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  1. EvelynRN-BSN

    New educator feeling a little discouraged

    WOW! I just read this posting. Okay forget the group meeting. It sounds like that school is all around not the school for you to be teaching at. I would get out of there yesterday! That is just terrible. It sounds like the DOE is unprofessional as well. This should have been discussed in private and if you felt like discussing in a group meeting after you were informed of this accusation then that is up to you, but for the DOE to openly discuss this in front of your faculty, thus informing you of this accusation for the first time is unprofessional and disrespectful and is in violation of disclosing your personal information. If I were you I would talk with the Dean of the school about this as well. Wow! That is pretty much all I can say about that. There are better schools and faculty members out there that will help you grow and blossom as a great educator. It may not seem like it where your at, but I promise there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Just not the tunnel that your in at this moment. Take another path.......Best of luck to you. Stay strong and your in my prayers, so is your father. My mother-n-law has cancer (liver and hepatic portal vein) and it is hard to see her daily struggles. Just be there for him and focus on your father and yourself and your happiness. The rest will eventually fall in to place. Get your MSN and find a better suited place for yourself.
  2. EvelynRN-BSN

    New educator feeling a little discouraged

    I am so sorry you are dealing with such ignorance in your profession. They knew you were knew to teaching clinical and knew you were working on toward a Master's Degree and then offer you a FT position in teaching lecture, which would have been great if they offered you some support, guidance, a mentor to help guide you and support you along the way, and an orientation to teaching lecture. Then to hear that the same faculty that hired you knowing that you were knew are now throwing you under the bus (or maybe just the one faculty member) is terrible. Students can by tough and challenging at times and the students today or not like the students back when I was in school (respectful, appreciative, excited to learn), mind you there are still some great students out there, but there are some that are very challenging, argumentative, disruptive, and overall rude to faculty and their fellow peers and you wonder why they ever decided to go into nursing with such an attitude, one that seems like they are hating the world and think that everyone is out to get them and the world owes them everything. But for the most part a lot of the students are wonderful and great to work with and teach, but you do have your challenging ones from time to time. But to think that you have this within your faculty with whom your suppose to work with and help teach, guide and mold the nursing students are acting this way and unprofessional at that. Do you have a Faculty Team for each semester group. I think you should have a meeting with the Director and then the faculty group within the semester that you are teaching. Speak up for yourself, professionally. Maybe they don't realize how they are treating you and forgetting that you are new to this and do need some help, guidance and support. Then if they still act in this nature, then I would leave. The last thing you need is stress. You gave up your Master's Degree at this time to help with teaching lecture and for what? They are treating you terribly and not respecting you as a person. You are more important than that and her dreams and your career goals are what is of most importance to you. Getting your Master's Degree is of most importance because this is what you were working toward and then you took on to much for this college to get what? Nothing in return, but stress and disrespect and no time for anything because nobody has offered any support, guidance, or help along the way. Set up that meeting and talk about it. Get it out in the open and lay it out for them on the table so they can understand and feel what it is your feeling and going through and experiencing as a New Instructor with no support or help and feeling lost....Especially, when you mentioned that they came to you and said that you needed to change your teaching style because of bad reviews....this was a good time to bring up the fact that you are new, took on this position thinking you were going to have full support, guidance, etc and you were left to fend for yourself and figure it out for yourself and then you had to give up your classes toward your MSN this semester because of all the stress with lecturing. And the last thing you need is for someone telling you that you need to change your teaching style when you really have not been able to establish one because your busy trying to figure it all out and put lesson plans/lectures etc together. Again, I am so sorry that this is happening to you. I really wish you had a "TEAM" there, but it does not sound like that at all. Our group is called "The Dream Team" because we work so well together and we all support one another. We have each others cell numbers, home numbers, office numbers, email accounts (different ones) and are always available for any problems, issues, help that we need etc or just someone to talk to. And as a new instructor they give you a mentor that helps you along the way as well, but still have your faculty team phone numbers to contact if needed. That school of yours sounds like it is lacking in this and if that is the case you would be better off teaching at a different school or going to the hospital like before if this is what you really like to do. If not, look into the education department at your local hospitals as well or other teaching institutions/colleges. Best of luck to you. You truly deserve better!
  3. EvelynRN-BSN

    Any Clinical Teachers Out There?

