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I'm nursing student in US.:spin: How much average LVN and RN earn per hour?especially in CA? Any info is appriciated.Thank you.... Read More

  1. by   postmortem_cowboy
    Registry work tends to be more money as well, but with registries you also run the risk of not working steady hours. I've worked for a registry that paid 25 and change per hour on 12's and OT after 8. However, doesn't really help when you make your availability for 4-6 shifts a week and get cancelled for all but 1 of them. A nurse straight out of LVN school here in california with no IV/Phleb cert would probably make around the stated 17 an hour however, a condition of your employment would be that you get IV/Phleb certed within like a month or two. Also a good idea to get EKG certed, ACLS/PALS certed, unless of course all you want is to work in a SNF, TCU or rehab, then it won't really matter, but for all of your acutes, they'll want the certs.

  2. by   scallywags
    I am in the Bay Area. I am currently a student, so I can not speak from personal experience. I have a friend who recently went from LVN ($28/hr) to RN ($55/hr). She works at a hospital in SF.
  3. by   caliotter3
    In the SF bay area an agency will pay one nurse $15/hr, while paying another nurse $22/hr. Benefits, of course, only avail to person scheduled often enough to qualify for them.
  4. by   BigB
    Nothern California rates

    Regisrties pay the LVN's $30 - $32/hr here...they generally don't take out taxes and offer no benefits.

    Nursing homes = $23/ hr or so.

    Department of Corrections pays their LVN's $19/hr - $24/hr.

    I make $26.50/hr as an MTA (LVN/Peace officer) at the Dept. of Mental Health and will top out at $36/ hr in about 4 years. DMH is the best deal out there for an LVN in California. Plus the retirement is amazing.
  5. by   swtxtc03
    I get paid $22/hour with benefits as intake nurse in a Home health agency and $27/hour without benefits in a SNF.
  6. by   gentlegiver
    In Massachusetts you get paid $15.00 for a new grad in LTC. Forget hospitals, they don't hire us in them.
  7. by   melissa1171
    Which LTC in Massachusetts is paying 15?
  8. by   maleRN2b_one
    Quote from MsLady06
    Go to the link, and look at the bottom of the page when it was updated. The rates indicated above, if I'm reading it correctly, would be as of October 2001.
  9. by   KellieNurse06
    Quote from gentlegiver
    In Massachusetts you get paid $15.00 for a new grad in LTC. Forget hospitals, they don't hire us in them.
    Where in Mass are they paying $15.00/hr??? I would say that's a rip off & I'd laugh in their faces.
    The average I have seen 1st hand is around the $21.50/hr-$24.00/hr range.
    I work per diem in home care making $26.40/hr for days & $28.25/hr for evenings/weekends..of course no benefits but it is per diem.....
    I would never accept a job for $15.00 /hr as a nurse......
  10. by   Bala Shark
    I make $26.00 an hour..
  11. by   mtunstill
    I am an LPN student in Alabama. What is the hourly rate in the Huntsville Alabama area for new grads
  12. by   josinda421
    DAME!!! I make $15-16 just being a CNA tech, and I'm going to LPN school. In MD LPN's make 25-28 dollars per hr.
  13. by   nursynurseRN
    hi, I work in Santa Ana work 12 hour days in a hospital. I make 17.62/hr if I were to work night I would make 21.62/hr. I get 75.oo bonus for working a 4th day and I get time and a half after 40 hours in a week. Also my friend works in a nursing home in LA, she is starting of at 21.00/hr.
    hope this helps