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  1. NurseBeefcake

    Visit Frequency

    Thank you for the reply cubrnjvm. What is LUPA?
  2. NurseBeefcake

    Visit Frequency

    Thank you I
  3. NurseBeefcake

    Visit Frequency

    Thank you for the response
  4. NurseBeefcake

    Visit Frequency

    Hello, I have been an RN for 7 years and have recently started doing HH OASIS SOCs to make a little extra money. I was wondering is there any sort of standard frequency that you use? And what are some typical situations where you would increase the frequency to 3 or more times a week? Thank you in advance
  5. NurseBeefcake

    What should I ask

    Thank you all for your replies. I will be sure to incorporate them into my interviews. -Nursebeefcake
  6. NurseBeefcake

    What should I ask

    I'll be a new grad in Dec 2006 and will start interviewing at hospitals next week. I've searched through other threads and haven't been able to find any answers for my concerns. Particularly, what should I want to know about the hospital I might be joining. I already know to ask about what sort of new grad program training and support they offer, but I want to know what should I want to know about the hospital itself and any other helpful hints that anyone could impart. Thanks in advance. Nursebeefcake
  7. NurseBeefcake

    LPN to RN...need advice...

    I went straight from LVN school to RN school and it helped tremendously. I don't want to raise anyone's hackles but from my point of view it was the exact same information. I learned a few things in RN school that I didn't learn in LVN school and vice versa. If you can do it I say go straight through.
  8. NurseBeefcake

    z-coil shoes, foot pain gone

    I sprained my ankle pretty badly about 10 years and it never was right after that and then about 5 years ago I got plantar fasciitis and have been in foot hell every since. I bought a pair about 2 months ago and love them. I in no way regret the $216 I paid for them and every time someone gasps at the price I just tell them it is all worth it if before you could barely walk. I'm just trying to figure out how am I going to get another $432 to buy two more pair. So that I'll have a work out pair and a dog walking pair to go along with my job pair.
  9. NurseBeefcake

    What was your hourly wage at your first job as a new grad?

    My very first LVN job was doing flu clinics so I made $30/hr (however this is only for 2 months). But when I had to get a real job I made $17/hr.
  10. NurseBeefcake

    Is LPN worth it for Single Parent??

    If it is possible, STAY IN SCHOOL.
  11. NurseBeefcake

    Nclex Oct 4th Pls Pray!

    Good Luck!
  12. NurseBeefcake

    Help!! Nursing Debate

    We had to this in our Legal Ethics class. Some topics were: 1. Is multistate licensure a good idea for nursing 2. Is the nursing shortage true or is it just hype? 3. Do side rails protects patients 4. Are organ trasnplant allocation fair. 5. Should patients know their nurses HIV status and vice versa 6. Is profession liability insurance necessary for nurses
  13. NurseBeefcake

    Team Nursing

    I'm an LVN who works registry and there is one hospital that I go to that uses team nursing. It has its pros and cons. As the LVN cons are passing meds for eight patients instead of four. However the pros are that the LVN and the RN get report on the same patients so that the situation never occurs where i have to report something to the RN hours into the shift on a patient that she has never seen and 2 there is some one always on the floor who actually knows your patients because report is never as complete when one goes to lunch. Also you can share a lot of the paperwork.
  14. NurseBeefcake

    I Passed Nclex Pn Today

    Congratulations, may you have blessings without number and all good things without end
  15. NurseBeefcake

    Does the NCLEX target your weaknesses

    Hello all, I'm an LVN who took the NCLEX-PN last year and plan to take the NCLEX-RN in February of 2007. I know on the paperwork to get my ATT I will acknowledge that I've taken the NCLEX before. So my question is will the computer remember who I am and target my weak points or will it be as if I just sat down for the first time and random questions are given.
  16. NurseBeefcake

    Ok, NOW I'm confused...LPN or RN or what?!?

    I say if at all possible go for your RN. It wil cut down on time in the end and you will have greater job prospects. I went for my LVN first because I knew I would get into the RN program easier in Southern California and although I had enough saved to work sparingly for a year, I was going to have to make more money per hour to work sparingly for the second year.