    The only way you will know if it is right for you is by doing it and giving it a try for one semester. I absolutely positively love it! Do you like helping other's learn? Do you like researching? Do like creativity? Do you like educating others and able to use different styles and techniques to teach others? Do you work well with other? Are you able to lead? Are you able to counsel? Are you able to give an take a little? Are you able to adapt to changes and make changes as needed when necessary? Are you up for challenges? Are you a mentor, counselor, listener, supportive, caring, understanding, leader, teacher, a friend, a teacher, etc? Can you adapt to different learning and teaching styles and be creative? Are you able to handle challenging/confronting students? And the very quiet ones? Able to get them excited about learning, able to get each student to get involved during pre/post conference? Get them to conquer their fears and believe in themselves? All this goes into teaching clinical. I love it and have found it to be very rewarding and when a student is lost in the beginning and they finally make their way through the forrest and have that light bulb moment, it is the best thing ever when they come to you to tell you they have had this moment and you can see the excitement on their face...It's the best thing in the world. When they Thank you for helping them learn is yet another rewarding thing that I love about teaching. It is a passion of mine and it is one of the most rewarding careers that I have had in Nursing and will always stay in this profession, along with the other nursing jobs that I have. I still remember my very first clinical group that I taught, it was a wonderful and rewarding semester. They were such a wonderful group. And they have all become RN's and have continued to keep in touch with me to this day. It's a great career! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. It's one of the BEST Jobs ever!!!
  4. EvelynRN-BSN

    New school nurse needs helpful tips

    It depends on where you are located. In Southern Maryland we find School Nurse jobs through the Health Department. Charles County Health Dept. St. Mary's Health Dept., Calvert County Health Dept., and PG County Health Dept. I hope this helps. Good Luck! Evelyn
  5. EvelynRN-BSN

    Patient First

    Yes, it is a medication test. It has anywhere from antibiotics that they would use, dosage calculations, what gauges and length of needles you would use in different muscles and subcutaneous. True/False statements, etc. And some questions regarding type of situations.
  6. EvelynRN-BSN

    Does anyone work / know someone at Patient First?

    Yes, they hire LPN's as well. There are a few at my center.
  7. EvelynRN-BSN

    Patient First

    Great for you! You will learn a lot MissBrittany working in the City. Thanks to you as well. I am enjoying it there as a PRN position. As I am a Clinical Nursing Instructor Part Time and work at a Cosmetic Surgery Facility/Medical Boutique which is excellent. Working in the OR and following post ops, from doing laser treatments, Botox, to dermal fillers. Matter of fact I am getting ready to head on over to the Boutique tonight for a Re-open Party with the media being there and a few famous celebrities as well. It will be an eventful night. We are doing this event tonight for a charity.
  8. EvelynRN-BSN

    Does anyone work / know someone at Patient First?

    I am not a New Graduate and have been an RN for almost 6 years, so as far as New Graduate nurses I am not sure what their requirements are. I am also a Clinical Nursing Instructor at a College and spoke with the DMS in regards to hiring new graduates and and she states that Patient First welcomes them. I have recommended on of my New Graduates May 09 to apply their because she hates the politics that are going on at the hospital where she works. I even let the HR and DMS know at Patient First and they are waiting to review her application, which she is getting ready to complete, so I know they will hire New Grads for sure, but I will get some clarification for New Grads and the orientation process and about the 1 year experience, etc. We all at Patient First work as a Team and we all will help our MA's and works right along with them and will help them pull patients back and get vitals etc. It is a great work environment for all scopes of practice.
  9. EvelynRN-BSN

    Does anyone work / know someone at Patient First?

