skin care, etc... this list could go on. ... 2.what are the major skills,knowledge,and abilities necessary for success in the nursing field? The obvious -- caring, compassion and understanding. 3.what type of experience is helpful for entering this field? Anything people related, whether it be secretarial, customer service, or previously working in the healthcare profession 4.what college courses helped you the most? math and psychology 5.how did you enter the profession? I needed something with a little more flexibility. I was working as a legal assistant, and was having some serious problems with my daughter at the time. Nursing just "worked" for me 6.what do you like least about this job? Paperwork!! There are just not enough hours in the day to fill out a thousand forms. 7.what are the most important personal satisfactions connected with your field? Feeling as if I'm making a difference in somebody's life, and actually HELPING. The families really do appreciate your help and knowledge. 8.what trends do you see impacting this field? Medical / health care coverage. Some of these families have to fight for necessities to properly care for their child. 9.what advice would you give people entering this field? It is not for everybody. Know YOURSELF first, to be sure of what YOU want to do. Kids can sense, even if they can't speak. They know if you're happy with your job, if you're frustrated with them, etc.
  5. dolphn545

    Interim Healthcare - Need Info Please! :-)

    Thanks for your response! I did meet with them a second time today, and think I've decided to go with them. They have 2 cases they want to get me on. Hopefully I'm making the right move. I've been with my current agency for 2 1/2 years, and feel a little guilty about going elsewhere. Thanks again!
  6. I live in Northeast PA, and recently met with Interim, and am looking for info from anybody with experience with dealing with them. (I have to go in for more paperwork, but I like to hear what others have to say) Are they good about getting you assignments? How is the pay (LPN)? (Specifically HH or Peds cases, but ANY salary info would be helpful, as they did not discuss this yet) Any other info (good or bad) would be helpful to me. Thank you! :)
  7. Click on this link: http://www.discovernursing.com/ and look on the right for the "HOW" tab. In there, it says "Nursing Programs Without Waiting Lists" Maybe through this, you will be able to find one closer to where you are. Good Luck!
  8. dolphn545

    LPN to RN online

    I don't have an answer to your question -- but I must be missing something in my research for LPN to RN online schools. South University, from what I've read, does RN to BSN. I'm aware of Excelsior College for the LPN to RN (Associate) completely online, but that's it. Sorry I couldn't help, but I'm curious to the responses you will receive for this now.
  9. dolphn545

    Nursing Externship

    Look at specific hospital's websites for your area. Two of my local hospitals offer an externship program -- one advertised it under the employment section, and the other advertised it under "Continuing Education". Good Luck!
  10. dolphn545

    Know of Any ADN Programs With No Wait List?

    go to discovernursing.com Put your mouse by the "HOW" tab toward the right, and there is info for nursing programs without waiting lists.
  11. dolphn545

    How Do You Promote Yourself as an Almost-Grad?

    I did post on your other thread, that's closed now. And my suggestion is to see if any of the local hospitals will offer an internship type program, that way you can get your foot in the door, and satisfy the technicality of clinical hours. After reading your other post I looked at one of our local hospitals, which is where I got the idea from. It was listed under the Professional Education on the hospital's website. Here is what one of my local hospitals does: ----------------- ******* is pleased to offer nursing students who have completed their junior year the opportunity to gain valuable clinical experience in an educational and supportive environment. Student externs will assume a paid nurse aid position and have the opportunity to rotate through various clinical areas of the hospital for experience and observation. ***** offers the student extern a wide variety of clinical experiences including medical, surgical, trauma, cardiac services, critical care, and pediatrics. In addition, you will have the opportunity to attend weekly educational sessions encompassing various nursing topics. Topics Include: - An individualized, competency based nursing orientation - Weekly classroom experience to build on your knowledge base - Supervised skills practice - Access to on-line NCLEX review program Who is eligible? If you have completed your junior level of your Nursing curriculum and have maintained a 3.0 GPA or better and a current CPR card (AHA Healthcare provider or equivalent) you are eligible to apply for a student externship. Dates: June 7 – August 9, 2009 This 10 week program begins the first week of June and continues through August. ------------- I realize that this isn't for your area, but like I said, maybe a hospital in your area will offer a similar program. Just my 2 cents ... Good luck to you! :-)
  12. dolphn545

    Got My First Job Refusal Due to Being EC Student

    Maybe check with the same, or other local hospitals and see if they offer an internship program that will give you the clinical skills you need to pursue your career.
  13. dolphn545

    lpn test in pennsylvania

    I graduated June 7, and sat for (and passed) boards on June 13. The DON at my school was on top of getting her paperwork into the State ASAP. So, part of the "wait" depends on your school.
  14. dolphn545

    Any advice for smoking/non-smoking relationship?

    I don't smoke but my husband does. The last two places that we lived had a basement, that was "his" room, and he could smoke away down there, but not in the main part of the house. Now that we are living in an apartment, he can NOT smoke inside, and only goes outside. Not too convenient for him, when it's -11° outside, but it's something he deals with. Me being the nurse, I tell him I cannot go to work smelling like smoke. (especially since I have a peds client). This works for us.
  15. dolphn545

    Question about charting?

    I work agency, and make a notation every hour. So if my client is sleeping the day away, I will write every hour "remains sleeping" "sleeping soundly", etc.
  16. You can't refuse to do the treatment, but maybe you can get the time that it's done changed. Hopefully there should be at least SOME period of time when no one is there with your resident, (first thing in the a.m., at bed time, somewhere in between), and try your hardest to go in then. I've had to do this. So and so's family comes in at XXXX time everyday, so I better get in now if I don't want an audience. :)

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