What was your hourly wage at your first job as a new grad? - page 2

What year was that? lol. I know that someone who started nursing in the 70's probably won't make what someone starting out in the 90's makes. Were you in long term care, hospital, clinic, home... Read More

  1. by   NurseBeefcake
    My very first LVN job was doing flu clinics so I made $30/hr (however this is only for 2 months). But when I had to get a real job I made $17/hr.
  2. by   mel1977
    wow, I feel underpaid!!!! that's okay though
  3. by   Lovin' my job!
    Hey everyone. Canadian girl here. Graduated as LPN 2002 in Calgary Alberta. Starting wage in LTC was $16.50. Worked at same facility for 3.5 yrs and left there at $19.55/hr. Just moved back the Vancouver BC and just today as a matter of fact, started a casual position in LTC with starting wage at $22.00/hr (which would have been $19.00 without experience) Big difference in starting wages between provinces but then there's a big difference in taxes!
  4. by   EvelynRN-BSN
    2004 I started out at $22.00/hr plus differential as a New Grad at AAMC working in the ICU.
  5. by   berube
    1975 $5.05/hr!!!!!!
  6. by   KAYBDT6
    Enough to pay my bill.
  7. by   morte
    1985, small community hosp. $9.25...took a pay cut from being an ER clerk.....
  8. by   carolc64
    Interesting to see the differences!
    I became an LPN in October 1994 and my first job was 7.50/hr in LTC. I had been a CNA in LTC making 5.00/hr.
  9. by   systoly
    $10.50 in 1990. In comparison, I averaged $10 as a pizza delivery driver while going to school , but I only worked the busy hours Friday and Saturday evenings. Three years later, making $13.00, I moved to a different state and went right back down to $10.50.
  10. by   melsieb03
    Hi There! I graduated in 2001 and started as a GPN making 10.50/hr. in Pa, When I passed my boards my pay increased to 11.10/hr I believe, seems so long ago, I am now making 25.00/hr. Hope this helps!
  11. by   gettingupthere
    I graduated in 1968. I started working in a LTF for $3.50 hr. Whem I got married in 1969, I moved to New Mexico and started working in a small hospital making $1.50 hr! I make $34.00 hr now at a LTF, the same one I started at back in 1968!
  12. by   NurseLoveJoy88
    new lpn in 2009 A.L. Making 22.50 an hour.