    Nice orientation: Some days your going to the corporate office and other days to your center. You will have a welcome class, treatment class, drug screen class, 1:1 buddy training (several of them) some with an MA and some with RN's. You will have a day in the lab. Spend some time at the Front Desk, X-Ray. This is so you can see how things work in each area. Computer class as well. It goes on for about a month and a half of training. Each center has different amount of rooms, some centers are busier than others. Open from 8a - 10p. Doors lock at 10p, but all patients inside must be seen. I was told by one staff member the latest they stayed was 11:45p. If working the first part of the shift you should arrive by 7:30am or 7:45am. Shifts are 8a-3p, 12p-7p, 3p-10p. I have heard that they hire a lot of New Grads so that would be a plus for you if your a new grad because now you know they are used to training New Grads rather than mostly seasoned nurses, although they do hire Seasoned Nurses, like myself. Matter of fact one of the trainers said that it was nice to be able to orient a seasoned nurse for once because it had been awhile since that person got to orient one. Although they said they enjoy orienting new grads as well. The typical staff: At least two, sometimes three (MD's or PA's), MA, LPN, RN on the floor. There will always be an RN on during the shift. Everyone works well and works as a team all the time, especially when busy. Very sick ones that come in are sent out 911. They do require all staff to be ACLS certified. Don't be scared of ACLS you can do it, just study for it and they even have the class/training at Patient First. They pay is pretty good. Acuity: Really bad sent out 911. Mostly I see: Sore throat, runny/stuffy nose, pink eye, chest pain, abdominal pain, physicals, drug screening, HIV Screening, animal bites, abscesses, vaginal/penile discharges, a lot of flu and strep (and performing the tests), lacerations, bone breaks, sprains, strains, work comp patients, rashes, cellulitis, tampons that patients cannot get out, staph infection, URI, UTI's, Pyelonephritis, bumps and bruises.
  10. EvelynRN-BSN

    Patient First

    Patient First Orientation so far is going great! The center I am at is a great work place. Everyone has been very nice and helpful. I am glad I made the decision to work there. So far it is great! A positive work environment. I would recommend working at Patient First so far if you given the opportunity.
  11. EvelynRN-BSN

    Patient First

    Thanks for asking. When I first arrived they gave me paperwork to fill out and an exam to take. I took that and passed. They asked me to wait a few minutes while the interviewer was looking over my paperwork. Then she brought me back to her office and we talked. All went well. She told me what she could pay me per hour, but it was less than what I make if I were working in the hospital, I tried to see if she could go a little higher, but she said she couldn't. At the Cosmetic Surgical Center I get paid really well. When I worked as a Premium PRN Nurse at a LTC facility I got paid $36/hr, which they interviewer said they must have been desperate for the to pay that. I just laughed and I told her that they were not desperate, that is what they pay their Premium PRN Nurses because we have a commitment to work one weekend a month and the a few hours during the week and fill in when needed. They had pay rates for PRN, Premium PRN and Regular FT RN at that place. We were a big help to the LTC that is why they paid us this, not because they were desperate. I think she did not want me to believe that the were desperate when I asked her if she could increase it some. The hospital setting I got paid around $38.56 (includes differential I used to only work nights) The position I applied for is a PRN position, one weekend sat/sun commitment per month, don't get weekend differential only if you work a third weekend each month and on the third and fourth weekend a month you will get a $2.00 differential. But not for the first or second weekend. I thought that was a little strange. Only because I am use to evening shift differential or weekend differential anytime you work it in the hospital. But it is extra money coming in. So she offered me the hourly rate right, then she said that she cannot higher me, but she can offer me the hourly rate, I should hear back from them 1 to 2 weeks from now after they do the professional reference checks and then they will get back to me and they head person at the center I would like to work at will meet with me and then determine if they want to offer me the position or not. So we will see. I thought if they were telling me what they could pay me that they would be offering me the job, but this is not the case. I passed the test. And they did contact some of the professional references. The doctor they contacted told me they text him, emailed him and called him about 50 times in one day (we were in the operating room as this was happening). So I should hear something by the end of next week or the following week. The cosmetic surgery place where I work has asked if I could start coming in on Fridays and seeing all the post op patients and have reps come in so I can start giving Botox and Juvaderm...So we are going to discuss that next week and pay. It will be different from the OR. They pay that patient first offered is good, but I am just used to making more that's all. I just was hoping to find out the same day. I drove 2 hours to get to the corporate office. We will see. I will let you know as soon as I know something. And tell you how it is if I start working there. You are to wear casual wear (Navy or white pants) (turtle neck or collared shirt) (white shoes and white lab coat if your cold).
  12. EvelynRN-BSN

    What was your hourly wage at your first job as a new grad?

    2004 I started out at $22.00/hr plus differential as a New Grad at AAMC working in the ICU.
  13. EvelynRN-BSN

    Patient First in Maryland?

    I am wanting to know this as well. I have an interview next week. I am looking forward to it. I am wondering about pay as well. I am scared they may not pay me what I am accustomed to. I been working for almost six years with a lot of experience, ICU, Faculty Nursing Instructor, Cosmetic Surgery D.O.N and OR NURSE. I get paid really well and am going to continue to work where I work, but want to work more and they have me coming in for the interview next week. I am hoping they come close to it. Does anyone have any idea of what they pay their Nurses that have been RN over five years? Thanks
  14. EvelynRN-BSN

    Patient First

    I would like to know the same thing. I have an interview next week! I have read wonderful things about employees at Patient First. I will let you know how the interview goes. I have close to 6 years experience as an RN, specializing in ICU and Cosmetic Surgery/OR. That may play a part in pay scale. We will see and I will let you know and if I get the position I will let you know how it goes there. Take Care.
  15. EvelynRN-BSN

    Baby Phat

    I just got my Baby Phat scrubs and for the most part I LOVE THEM! I found that the Stretch Line Scrubs fit beautifully. The top is a little loose in a small, but the bottoms fit perfect. Fits perfect around the waist and loose in the legs and I look really slim in them. In reality I have a small waist, big butt, thick thighs, and I am short. I am 5"2" about 119 lbs. The Girlie style scrub top fits great, the pants fit pretty good, maybe a little snug, if they shrink when I was them I am in trouble. But they make my bottom look great, once again I work at a Cosmetic Surgery Facility so they want us to look our best. The Baby Phat City scrub top is wonderful and classy, fits perfect. The bottoms, I don't care for, but I will keep them, they seem to be loose in the waist and slide even when I try tying them. The signature pants are okay, but I want to exchange them for the Stretch Line (I feel like I am working the most comfortable set of pajamas, that look great). It sounds like they would be form fitting, but they are not. If I were to wash and dry the pants and if they were to shrink in size I would have plenty of room for shrinkage. Crazy how each style fits differently. The Wild Kingdom actually fits a little tight, but if I were to drop five pounds it would fit perfect. I am working out a lot now, so I am going to go for it. My hips are the problem with the top and bottoms in the wild kingdom. But it still looks good. I cannot wait to put them to use. It really fits with our practice at the Luxxery Medical Boutique. If you have any questions about the Baby Phat I will gladly help. I may have to buy more Stretch ones soon, OMG they feel so good. I want a pair to just wear around the house. I love them. They are great!!!! All styles do fit differently, so be careful. I could have probably got away with a M in pants with the Girlie and the Signature, but I am scared to exchange them and then they be way to big. We will see. I will keep the tags and after a wash and a dry and they shrink, then I will be contacting the company if that happens to that particular pair. But so far I LOVE THEM!!!! Stretch Style Feels the best. And the fits the best for my figure. It helps slenderize the thigh. I think I have gone Baby Phat, when I use to wear my Dickies. I will still wear them, but I have found a new love for scrubs!